Mossberg 715P .22 LR Pistols

Mossberg 715P

Mossberg is now selling a pistol version of the company’s 715 .22 LR rifle.  The new 715P pistols use the same action and magazines as the rifle, but in a pistol configuration.

Even though the 715P looks like an AR-type gun, it is not.  The exterior is simply a plastic shell that gives the gun its appearance.  None of the controls are the same as an AR pistol.  The magazine release is a lever mounted on the magazine well and the safety is a cross-bolt style.  The charging handle is on the right side of the gun, not at the rear of the receiver.

Mossberg 715P Duck

The 715P uses an aperture style sight, and the barrels are equipped with a flash suppressor.  Guns can be equipped with an optic by mounting it to the Picatinny rail on the top of the plastic shell.  Models with 10-round and 25-round magazines are available.  Duck Commander versions are also available in camo.

Richard Johnson

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  • Ghostalker

    Oh my… that looks cheaply made as all hell. Like an airsoft gun. Not sure how the rifle variant eluded me but… I am sure it will keep costs down, and work well enough for a range toy… But I really love it when manufacturers put time and effort into making a rock solid .22LR. Look at Ruger. The Ruger American Rimfire is sold and the SR-22 rifle is a 10/22 in a nicely made frame. The SR22 pistol is an amazing little plinker. This is toy is not

    • Havok

      This thing is made by an airgun company in Brazil. The none AR looking model is supposed to be a cheap version of a 10/22. We refuse to work on them in our shop cause they are just junk.

      • Nicks87

        Thats funny because I own the rifle version and it shoots just fine. My dad has the model 702 plinkster and it shoots ok as well. These rifles are cheap range toys, hence the word “plinkster”. If you want a better quality .22 then you will have to spend the money. These firearms fill the role that they were made for just fine. Also I’m pretty suspect when you say that your “shop” refuses to work on them when they are very simple to repair/maintain and I’ve never heard of mossberg refusing to fix a rifle under warrenty either.

        • Havok

          Most of our customers will not use factory service because they don’t want to be without their weapons for more than a few days. And people get Hi-Points that work fine too, doesn’t mean that the weapon is good quality.

          • jim

            The 10/22 is a good gun but I’ve never been out shot by one. I’ll put my Mossberg bolt or 715T up against one any day . Just like some AR owners are so stuck up on themselves , I’ll also put my mini 14 up against an AR any day .. The Ruger American .22 is junk from what I’ve seen of it, just check the recalls …

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      I don’t think the little Mossberg Plinkster and its derivatives are “junk” or “cheap”. They are actually surprisingly well-made ( especially considering the price ), quite reliable and work very well while being available at an affordable price. They do an excellent job of filling a general market niche, particularly for beginners and even budget-minded experienced gun owners. Mossberg has never pretended that the Plinksters were something other than what they were clearly intended to be.

      Speaking of higher-end, rock-solid .22LR rifles, the Ruger SR-22 (and 10/22) are very good, but the S & W M&P15-22 is better, at least IMHO. I have both types — and enjoy them tremendously — but I definitely still prefer the M&P15-22.

      Other users may find that the SR-22 works more effectively for them, so it still boils down to the basic principle of working with the firearm you are most comfortable with.

  • Fred

    I like Mossberg in general but anything they make that’s semi automatic is immediately suspect. The 930 SPX was a nightmare for years and they seemed indifferent about fixing it. They have to demonstrate some QC before I’d look at this.

  • gunslinger

    must have the same molds…but why have the top charging handle structure when it’s not in use.

  • Sigivald

    For the love of God, why?

  • jamezb

    Ah, I understand, it is easy to criticize something like this…but if this is the intro plinker that is interesting enough looking, and cheap enough, and functions reasonably enough that it catches someone’s eye of a brings a new gun owner into the fold, let it be what it is… an affordable can-puncturing toy. Once a new shooter “catches the bug”, they are ours for life. We can sell them on the “good stuff” later on.

  • torr10

    Why so much hate? The model it’s based on has been around for a few years and is reliable and accurate. Why put camo on anything? People hunted for years without it. Why have SUVs? Why have any number of accessories on vehicles? Why have dirt bikes or 4 wheelers? Because some people want them. Get over yourselves. They clearly said it’s just a plastic shell around the proven mechanism. Get your heads out of your pompous a$$e$…apply the same logic here that you expect liberal gun controllers to apply…don’t want a gun? DON’T BUY IT!

    • Cymond

      I can understand why some would be upset that it is not what it appears to be. It looks like a rimfire AR at first, but closer inspection reveals that it is not.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Good point, Cymond.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Well said, torr10!

  • Winston Buie

    the 715t is a 702 p[inkster wraped in plastici’d put a 702 up against your ruger 10-22 anyday….these are really cool looking….i want one

  • guest

    Is it just me that does not see any practicality in “pistol-sized” rifles?

    All of them are too heavy, horribly unbalanced, and for the same price on could get a *very* good normal handgun with 10x better ergonomics. Or the same “pistol” in its real inteded form as a short carbibne. If that is still “too big” then an SBR. This just looks to me as some kind of hood weapon migrating into “popular gun culture”.

    • gunslinger

      Work around for tje sbr process? Plus interchangeability with already owned products.

  • John Double

    why can’t we get ar-22 rifles,that use standard ruger mags?

  • Mike

    These are great weapons for practicing what to do when a semi-automatic gun misfires and fails to eject.

  • michel Baikrich

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