Arsenal Strike One Available Q4 in Europe

Arsenal Firearms (officially: Arsenal Firearms Group of Companies) is expecting approval from the ATF this year, of the AF-1 Strike One pistol. However, this doesn’t mean it will be available on the US market in 2014. The lucky honor will first go to Italy, where Arsenal has one of their companies, with a rough estimated price of $4,000 for the Ergal models (frames made of aluminum 7075). Sales in Italy are expected in Q4. From the link:

The Ergal Strike One will be available to the world markets from fall 2014 in limited quantities, for the very selective competition shooter and collector alike, at a street price in the 3.000 € class (4.000 USD).

Per Arsenal Firearms, the polymer framed model is expected to sell at $800. I have not heard a release date for these yet. At $800 I’d definitely be interested, this is the only recent pistol that has me truly curious.
2014arsenalstrike (2)

The current version of the firearm was only shown in this SBR conversion (the AR type stock was labeled as “FAB Defense”). I was told the other display models are all first generation type. They were not interested in answering questions about the detailed changes to the current version.

2014arsenalstrike (3)
More information about the pistol itself can be found in a previous article on TFB. With its locking block mechanism and horizontal trigger, it isn’t like other handguns on the market.


I have been very interested in this design but can’t dismiss my disappointment at hearing the price point for the first run in Europe. I can’t say what that means for the actual price when it enters the North American marketplace, but if it can prove itself as a Ferrari of the handgun market, it may still sell here.

Some of the aluminum framed models were also on display. If you are even still reading at this point.

2014arsenalstrike (5)

2014arsenalstrike (4)

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • Nick



    • Clone

      The price is insane if they were talking about releasing it as a production gun. The snippet from the website makes it look like that is just the price for this really limited production run. I don’t think it is an indicator for the price of the actual model once it reaches full release.

      I think that they’re having problems brining enough volume to market. In the mean time they will release the very small quantity of pistols they have available to a very small group of people. The exorbitant price point is just to recoup some money while they crank out more models for general release.

    • claymore

      For $4,000 it better find the target and shoot on it’s own.

    • We have corrected the post to reflect the correct price.

      The polymer version is $800.

  • Jeff Smith

    I literally made the same noise from the movie Billy Madison when he sees his friend wet his pants.

    “Sticker shock how much could it possibly….GOOOOOOO!”

    • Peeped

      If pissing your pants & pricing the Strike One at $4000 is cool, then you can call me Miles Davis

      • gunslinger

        OOH. That was the grossest thing I’ve ever heard in my life. Let’s Go.

  • David

    If Izmash, excuse me, Kalashnikov could somehow bring over the AK-12, and I could get that and the Strike one but with the word “Strizh” on the slide instead, then maybe I would pay….$3K for both firearms combined. That way I could have the modern Russian stuff.

  • ABeiruty

    At this price they can keep it. I would be more willing to spend such kind of money on a Race gun or an Open-class Sig X5:

  • AntiCitzenOne

    Three letters: F. T. S.

    • FourString

      *seizures in fits of F.T.S.*

  • Lance

    Forget it I want the GSH-18 for sale.

  • Giolli Joker

    The Strike One isn’t “Russian stuff”, it is an Italian design (Nicola Gandini) backed by Russian investments.
    However I have a friend (back in Italy) that many months ago has ordered a (much cheaper) polymer framed pistol from Arsenal, and he’s still waiting.
    So I doubt that these Ergal framed models will really reach Italian markets before 2015.
    The price of these ones sounds almost unbelievable.. I really don’t get it.
    I guess they’re selling the double barrel 1911 for not much more than that…

    • David

      I know the gun isn’t made in Russia. Just like I have a Beretta M9 to go with my M4gery, I’d like to have a “Strizh” to go with an AK12 if that ever comes to the states. The Russians have considered it for their next generation service pistol right? Just like they’ve considered the AK12 for their next generation service rifle.

      • Giolli Joker

        Got it. 😉

  • José Pulido

    haha bye

  • john huscio

    Im guessing That won’t be US street price. Firearms, even crappy ones, cost a lot more in other parts of the world than they do here.

