Sphinx Arms New SDP Pistols

Having just come from the KRISS demo at Machine Guns Vegas which was held in conjunction with a well put together cocktail party, I got a change to not only handle the new line, I was also able to shoot each of the new offerings.  All of their pistols are made in the CZ pattern, with a low bore axis and slide that rides on the inside of the frame on a full length rail.  All of their pistols are DA/SA and offered in 9mm for the time being.  According the KRISS rep, they will begin to offer other calibers when the full line has been released in 9mm first, which would put a possible announcement around the 2015 SHOT Show, and release sometime in 2015, but these dates are merely speculation at this point.


The pistols also feature an interchangeable grip system, match grade trigger and reversible magazine catch.  The compact version will be offered in stainless steel, aluminum and a polymer frame versions, and can hard anodized in black, krypton green and sand.  Personally the krypton green looked more like a FDE, but there might have been some green hues in there as well.

The new line is also available in standard size with a 4.5″ barrel, compact with a 3.7″ barrel.  The polymer framed sub-compact has a 3.13″ barrel.  The full size model also features a manual safety, while the compact and sub-compact have a decocking lever.

Shooting these pistols was pretty amazing.  I have never shot the CZ pistols well, but because of the changes Sphinx has made shooting them was very easy, and actually a very pleasant.  Because of the weight of the stainless, the recoil was very controllable and follow up was very fast.  The DA trigger is about 10lbs, but a smooth pull all the way to trigger break while the SA was crisp and right at about 5lbs.  Speaking with the reps, they are looking into the possibility of trying to lighten up the DA pull, but nothing has been worked out at this time.


All in all a very worthy line of pistols coming out.  MSRP have not been set yet, but was told to expect them to range from between $700-$1200 depending on the model.  I look forward to being able to get a hold of one of their pistols at a later date to be able to really get out, put it through some paces and get some opinions from some fellow shooters.


  • Yogie

    If they are anywhere near as good as their predecessors, the 3000, i’m gonna get me one… Been shooting the 3000 in competition for a while now, and i wouldn’t want any other brand…

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    They look superb, been watching these for a while. Will they be offering Defiance HALO sight options as well?

  • st4

    These are sexy.

    • gunslinger

      they look very… plain. but then again, simple can be just as nice.

  • Rabbit212

    Never shot the CZ well??? Huh? What? Is that even possible?

    • Flyingchipmunk

      Too true, CZs are some of the most pleasurable guns to shoot. Although I can’t shoot 1911s very well…

  • Flyingchipmunk

    I got a chance to shoot the compact model with a polymer frame. They are extremely comfortable guns to shoot. It was easily the nicest polymer frame pistol I’ve ever shot. Far nicer than HKs. The trigger was extremely crisp and the whole gun felt extremely smooth. I shoot a CZ SP01 in USPSA and I love it, but these guns are very nice and someday one will definitely come into my collection. They shoot more like a SIG X5 or other custom pieces than a regular production gun, and are well worth the price at around $1000.

  • Lance

    NAHHH Stay with Glock Beretta or CZ.

    • José Pulido

      Unless you’re an early 90s cop, I don’t think you want to stick with Beretta.