Burris AR-1X Prism Sight – SHOT Show Optic Preview

At the SHOT Show 2014, Burris introduced their unique AR-1X sight. It’s a compact prism sight with a true 1x magnification. It’s a red-dot alternative for those that have bad astigmatism, such as myself. The MSRP for the new Burris AR-1X prism sight is $299.



The sight is relatively small and the battery compartment is part of the integral 1913 mount. Burris engineers did great job in designing this optic. Unique to the prism sights, the AR-1X will co-witness with iron sights and magnifier, such as Burris’ own AR-Trippler 3x magnifier, can be with it.



The sight height is perfect for the AR-15.  While it doesn’t has a true unlimited eye relief like the red-dots, the Burris AR-1X has big enough of an eyebox that will covers the usually head positions and it also has a very flexible eye relief.



The reticle illumination is daylight visible and it’s powered by a single AA battery. The battery life is 5000+ hours when a lithium AA battery is used. The reticle being etched on the prism, it will just turn black when the illumination if off or the battery died.



The Burris AR-1X’s reticle offers BDC to 600 meter for the 5.56mm caliber. It could be also use for some elementary rang-finding. I found it to be very fast at close range with or without illumination.



The Burris AR-1X’s digital control on top. The power button will cycle the reticle illumination between red or green color. Holding it down it will turn on or off the sight. The other two triangle buttons control the illumination levels.

Burris AR-1X Spec 


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  • Heavy

    Could you explain why prism sights are superior to red dots for astigmatism, or point to some reading on the subject? My eyes are terrible and this would be important news to me.

    • Steve Truffer

      If I recall correctly, it forces the reticle to look in focus, allowing you to look at the target.

      • mig1nc

        Yeah. Leupold also makes a prismatic 1x scope that tends to get fantastic reviews. You can probably find more information about prismatic scopes by researching Leupold’s offering.

        • Timothy G. Yan

          The leuppy is not a true 1x, terrible battery life, crappy reticle w/ no BDC, illumination is barely daylight visible and it cost $500-$600.

          • mig1nc

            My point was in that it is a prismatic, no argument on your points.

  • Lance

    How much $ is the question.

    • Phil Hsueh

      He said $299 towards the beginning of this article.

  • gggplaya

    Now if they made this in a 3x, and ditch the digital controls. I don’t need something sucking juice while it sits in the safe. I prefer a real on/off switch. I’d be sold after that.

    • Seth Greer
      • gggplaya

        I actually already own that, i forgot to mention that i wanted the AA compartment. The see through base is a waste on these scopes, no one uses them anymore. I think all ACOG scopes should go AA and make use of that space.

    • Infantry600

      Try the burris ar-332 prism. It’s 3x. I’ve had mine for 4 years and it has yet to lose its zero. And I shoot a lot.

  • Cameron

    As a shooter with a bad astigmatism and a cornea too thin for LASIK, I have never really shopped for a Burris product, but this really warms me to them.

    • mig1nc

      You should give them a shot. They have fantastic customer service. I had to call them once because I lost my turret caps (I’m dumb like that), they were very friendly about it and they sent me some for free. I have a buddy who had to send one of their larger scopes in for warranty service and also had a great experience.

  • JT

    This would be amazing if they offered it in custom calibers. It would make a great Shotgun hunting scope (except for the calibration for .223)

    • Timothy G. Yan

      For use in shotgun, just ignore the small BDC marks and use the big ring in the reticle. The only issue you will have will be the AR15 sight height is too tall for most shotgun.

  • Seth Greer
  • José Pulido

    If it’s sturdy, this could be a sweet deal.

  • Joe

    Horrible grammar….proof-read much?