MSE Adjustable Red-dot Sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

New from Israel is the MSE series of red-dot sights. It was developed by retired Lt Col. Mikey Hartman who founded and was the commander of the IDF marksmanship and sharpshooter school with over 20 years of training experience.



The MSE sight is constructed with a combination of aluminum base and advanced polymer body. Windage and elevation are adjustable without using a tool. Size and weight wise the MSE sight is similar in size to the full-size EOtech 550 series. The sight will co-witness with the iron sights on an AR-15. The battery life is 1875 hours from a CR123 lithium battery.



The MSE sight features a large EOTech-style view window on top and its control is simple yet effective. It’s almost grunt proof (nothing is truly grunt proof!) with buttons for illumination level, power and reticle selection.┬áNo doubt, the MSE sight was designed by an infantry officer.

One of the special feature of the MSE sight is that the controls are duplicated on the PTT remote control cable mounted on the handguard or forward grip. This allows the soldier to adjust the sight without taking his/hers support hand off the weapon. It also function as a redundancy control for the sight in case of battle damage.



Another special feature of the MSE sight is the selectable reticles. I was able to tried out all three reticles that the MSE sight has during the pre-SHOT Show Media Day at the Range. The bullseye reticle is quick in CQB and the 1.7 MOA dot with trackbars reticle is good for shooting farther out. After those two, the plain red dot is just boring to shoot. I would like to thank Lt Col. Hartman for coaching me on the range.



The MSE sights will be distributed in the USA by Command Arms Accessoriess (CAA). Price starts from around $700 for the thumb screw mount version and multiple configurations will be offer by CAA. Those will be including upgrades like QD mount, PTT cable control and integral visible and IR laser designator.


Writer and gear editor with articles published in major gun publications. A five year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps, Tim is also part of Point & Shoot Media Works, a producer of photography, video and web media for the firearms and shooting sport industry. Tim’s direct contact: Tyan.TFB -at-


  • Simon

    do u realy need to say its an adjustable sight no ones made adjustable ones for AGES

    Adjustable Red-dot Sight
    Adjustable Red-dot Sight
    Adjustable Red-dot Sight

  • avconsumer2

    Nice. Seems a bit pricey for my load-out however.

  • Edward Franklin

    The price is a bit steep but it has some interesting features, nice to see multiple reticles isn’t just the domain of the Axion Kobra anymore.

  • Lance

    Get a better AIMPOINT or EO Tech for a lot cheaper than $700 dollars.

    • yasser arafat

      they’re Jewish sights- of course they’re going to charge you 2X as much.

      • Alan

        wow your an anti-semite. i hope you make sure not to use anything else jews invented including that computer or mobile device which you use to spew your anti semetic crap that was probably designed or made by israelis.

        everything is a big conspiracy and the whole world is controlled by the damn joooos.

        what a moron.

    • John

      For what the MSE offered the value was worth it compare to the Aimpoint. Most of the Eo’s are in the $500-700 range and have the battery/shutoff problems..

  • Alan

    As a former idf intstructor who had the pleasure of training and working with Mikey – i can tell you he is certainly a character. I was one of the very few male instructors – most are female. Lt. Colonel Hartman really knows how to train but god can he shoot. This sight has many different variations including ones with both visible and IR lasers built in. Its more than just another Eotech.

    And to Lance not everyone wants a Trijicon or an Aimpoint. And this is coming from someone who used a Trijicon Acog throughout most of my service. I am willing to bet that Lt. Colonel Mikey Hartman has just a bit more real world experience than you do as to what works and what doesnt in combat.

    • I looked that sight over a good while. In fact Tim beat me to writing this one up. It has a great FOV with a 2 moa dot which I like especially at distance. It’s made very very well.
      Colonel Hartman is a character but a very talented one!

    • ak1134

      I’m not putting $700 in to some off brand optic i never heard of. That thing looks like a $99 sight at walmart…. those buffet of call of duty reticles don’t help.

      I’d rather spend another two hundred and walk away with 2 EOTechs.

    • John

      If you could find one ,would you still pick one up? How does it compare to a Mepro MOR?

  • Rob in Katy

    Is it a holo-sight like the EoTech or does it suffer form parallax? But, I probably wouldn’t do it for $700 anyway. Motion activated On is what I am looking for. So when I pull it out of the safe that is one less think that I have to worry about at 3am when Hillery calls…

    Never mind, their site says “parallax” free.

    • John

      There is an Ambush/instant on mode.

  • I posted a full review of this red dot on my youtube channel. Just search MSE AQC on youtube. It should be first on the list. My Youtube channel is: Hawaii Volcano Squad.
    I got into a big disagreement with Tim from MAC who is an Aimpoint person since he was deployed with it. Aimpoint glows orange and “Glints” or reflects light from a distance but the MSE is non reflective and the red dot “back glow” is not detectable either even at night. Also MSE AQC has a larger screen. It IS VERY PRICEY however. Star defense systems needs to make some major kind of marketing play if they intend to break through into the US recreational shooting market.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I have a lot of respect for Tim and the MAC. They are generally open-minded and very practical in their approach to assessing firearms performance, and have also never been afraid of going completely against conventional wisdom when their testing and evaluation has indicated that a given product has proven to be more than previously believed. As far as I can tell, they have also always been honest in expressing their views.

