Timney Tavor Trigger

I got to fondle a Tavor SAR at the SHOT Show with Timney’s new trigger kit installed. The Tavor is one of the hottest new rifles on the market right now, and in my opinion it’s the best bullpup design to date. However it still suffers from one of the major flaws that all bullpups seem to have, a bad trigger pull. While the Tavor’s trigger isn’t horrible, it’s actually decent for a bullpup, it still leaves much to be desired. Timney’s new trigger for the Tavor helps remedy much of the squishiness and play of the trigger. It was a huge improvement over the stock trigger. The Timney kit drops right in and features a crisp 4lb trigger break. They retail at $352.95 and should ship sometime in March 2014.



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  • One could further lighten the pull by removing the return spring (whatever the official name is); the demonstration Tavor at Timney’s SHOT booth had the trigger spring removed which further lighted the pull. This is per Timney and not my own conclusion.

  • Duray

    “One of the major flaws that all bullpups seem to have.”
    From what I’ve read, George Kellgren solved this by placing the sear engagement at the trigger where it belongs, rather than at the hammer. Yes, I know folks love to hate on Kel-Tec, but let’s give a brilliant engineer his due. I don’t own a bullpup, but he’s said to have built some with remarkably good, crisp, and even adjustable triggers.

    • iksnilol

      Main reason for that is that many bullpups are retrofitted conventional rifles.

    • colin

      I believe that Kel-tech’s latest bullpup (m43 and RDB) has dropped this feature.

    • The new Kel_tec does indeed have a good trigger and is a very simple design.

  • BMCSL02

    No doubt this will have to be ordered online as no one will stock it. $352.95 + tax + shipping and you’re almost to $400 for a damn trigger. Thats almost a 1/4 of the price I paid for mine. A bit steep if you ask me.

    • st4

      Check out what a Geiselle runs for on an MR556. Hoo-boy…

  • Esh325

    You might just have the perfect rifle now.

  • KestrelBike

    This is one of those things that at $400, I’d most definitely want to try before I buy.

  • Joe

    I really wonder what it’s made out of, because ~$400 for a few pieces of machined metal seems like a huge premium.

  • José Pulido

    The big question is, are they using a full power hammer spring?

  • Friendly Neighborhood Gunsmith

    I should have one of these in for T&E very soon. It seems all of the components are nickel boron coated and the housing is aluminum instead of polymer. The $352 MSRP is far above what it will sell for, judging by the dealer price offered to me by Timney.

    Looking forward to checking it out, my Tavor has really become a great go-to rifle and customers constantly want to shoot it and handle it in the shop!