X Products 9mm Drum Mags

X Products debuted their new 9mm 50 round drum magazines at the SHOT Show. Known for their .308 and .223/5.56 offerings, X Products have made quite the name for themselves with their top notch drum mags. Their new 9mm mags will be made out of aluminum and will be available for the MP5 and Colt AR-15, and should work with other ARs that use Colt 9mm mags as well. They’re expected to be available around June 2014 with an estimated MSRP of $220 or so, a more definite price should be known closer to launch. A drum mag for the HK94 and Glocks are also in the works and should debut later this year.




Ray I.

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  • iksnilol

    How reliable are these? I was always warned against drum mags by survivors, because they said they were unreliable.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      The drum magazines on the old PPSh-41 and Suomi m/71 SMG’s proved to be extremely reliable under the harsh battlefield conditions of the Winter War and Eastern Front, so there are drums out there that work very well. Surely a modern manufacturer such as X Products can design a drum that will function properly, especially at that price and with all the advantages of newer manufacturing technology? Then again, I suppose only time and testing will tell.

      I prefer standard stick magazines myself, but I do like the compact design and small external dimensions of this drum, though.

      • iksnilol

        I don’t know about pistol calibers, I am worried about rifle calibers.

        But then again I just tape together two mags with a piece of plywood inbetween so that they stand parallell.

        • There are brands out there that have given drim magazines a bad name no doubt about that.
          I’d have to try one of these in order to make a reasonable decision.

    • losrobles

      I have X Products drum mags for my 223 AR and my 308 AR. Both have been boringly reliable. My old first generation version of the C-mag; not so much.

  • JT

    Man, looking at that picture, if HK could sell their MP5K/SP89 again with a sig style “forearm brace”, these and that drum would be unquestionably awesome

  • elconquistidor

    Might as well tape two mags together for that price. On top of that you’ll get fourteen more rounds than the drum holds!

    • JT

      This looks Uber though. like something nazis from outer space would use

      • gunslinger

        or “real” operators…

  • Martin M

    Silly X Products. Drums don’t play well with ARs and MP5s. Much like NASCAR drivers, the rounds, which have been turning left the whole time, suddenly have to turn right. This causes wrecks, er, malfunctions. These firearms are optimized for stacked magazines, not drums.

    • Laughing AtYou

      Care to explain why the 556 and 762 versions work well in AR15s and Ar10s, Martin M? sounds like another “internet expert” commenting on something that he has no practical experiance with.
      I’ll be waiting for you to reply telling me all about the time when you were a Navy Seal assigned to Delta Force because Marine Force Recon didn’t have someone who could swim fast enough while firing a minigun, left-handed and from there you’ll proceed to tell the forum about drinking beer with Eugene Stoner and how you personally warned him that the AR platform will never “play well” with drum magazines.
      In case you still do not realize it, I hate “experts” like yourself who have no practical experiance with a product but feel free to make condescending remarks like “Silly X Products”. People like you are know-it-alls and close-minded. Lucky for the world, there are people willing to reinvent the wheel and think “out of the box” otherwise, we would still be afraid of sailing off the edge of the flat world.
      Silly Martin M, curl up with a copy of SOF, make some tea, and search the internet for another comments page to play “expert” on.

      • Martin M

        I’ve had plenty of experience with a very wide range of small arms, including drum magazines. Of course, with my SAC logo (USAF) I couldn’t have possibly been a SEAL (Navy) Delta (Army), or MFR (USMC). But you already knew that, didn’t you.

        Lets assume that X products’ drum feeds flawlessly, it still only increases capacity by 66%. The detractors are that it costs significantly more than standard double stack magazines, changes the weapon’s slender profile which may impact handling. Does it come with rigging to carry extra drums? What does the shooter do with the drum once it’s empty? If it is followed by standard mags, where do you put the empty drum?

        I’m a big proponent of thinking outside the box. However, this is just traveling further down the wrong road.

      • Josh

        Calm down, sir. A question: what is your experience with small arms? Your rant about Martin’s contribution seems acutely personal. Why? Also, why do you spell “experience” with an “a?” Finally, might I recommend some soothing chamomile tea to alleviate your agressive style of communication? Have a pleasant day!

  • erwos

    No Uzi mags? BOO!

    • noob

      i wonder why the feed tower isn’t user swappable – the drum itself should be common to all variants.

  • Patrick Henry,The2nd

    $220 for 50 rounds? Yikes. Hopefully the Glock ones won’t be that expensive.

    • BryanS

      Not with the well functioning KCI ones out there… that have an awesome built in feed tool. (mine has run fine, normally and in full auto in a glock 18)