AM-TAC Precision Announces The .416 Hushpuppy

The .416 Hushpuppy, a new proprietary round being offered with a AR upper by AM-TAC Precision was announced at SHOT this year.  The concept to the round is claimed to have a maximum point blank range to 200yds on a man sized target, and creates a wound channel larger than 12ga 00 buck or a slug due to the yawing characteristics of the bullet when it encounters a soft target.  The round is designed to be shot suppressed, and AM-TAC is currently working with suppressor manufactures to have a suppressor made for the round.


While it is definitely a funny looking round with an even more interesting name, the initial numbers that are being put out there by AM-TAC look promising.  The rounds ballistics are being compared to 12ga rounds in terms of the amount of energy dispersed and wound channel sectional data.  The round is designed to be marketed to the LE and hunting community, and would make a great hog or predator round.  The upper is made with all commonly found products, except the barrel which will be proprietary.  The bolt carrier will be a standard AR BCG, the bolt will be a 7.62×39 bolt.  While AM-TAC will be producing the bolts, in a pinch one could find a 7.62×39 bolt and put it in the rifle if needed.  While the ammo will also be proprietary at first, AM-TAC will have a company that will OEM the brass for reloaders, while the bullets will be available off the shelf.

While I do not think this round will be the next .300BLK, I do believe that it will have a following if AM-TAC is able to get the word out, and keep prices at a believable level.  As a predator hunter myself I would be eager to use the round in a hunting application to see how it handles.  We will certainly have to see if the round stands up to the test of time, and the discerning shooters out there that will be shooting the round.





  • noguncontrol

    hell yeah!! i want this!!!!

  • Anon

    It kinda looks like a large rifle bullet shoved into a 8mm Nambu casing

    • It is actually a larger rifle bullet shoved into a .50AE case.

      • Tony Williams

        Thanks for that – can you give the case length, the bullet weights and the muzzle velocities please?

        I’d love a clearer view of those performance graphs – very frustrating!

        Readers might be interested in the array of subsonic rifle cartridges for comparison here:

  • haxfar

    Out of curiosity, why would one want a subsonic bullet for predator hunting? (We have no hunting of mammalian predators in Denmark)

    • Chris_C06

      In states that allow it in the US, it can and will appeal to hunters (albeit a very small niche of hunters) that want to hunt suppressed. It’s definitely not a large market, even smaller with proprietary cartridges, but it’s out there.

      There are also some states – my old home of Indiana comes to mind – that have asinine definitions of what can be used for hunting. To clarify – I understand why laws for shotgun hunting are the case in Indiana, but I mean rather the definitions of what can be used for hunting is asinine. Indiana hunting which is typically in close (<100 yds) in relatively dense forest allows only for shotgun hunting and pistol caliber rifle hunting. However, Indiana defines pistol caliber not as cartridges that are typically pistol cartridges, but rather defines pistol cartridges as cartridges that fit within certain dimensions. There have been many wildcats that are capable of ballistics closer to a rifle cartridge, but considered "pistol calibers." This may be a cartridge which fits within those definitions, allowing people to hunt with the familiar AR15 platform, with better ballistics for the range/type of hunting they are doing.

      Both are streches to reach, but thoughts.

    • Thom430

      I think to use it suppressed and not scare away other animals?

    • marc

      A lot of times predator hunting is more animal control than predator hunting. This is also very true for feral hogs here in the states. What i mean by animal control is that a lot of times these predators and hogs are being killed near populated areas. People like to use suppressors to keep the noise down when around these populated areas for many reasons.

    • BryanS

      To save my ears when out hunting?

  • Nathaniel

    Point blank range of over 200 yards? On what, a barn?

  • gunslinger

    the bullet is larger than the case.

    bet this would go over well in the areas with feral hogs

  • bbmg

    This could be the Western equivalent to the Russian 9x39mm round, interesting.

    If you’re forced to stay subsonic for noise abatement reasons, the only way to get more energy is to increase weight, and doing this with a very low drag bullet with a high sectional density is just what the urban sniper needs.

    In a bolt action, this could make the rifle that the Delisle Carbine was supposed to be…

    • Michael

      Lets make a modern Delisle Carbine

      • iksnilol

        Can’t you just load .45 ACP with some .45 caliber spitzer bullets (.416 BArret bullets come to mind)? OAL would be longer but everything else would be equal, Or just use 9×39.

        • José Pulido

          I don’t reload much, so how come no one(that I’ve seen) does .338 bullets in 5.56×45 brass for 8.6x(45)? Could it possibly use standard 5.56nato magazines like 300blk does? I’m not even sure if .338 bullets will fit, since they’re barely smaller than the .377″ base of the 5.56×45, but I think it would be awesome to get the heaviest bullets possible for a dedicated subsonic cartridge that required minimal proprietary parts using common bullets/bolts/mags.

          • iksnilol

            That could work too. But the point isn’t about using the heaviest bullets (we might as well throw bricks then) but about having the heaviest high BC bullet (ballistic coefficent)

            Though that isn’t a problem due to .338 having those long range bullets.

            Me personally, I will stick to the 9×39 for all my spec-ops operative operations in operative environments.

          • José Pulido

            I thought you were American, sorry. There’s probably literally like seven 9×39 cartridges in my state. I’ve only ever heard of one guy in the entire union who’s making 9×39 rifles or ammo, so that’s not really an option for tacticool scenarios where I live.