      Having said that, I have to largely agree with you about the MSE since I have used both it and the Aimpoint. Make no mistake, they are both excellent sights, and in the end it seems to be a matter of personal preference. This does not constitute a reflection on Tim’s — and MAC’s — integrity, nor yours for that matter. Just two sincere if differing viewpoints doing the best they can to present a fair picture.

      • John

        Have you compared the MSE to the Mepro MOR? My Eotech 512 went tits up.Ive been offered a trade in discount since they said my 2002 series is took old for them to repair. Ive seen a few MSE’s still around. I like th MOR but its $1100 for visible laser model and $1500 for vis and IR model.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Hi, John :

          The Mepro MOR is a really excellent electronic sight and is probably comparable to the versions of the MSE that also offer the added visible laser alone, or the visible and IR laser options. There appears to be little, if any, real difference in price when direct comparisons are made, the major advantages of the MSE being that it offers the remote pressure pad control ( at added cost ) and multiple reticle options. Whether you will actually find these options suitable for your usage will depend on your preferred requirements. If you are comfortable with a single reticle type, the MOR has the significant advantages of good old-fashioned simplicity as well as greater availability since it has become more established in the general market over time.

          I don’t exactly know what your preferences are, but if you are okay with a standard ( non-laser equipped ) sight, then the MOR will cost a fair bit less ( roughly $480.00 – $599.00, depending on how you shop ) since it doesn’t have multiple-reticle options or pressure pad capability, but will still work very well for virtually all needs. Or, you could stick with a more advanced version of the EOTech such as the XPS-3. EOTech prices have become quite reasonable in recent times, and they have a very good record for reliability. Another “standard” sight with a fixed reticle to consider is the new Mepro M5, which I understand works really well at a price point well below $500.00, yet is in the same class as a new-generation EOTech.

          Hope this helps a bit.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    I agree with Alan. I have two MSE AQC-1C sights, one mounted on an FN FAL and and other on a VEPR-12 tactical 12-gauge shotgun. They work exactly as advertised, and are among the very best reflex sights I have ever used.

    Having said that, I will emphasize that the MSE’s ( any variant ) have so many available options and features that it takes a good deal of consistent practice to use them properly. However, once mastered, the MSE will reward you with a level of performance and broad-spectrum capability rivaled by few. If you are looking for simplicity that is instantaneously user-friendly, you can either buy an MSE and set it up for basic functions only — keeping the optional features in reserve for later practice and employment if you truly anticipate using them eventually — or else buy an EOTech, Aimpoint, Trijicon, Mepro M21, Mepro M5 or similar equivalent and call it a day without spending extra money on features you may neither need nor want.

    The bottom line is this : Think it through very carefully, understand what your needs really are, and decide accordingly.

    I seem to recall a lively discussion on TFB recently about the same topic based on a post by Chris Cheng. Is this an extension of that post, or simply a different posting from a different viewpoint?

    • Different viewpoint

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Thanks for the clarification, Phil — Hope you’re enjoying SHOT, although I imagine it could be a little tiring at times :).

    • Breytek

      Where could I source a dealer that would cell to me in South Africa.

      Thank You

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Hi, Breytek :

        Thanks for the inquiry. Frankly, I am not entirely familiar with South Africa’s current laws governing import and purchase of more restricted firearms accessories such as the MSE AQC-1C. It is classified as an ITAR item here in the U.S. and therefore cannot be exported from the U.S. overseas without a special export licence and / or specific authorization by the State Department’s Directorate Of Defense Trade Controls. Therefore, it will be both time-consuming and expensive to have to go through the administrative and security protocols just to purchase one or a few of these sights for personal use.

        I would recommend writing directly to Command Arms ( ), who are the U.S. distributor for MSE products, or searching local websites in South Africa for information on availability and accessibility of the AQC-1C. This should at least give you a starting point in your search. They may also be able to point you in the right direction — such as communicating directly with the manufacturer in Israel — for advice on how to go about this. The latter seems to be a worth a try since South Africa and Israel have had close political and trade ties in the past, although the relationship has been thornier and subject to more ups-and-downs in recent years.

        The other viable alternative is to consider purchasing a more commonly-available service-proven sight such as the Meprolight M5 or M21, EOTech, Trijicon or Aimpoint, or something similar, that might be more easily available in your country.

        As always, check your local laws thoroughly to make sure there are no issues with such an acquisition where you live.

  • JT

    are these rated for shotgun recoil?

  • yasser arafat

    I bet these things work great mounted on Tavors and used on Palestinian rock-throwing youth.

    • SP mclaughlin

      Throwing rocks and marrying off 12 year old girls….boy the Muslim world has come a long way, right?

  • piggy

    real men use iron sights

  • Breytek

    Where could I source a dealer that would cell to me in South Africa