    Although, if they try to sell these for more than 5-600, they’ll probably be DOA in the american market anyways….,,

    • iksnilol

      Its usually because a lesser standard in the US, but then again you have less red tape when it comes to manufaturing/importing guns.

  • Dave

    And just where did they say it would cost that much in the US? Its about time you all hardened the fuck up and got a glimpse of what the rest of the world pays for privately owned firearms

    • burkefett

      And why, exactly, do we need to “harden the fuck up?” Firearm prices in other countries really don’t affect us. We have a massive firearms industry and culture that is largely free to operate without government constraints, at least in comparison to the rest of the world. It sucks that countries with restricted freedoms have to pay a higher price to enjoy those freedoms, but it’s totally irrellevant to the US firearms market. If Arsenal wants to try to sell a striker-fired pistol in the US successfully, that cost will have to go down, or their product will fail in our market. It’s that simple.

  • Vhyrus

    Its a cool gun. Not 4 grand cool, though.

  • mechamaster

    LOL, maybe Arsenal Firearms SBR configuration is inspired by RONI Glock Carbine Conversion kit.

    • erwos

      That’s a KPOS G2 conversion kit, but the stock setup is much different than the ones I’m familiar with. Wish I could see some more pictures.

  • malteser

    the strike one is for sale here in Malta, (Europe) for €800 9×19

  • Guest

    it is for sale here in Malta, (Europe) for €800….

    • Mistieden

      Yeah, but you have nowhere to shoot it.

    • Giolli Joker

      That’s the polymer one, it’s the Ergal model the outrageously expensive one.

  • guest

    Make a gun better than a Glock with a smaller price tag, or GTFO.

  • phuqit

    must be some reaaaly expensive stuff they’re smoking

  • Hrachya H

    I always thought it is a sort of Glock competitor to be …. but the price !!!
    IMHO, If they want to sell something in USA and worldwide they mus drop the price at least 5 TIMES.
    I thought they’re gonna blow the market by a super low price … but it appears to be exactly the opposite.
    If I need a Ferrari handgun, I’ll go with a custom 1911 (Wilson Combat or smth like that) …

  • Black_Viper

    The full metal version will be 4K, built out of a solid block… They’ll have polymer versions which will be closer to the 900 range. Thats what I got out of the conversation with the designer and CEO of the company. I don’t think I misheard him, because I walked away thinking this before the G41.

    • You did not misunderstand the polymer is $800. The error has been corrected.

      I’m a bit behind editing articles with all the SHOT work still going on. I apologize for not catching this error.

  • Mmmtacos

    They couldn’t get away with $4,000 in the US, not now and probably not ever.

    For about $2,000 you can get a Sphinx pistol: made in Switzerland, land of fine machinists with some of the world’s best watches and other amazing precision products. Their firearm is known to be hand-fit with amazing tolerances and incredible accuracy for a pistol and is even based on a time-tested and loved design of the CZ-75.

    For $4,000 you can get a very new, practically untested pistol design that comes from Russia, a country that has earned a reputation of having incredibly reliable, but not horribly accurate firearms, that typically call for some of the lowest prices of their kinds in the firearms market (Toks, Maks, Nuggets, AKs, etc.)

    Arsenal is just asking to throw away money if they dare try to market that pistol that high. It may be a great pistol, and the Ruskies know how to make some nice guns (I own quite a few) but their reputation is not for high-end firearms, but reliable, tested, if not cheap firearms, and that’s what people just expect when they hear about a Russian gun.

  • iksnilol

    People are so silly sometimes. The reason it costs so much is because its a sort of pre-order.

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    You can cover it in hookers and stuff the barrel with cocaine and it still isnt going to be worth $4000 to the average US shooter.

  • Pierangelo Tendas

    Well, man… ARE YOU SURE? US$4000 is the price for the AF-2011A1 “Second Century”… not for the STRIKE ONE.

  • Harrison Jones

    On Tac TV they said it would be competitive with other polymer striker fire handguns on the market. That to me means it has to be under $700 MSRP. Maybe this 4k price tags is for the first 100 production guns of something. The european market might be able to bear it but I don’t see US consumers buying it at that price. I’d rather pay another grand and get their double barrel 1911. Or two pimped out custom Glocks or M&Ps.

