Thureon Defense Carbines For Sig, M&P and XD Mags

Thureon Defense, known for their carbines that use Glock mags, has released a new line of carbines at the 2014 SHOT Show that accepts Sig Sauer, S&W M&P and Springfield Armory XD magazines. Their new XA carbine uses Springfield Armory XD mags, the SG carbine uses Sig Sauer mags and the MP carbine uses S&W M&P mags. The XA and MP models (XD and M&P) are available in 9mm, .40S&W and .45ACP. The SG (Sig Sauer) is available in 9mm, .40S&W and .357 Sig. They’ll be available in 16.5″ and 19″ barrel lenghts with various buttstock and handguard options. MSRP on them starts at $959, check out for more info.



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  • Dracon1201

    Oooooo… I’d love one to match with my XD 45, since no one wants to make one using the mags.

  • FourString

    Well that’s cool. I would hope that you could swap out those lower receivers, and that those are sold separately too, in case you want to run that carbine with different sidearms you own on any given day

  • gunslinger

    if i want a PCC, why not drop 300 bucks on a hipoint and be done with it? ok, they can use your current pistol mags.

    but still, HP, plus new mags <1k. i don't see why you would go this route

    • Cymond

      Capacity, maybe? Some people want more than 10 rounds. Plus the Thureon Defense carbine can be upgraded as much or as little as you want since it uses an AR grip, stock, and trigger group.

      • gunslinger

        ok, so 1k for the gun, another 30 for a new pistol grip, 200 for a new trigger and another 2-300 for a stock? that seems pointless.

        and ok. i guess wanting to shoot a mag of 20 rounds. but for over 1k more i can shoot 10 extra rounds before a reload? ok. i just don’t see spending that much. i’d rather buy a few extra mags and a bit of ammo with that scratch.

        not trying to start an argument, just trying to see where this fits in. if you got the money and the desire. go for it.

        yeah capitalism.

        • L.B. 4eva

          People should purchase what is in their budget. The ability to reload 50% less has no price to me so I’ll pay extra, budget aside, to not die. A reliable 27rnd 45apc/33rnd 9mm mag is hard to argue with.

          • gunslinger

            i think you mean it has infinite value, meaning any cost to reload faster is much cheaper than my perceived value to reload faster (for example, the ability to reload is worth $1,000,000,000. so, if you find a way of reloading that only costs $1,000 that’s 1,000,000 times cheaper than what it is actually worth, and thus a smart decision)

            but the contradiction is the budgetary aspect. if i had infinite wealth,then yes, i’d want the very best. any marginal increase in performance is worth it, as in the end it doens’t cost me anything more (i have infinite wealth) to purchase it. so if i can have a 99.99999999% chance of survival, and you only have 99.9999999% i’m still better off, and it cost me nothing, whereas it may cost you a million bucks. (big numbers hurt)

          • L.B. 4eva

            No. I’m saying you can put a value on your life, I do not. Price is not a factor in these situations, you buy what you can and learn to be effective with that.

  • trpclfvr

    Why don’t they make one that uses HK MP5 mags? Proven, reliable, and iconic in shape…

    • st4

      When was the last time you saw your average gun store with MP5 magazines on the shelves? Or known someone who owns an MP5?

  • Cymond

    I’d like to see a head-to-head comparison of the Thureon Defense carbine to the JR Carbine. The designs are very similar. Personally, I think the JR looks nicer, but I haven’t seen either in person so it’s hard to judge.