M249 SAW 10/22 Kit and Hypergat Trigger System

Down in the lower levels of the SHOT Show is where you’ll usually find newer and smaller companies. While I was browsing I stumbled upon a booth from Flashco who were showing off their new M249 SAW conversion kit for the Ruger 10/22. It’s made of both metal and polymer materials and weights in at 12 pounds, it also comes with a collapsible stock and bipod. The booth rep claimed it took no more than 30 minutes to drop in your 10/22 rifle. It retails at $599.95, a bit more than buying an M249 airsoft donor rifle and custom making one yourself.




Their M249 SAW kit also comes with another product they produce, called the Hypergat trigger system, which is also sold separately at $49.95. It’s pretty much a rapid fire trigger attachment that’s powered with the guns recoil, or externally with a drill from what I can gather. I’m honestly still a bit confused with exactly how it functions, the few videos I was able to find about them were a bit vague (see below). Anyone ever use one of these? Hypergat claims their trigger attachment will allow the shooter to fire their gun at between 600 to 1000 rpm and is ATF legal. Checkout their website at Hypergat.net for more info.


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  • John

    It’s basically a crank powered trigger. Pretty sure hooking an electric source, like a drill, to it makes it a machine gun

    • Cymond

      Yeah, do an internet search for “BMF activator” to see the cranking mechanism. Basically, every time you turn the crank, a cam depresses the trigger. That much is legal, but adding a motor makes it an illegal full-auto. In the eyes of the ATF, the switch on the electric motor is the new “trigger” much like the Dillion-Aero motor-driven guns.

      • gunslinger

        that was my thoughs. with “bump firing” your finger actually depressed the trigger with each round.

        with the crank systems, your motion of rotating the crank is pulling the trigger, or you if you started and “held” a position you would only fire 1 round. with a drill you press and hold the drill trigger and multiple rounds fire.

        if there is some spring in this device that presses the trigger for you, that seems like a no-no (see akins accelerator)

    • Juice

      Well, it does say it’s ATF legal.

      • Paul Epstein

        What, precisely, that means is determined by their letter of approval. If it says that the trigger is legal when manually operated, and makes no mention of using a drill, the conclusion you SHOULD come to is that these will very shortly be recalled as soon as a video of someone using a drill to power it goes on youtube, as ‘easily converted to a machine gun’ isn’t legal either.

  • jamezb

    You too, can add 12 pounds to your 10/22 for only $600!!!

    • tim.m

      welp i did just add a bull barrel today so i might as well add the other 9lbs

  • Peter Oseid

    So it’s like why not?

    • smeeso

      believe the question is why

  • JT

    I always wondered if you took the crank handle off of those gatling systems and added an electric motor if that would qualify as a machine gun. Probably would, but would be funny if it were a legal loophole somehow

    • iksnilol

      Sadly the button/trigger driving te electric motor would be the new trigger.

      On topic: Why no belt fed .22?

      • Suburban

        Lakeside Machine made a belt-fed .22LR upper for AR-15/M-16 rifles. It looks like they closed up shop on 12/31/13. http://www.lakesideguns.com/

        • West

          Probably because their products don’t work.

      • JT

        But can’t people see “The enemy cannot push a button…if you disable his hand”

  • Aahs

    From the 10/22 videos you can hear the windup sound right before it fires… I believe its like those old wind up cars you pulled backwards and then they raced away. You crank it then push the button and it spins away pressing the trigger for you. In the videos when it goes full auto his finger isn’t on the trigger.

    • BryanS

      Which, would make it a machine gun.

      I wonder if you order these things from a Virginia PO box…

  • gunslinger

    it looks like w/o any type of manual interaction multiple trigger depresses are occuring, i.e. machine gun in the eyes of the ATF (or so i think)

    for 50 bucks i would have tried this, but now, i really don’t think this is a good idea.

    where is the ATF letter?

    eta: nothing on the website with a link to the atf letter of approval.

    and the website looks like an Angelfire/Geocities pate from 1994.

  • ArcRoyale

    The m249 conversion kit might be nice for films and the like since it makes like the shooting without the probably more expensive 5.56 blanks. Otherwise, what in the world would anyone want this for?

    • Garblarx

      For the fun of it.

  • guest

    Lame. Just lame. Gun porn for the firearm-sexuality deviants.

  • cmorrow

    I just cringe that this company is named HyperGAT, seeing as referring to firearms as ‘gats’ doesn’t really have a positive connotation.

  • BryanS

    In the AK video, he’s cranking it, and then bump firing with his hand on his waist… which they loop to make it look more interesting.

    This thing is either old news or a trap.

  • hghgf

    Well guys if you look at this video…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wrU10LXYy4o

    you can see what he’s doing and he explains it

    • gunslinger

      Still dont see how this is legal as it looks like the decive pushes your finger for you compared to the slide fire where you have to manually move the gun/trigger to your finger.
      What really got me is when he was firing without his finger on tje trigger

      • hghgf

        it’s essentially a crank. but your finger presses the trigger everytime…and the crank is on the left side of the device when his finger isn’t on the trigger

  • Mike

    I love when people argue about “why” anyone would want this kit for their ruger. Might as well ask “why” anyone needs a gun in the first place, which Democrats are fond of doing. I think its a cool kit for those who cannot afford a $12,000 semi-auto SAW.