  • Michael Wilson

    4000 dollars! are you crazy…. message to arsenal. for a pistol, you should not go over 600 dollars.

  • Tinkerer

    Oh boy. All the gnashing of teeth and ripping of clothes, over the $4000 tag…

    How come NOBODY figured that the mentioned price is for the Limited Edition, Collector’s Item firearm, with frame made from machined Ergal aluminum alloy -better known as 7075 aviation aluminum- and NOT for the mass production item?

    Is it that so few people can actually UNDERSTAND what they read?

  • Mike

    $4K for a new, unproven striker fired pistol…what does it bring to the table that other pistols don’t? A low bore axis and faster lock times, not revolutionary by any means.
    After the Caracal bungle, IMHO, I doubt many people are going to want to shell out $4k for a foreign striker fired pistol of new design. Not that the design doesn’t look solid though.
    I think Arsenal needs to go back to business school and learn that they will sell a hell of a lot more of these at $800-$1000 than $4K…

  • webdood

    not only no but hell no. I was really looking forward ot picking one of those up but for 4K No freaking way – I would buy a Sphinx first if I was going to spend that kind of cash. (and still have money left over for lots of ammo)

  • RicoSuave

    It better have self guided bullets for that price. Like Gene Simmon’s gun in “Runaway” LOL.

  • Ian McClain Easterly

    At that price point I was disapointed with the reset of the trigger it was very long. I would think with a price point like that everything should be polished out.

  • ColaBox

    At four grand that things internals better be made out of pure silver and run it like a champ.

  • Sulaco

    A four grand “Glock”? Nope

  • Patrick Mingle

    I’ve been very interested in the polymer model for a while. Dimitry seems like a real cool guy and I’m really hoping I’ll be able to get my hands on one 🙂 [/onlypersonexcited]

  • Lance

    Who cares its a Bulgarian Glock. I want a GSH 18 imported. no word on that.

  • To everyone who posted earlier. In order to be fair to the company making these guns I felt it necessary to delete all the comments since most were based on the authors pricing error. The post has been corrected.

    To clarify the polymer model is $800 while the Ergal is indeed $4000.

    This is directly from Arsenal:

    “The price for the Arsenal Ergal Strike One is about $4000. However, the polymer version (not the Ergal) is about $800.”

    Thanks for understanding—

  • Vhyrus

    $800 is still a bit pricey for a brand new polymer gun, although at that price you’ll at least sell a few of them.

    • True enough— I think a lot has to do with how well the gun performs.

    • Dirites

      If it does what they say it will outshoot all the guns currently on the market, and that for $800 is really cheap

    • hami

      People buy plenty of HKs that are much more expensive than that.

  • To everyone who posted earlier. In order to be fair to the company making these guns I felt it necessary to delete all the comments since most were based on the pricing error. The post has been corrected.

    To clarify the polymer model is $800 while the Ergal is indeed $4000.

    This is directly from Arsenal:

    “The price for the Arsenal Ergal Strike One is about $4000. However, the polymer version (not the Ergal) is about $800.”

    Thanks for understanding—

    • Jeff Smith

      Do they give a reason for the difference in price?

      • Steve (TFB Editor)

        I am not sure what the difference is apart from obviously the materials. I suspect the non-polymer one is a high-end custom collectors model, not a regular production model.

        • Giolli Joker

          As I said it previously, the much cheaper polymer model has been on the market (in theory) for quite a while… however a friend back in Italy ordered it many months ago and he’s still waiting…
          So I seriously doubt that the Ergal model can really hit the market this year.
          The high price is probably given by a limited run… odd choice, I suppose that first it’d be better to conquer the market with the base model to create more interest in the high end one…

          • FourString

            Yes, it is very confusing to introduce them into markets with that higher end model too. Would be simpler to just start with the polymer to gain traction first

        • Jeff Smith

          Steve, thanks for the reply! A collector’s model could definitely account for the price difference.

    • CommonCents

      what are the comparable guns that are close in size/dimension/grip to the strike one? is there a compact model coming out?