          • iksnilol

            The 9×39 is rare in Norway too, most people would rather use .300 Whisper.

            But you can make it from 7.62×39 brass, which is a plus for me. Mainly because I like the “commie” guns and cartridges.

          • Giolli Joker

            Well, J.D. Jones designed the full line of Whisper cartridges up to .50… 338 Whisper is there but unlike it’s .300 brother (BLK) it didn’t reach “mass” production, maybe because it lacks versatility.

    • bsnighteye

      Sorry, pal, but no way .416 can be an equivalent to 9x39mm round.
      9x39mm was designed to combine absolutely contradicting properties – sniping round with max possible flat of trajectory and subsonic fire. 9x39mm is a part of ammo-weapon system R&D – VSS special sniper rifle was the main goal. High armor-piercing capabilities of 9x39mm is also a notable feature.
      .416 is obvious close-range man stopper for assault rifles. It can create high impact on target in mix with high density of fire – thanks to lesser energy and low recoil.

  • ColaBox

    Im very curious to see how this compares to .300BLK in a ballistics test.

  • Lance

    Ok this is getting rediculas how slow do you go? I mean come one we got one round meant for under sonic flight .300 Blk out and now another. Not every one wants a silencer so this is getting retarded.

    • Karina

      Lance, shut up. Please.

  • ss355

    Sam, is the parent case 50AE or 50 Beowulf? The rebate on that case looks very severe, much like the Beowulf. If I’m not mistaken the Beowulf employs a 7.62×39 boltface diameter whereas the 50AE uses a much larger boltface. A friend has an old Tromix AR chambered in 50AE, and the boltface is hogged out something fierce to accommodate that large rim.

    • Anonymoose

      .50AE uses the .44 Magnum boltface so they didn’t have to change the bolt in the deagle.

  • Anonymoose

    How does this compare to .458 SOCOM?

  • guest

    “claimed to have a maximum point blank range to 200yds”

    So point blank in now everything between 0 and 200 yards? Wow. So english. Very grammar. Upscale.

    • Formynder

      A more technical definition than the common one, point blank just means the range at which you don’t have to compensate for bullet drop. 200 yards is not an uncommon range for it.

      • other guest

        Refreshing to see the term used properly for a change…

      • Matt

        This is a large, heavy, slow-moving round. I’d imagine it exhibits considerable drop at 200 yards.

    • Karina

      Someone missed the original meaning of “point blank”. What is commonly thought to be “point blank” is in fact “touching point”.

    • Core

      Try reading it again. Point blank range to 200. Meaning, it kills human sized game from muzzle to 200 yards.

  • Tenacious221

    Thats wicked neat

  • José Pulido

    I was hoping it would actually be an affordable round by using 7.62×39 cases, from the comments, it seems I am mistaken.

  • petru sova

    “Quote: A great hog or predator round?” Its low velocity which will result in a looping trajectory and poor penetration relegates it to the week end sand bag toy category.

    • NikonMikon

      That round is HUGE… It has TONS of mass. I don’t think penetration is going to be a problem.

  • BA47

    A very neat cartridge, but I think the .300 AAC Blackout has the market when it comes to suppressor rounds.


    • Cymond

      Except that 300 Blackout isn’t proprietary, they released everything to SAAMI. The original 300 Whisper WAS proprietary. The inventor refused to release it for public use, maintaining a copyright on the name and never submitting it for standardization.

      • BA47

        Your right; I keep forgetting they standardize it.

  • scotfahey

    how much is a box of ammo?

    • Core

      300-600 dollars for all the loading a materials.. Heh

  • Tinkerer
  • karm42yn

    The original hush puppy. Beretta with a slide lock and quick-attach suppressor. By KAC.

    • Karina

      I thought the original “Hush Puppy” was the S&W Mk22?

  • maodeedee

    This is yet another wonderful product for the most versatile firearm ever mad
    The only problem with that versatility is that you need large ammounts of disposable income to take advantage of that versatility.

    Oh well, the same thing could be had for much less on a bolt action platform

  • Sanjuancb

    I don’t want to be that guy, but…

    Based on their charts, it looks like the muzzle energy is 1100 ft./lbs. When you reverse engineer that with a 450 gr bullet it equates to 1050 FPS. So that means at the muzzle, a typical .30-30 Winchester load has 800 ft./lbs more energy than the .416Hushpuppy. The same goes for the .243 Winchester—800 ft./lbs. more energy.


    50 y +3.32″
    100 y 0
    150 y -11.67″
    200 y -31.90″

    If you zeroed it at 200 yards then it would be 16″ high at 100.

    I will pass. It is definitely NOT a hog

  • smartacus

    All this talk about hushpuppies is makin me hungry again.

  • ArcRoyale

    Does anyone remember that youtube series called “Will it blend” where people put random crap in blenders to see what happens? It seems like everything coming out of the US gun industry these days is a firearms version called “Will it AR”. Everything has to be, attach to, fit into, or modify the AR platform.

    Here’s my SHOT Show 2015 challenge to the firearms industry: Come up with some new s***. For one year, forget the AR platform and create something new. Invent the next rifle or pistol or machine gun or sniper rifle, or whatever that people will still be talking about in 50 or 60 years. Get creative. Go nuts.

    • BryanS

      We might, if we in the civilian market didn’t have to be limited to pre-1986 specially registered hardware.

  • BryanS

    Inspiration! Ive got some brass 12 ga shells and a 20mm bullet here… carry the 3….