SIG Master Shop Pistols

Photo © Bryan Jones

SIG has some impressive custom pistols made by their Master Shop on display at SHOT Show. It was the first (and probably last) time I have ever seen a salmon tail used as a front sight.

Photo © Bryan Jones

Photo © Bryan Jones

sig master shop-1-2

sig master shop-2

sig master shop-4

sig master shop-6

sig master shop-7

sig master shop-8

sig master shop-9

sig master shop-10

sig master shop-11


Steve Johnson

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  • Tontokowalski

    Some of their earlier stuff was awesome. Viking Sig was cool. But these are mostly just silly. There is such a thing as too much ornamentation and taking a theme too far.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Yes, as a rule “Bear Sig” and “Cowboy Sig” would be useless and silly. As exceptions to the rule they are marvelous curiosities. Just imagine them in a collection of beautiful, old and rare firearms, most of which are well made but intended – at least at one time – to be shot. They would occupy a small part of the collection as curios meant only to be looked upon with wonder and amusement.

      For their intended purpose, I think they’re brilliant.

      • Tontokowalski

        Bear Sig is tacky and I wouldn’t have it anywhere near my collection.

        • M.M.D.C.

          Yep, “De Gustibus Non Est Disputandum” and all that, but I always preferred “to each their own, but should be mine.” :p

  • KestrelBike

    These are the perfect gift for the fickle mexican drug lord uncle!

    • SD3

      Beautiful, “yes”, but do they *conceal* well???

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    I think you meant rear sight….

    • gunslinger

      was going to say..

  • wetcorps

    Is that what you call… a bear sight?

  • Fred Johnson

    I like the “Strike Oil” one. Nice.

    • M.M.D.C.

      Black Gold!

  • Verner

    I think I’m going to puke…. bleuarghhhh…

  • gunslinger

    more borderlands 2 weaponry.


    • JeffC

      The bear is removable for shooting.

  • JjPaul

    Not very practical, But badass none the less

  • bob

    that’s awful, I mean, I realize they aren’t meant to be used, but why have that thing right on the front of the slide like that? It seems like they just picked a random place, be it on a moving part or not, and soldered it on…

  • FourString

    There are front cocking serrations, and then there are giant bear faces. You won’t have any trouble loading THAT pistol o.o”

  • Alex Nicolin


  • Lance

    A bit of a wall hanger not a real weapon Steve.

  • Martin M

    They need to make a model with a shark, so we can consider it jumped.

  • /k/ommando

    Good god those are hideous. I bet even Donald Trump would say that they have no class.

  • Mark

    Why, SIG? Why???

  • BA47

    The Bear-SIG would be cool if it didn’t have the huge bear head at the front; it would be nice if it was removable. The Texas-SIG is very well crafted.

  • hkryan

    I love my Sigs but this is too much!

  • Sig Soft Dick

    Anyone else notice the soft dick on the front of the 226 slide? WTF.

    • Andrew R

      Pretty sure that’s the horn of a saddle.

      • gunslinger

        Makes sense, seeing as this was a cowboy theme. I couldnt make heads/tails of it

        • noob

          somebody needs to 3d model a “goatse sig” with a 4chan theme

          • gunslinger

            Whatbhas been seen cannot be unseen

          • tincankilla

            staring down the barrel of the goatse gun would be unforgettable…

          • noob

            on the goatse themed gun I’d also have a pair of bronze hands complete with a brass wedding ring spreading wide the flared magazine well. for, uh, easy reloads of course.

  • dan citizen

    A spur on the beavertail!!! because everybody wants to increase the amount of pinch on the web of their hand.

    I fully expect sig to start making desk ornaments involving pewter dragons peering into a marble and wall rugs involving wolves, eagles and a full moon, BUT NOT DREAM CATCHERS! that would be tacky.

  • Cymond

    Please forgive me for this:

    • gunslinger

      I like it