  • Vladimir K

    As a russian citizen I’m unable to judge anything but a production cost of a pistol but I’ve designed a futuristic looking slide and frame for airsoft hi-capa pistol. Run a few simulations in order to verify I won’t face any problems.Then I’ve made an efficient (though I’m not much good at it) programm for HAAS milling machine I’ve access to. That took me about 8-10 hours (I’ve wasted some time of making a outstanding look for this design). And that took HAAS milling machine about an hour to produce two slides and two frames out of brick of D16 alluminum (I have to flip and re-adjust due to tree axis limitation and faulty pressure sensor). After the job was done all I had to do is to work on sharp edges with file and sand paper. Local price rate for 3-axis CNC milling is about $130 USD per hour (twice higher then in US as far as I know). So, with efficent hardware and software I assume that it takes like 150 USD to produce at least three frames per hour or 50 USD per frame.

    • iksnilol

      I assume you dont own the milling machine. If the company owns the machine shouldn’t it be cheaper? Especially since they are making the same thing multiple times.

      • Vladimir K

        Yes, it’s is cheaper (in the long run) but then you have to count in heat and galvanic treatment. Since these are rather cheap (mid 90th machinery is still good enough for such task) I guess that production cost for a frame I’ve mentioned is not far from actual production cost..
        PS: I’ve mentioned only an CNC milling hour rate since design, modelling and simulations is a part of R&D. Even if it doubles the production cost it’s still 100 USD for a aluminum heat treated and anodized frame.

  • mig1nc

    $800 puts them in the HK P30 price range competitively. With an MSRP of $800, once demand dies down and production catches up, street price could be around $700-$750. I really had my heart set on a metal frame, but $4k is just crazy talk.

    • Diesel Dan

      So… the polymer frame is $800 USD while the aluminum frame is $4000 USD? That’s absolutely ridiculous, especially in the age of affordable CNC machines. I guess the guys who liked the design but preferred the metal frame are SOL.

    • Jaime Lynn

      Still too expensive. No matter how much better it might be over a g17…at 250+ bucks more, it’s gonna struggle to find a place in success in america…imho of course.:)

  • Black_Viper

    Thanks for clarifying that bit of information. Wish other news and media type sites would get the facts straightened like that!

    As for the Arsenal, the CEO & Designer was extremely passionate about his gun, and was able to show every bit of the inner workings and explained why he did what he did to make it a better product. Its an extremely well design, can’t wait to test fire it myself, but I’ll wait for a review from TFB, so hurry up ATF and get these things here!

  • Harrison Jones

    At this price I think it will do well in the competition market. I don’t see many metal frames selling at all. I think most would rather have a double barrel 1911 for a grand more. It will sell okay for the amount they plan to import/produce but I don’t see it doing any damage to glock or the M&P.

  • Karina

    Firearms have always been amazingly expensive in Europe. Relatives in France reported to me that paying 800 euros for a Glock, if it’s legal to begin with, is the average price. To say nothing of 1200-1300 eur SIGs and HKs.

  • Amsdorf

    I’m really looking forward to this handgun. Larry Vickers had a great show on it and the extremely low bore axis is pretty awesome.

  • Jaime Lynn

    800 bucks?!? Was loving this caracal looking russian improvement…..but at that price it’s not gonna move in any volume….except for the handful of collectors and competition shooters.

  • Oh it’s kino

    You people…. Y’all need to settle down. $800 MRSP is nothing if it’s a quality handgun. With an eventual street price of around $700+, this will definitely be a big seller for those enthusiast interested in actually buying a quality handgun rather than those just concerned with getting anything they can on the cheap.

    • We couldn’t agree more Kino. It’s gonna replace the Glock for sure!

    • Justus0704

      We don’t get anything we can on the cheap. We get glocks for under $600 out the door. And m&p under $500 out the door. This might do about as good as Hk or sig does, sales wise. It will not touch glock or s&w at that price point though. Even if it is more accurate, glock and s&w are proven to be super reliable, and more accurate than most can shoot. Entering into market at that msrp is crazy. Oh and the vp9 just entered the market at a lower price as well. The last I heard the actual msrp of the strike one is $849. Bad move.

  • We’re going to have these on hand here in the US in September. We’ll get them in 9mm, .40sw and .357sig.