SHOT H&K Interview With President, Wayne Weber (Lots of Pics)

The H&K booth at SHOT was busy as could be, and they had their entire product line on display including the Grenade Machine Gun. I was lucky enough to talk with Wayne Weber, the H&K USA President for a while but HK PRO Member Anthony.L sat in on a morning interview with Mr. Weber and recorded the whole thing. The photo above is me with Mr. Weber. Here is the interview:

Anthony posts:

“10:00AM this morning there was a media event just for members. Probably 25+ in attendance. Wayne Weber who is President of H&K USA was on hand and personally answered questions submitted by the group here. Below are the answers I recorded. These are his direct quotes, not my interpretation or second hand info.

1. No civilian MR556A5

2. No civilian MP7, may be considered in the future

3. No civilian MP5 full size

4. No civilian UMP in either SBR or 16”

5. Yes to civilian G36. Availability 1-2 years from now, price target is $1700 range! He definitely said below $2k.

6. Yes to civilian SP5K Pistol (modern SP89). Availability 1-2 years from now, no word on price.

7. No to civilian SC5SD, can not import.

8. Subcompact P30 is coming, Wayne said hopefully within calendar year 2014.

9. Striker fire pistol is in the works, no more details.

10. G28 accessories (stock, rail, etc) for the MR762 are coming. The G28 stock is available now as it ships on the MR762 LRP package.

11. No match triggers for MR556, MR762, P30, or HK45 series

12. MR556 SBR or standalone MR556 10″ upper is being considered, no further details

13. No HK 22LR conversions in the works. Wayne backed up their licensing agreement with UMAREX USA.

14. Wayne hinted that UMAREX USA might be working on a MP7 in 22LR…

15. They are hoping to increase availability of roller lock *parts* for legacy guns.

16. The MRP762 LRP package started shipping from the factory two months ago, and continues now (one on display in the booth).

17. No plans to change the MR762 platform to accept standard AR10 magazines. They hope to increase the volume of the HK 762 magazines to bring the cost down.

I ran into Wayne Weber off to the side solo, and he’s the nicest guy, extremely easy to talk to and professional. He says he’s a huge fan of the civilian consumers and trying his best to bring stuff to the market for us. Wayne also told me would like to do more events for the consumers like a web cast to answer questions directly.”

We would very much like to thank Anthony for letting us use this information.

Also, here are photos I took of the product line:

















I will publish another post about the new suppressed keymod rifles. We have some great information on them and even greater photos!


Also, while not at the HK booth, I got to fiddle around with this little number:



Tom Bostic made XM8

Stay tuned for more on the HK suppressed rifles.

Big thanks to Anthony for the help here!

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • Edgar

    All over priced again. Interesting they had a XM-8 prototype for people to play with that’s ancient history.
    Still Were H&K and you suck in costumer service. Nice to know the president disagrees.

    • 00Bk

      Heckler and Koch is just as likely to their change their successful business model of being a premium brand with premium prices as much as Rolls Royce would be to change theirs. Get something else that does what it needs to do within your means and move on. I’ve been doing great without either but I won’t trash on product a free market has made profitable just because it’s taken a luxury item angle.

      • FourString

        Yeh I mean the pistols are all made in Germany; ppl rave about DE-marked SIGs as opposed to New Hampshire specimens, so I think a lot of ppl overlook that in the price

        Plus H&K’s aren’t that far off from quality affordable 1911’s, so I dunno whas the big deal

    • HKGuns

      I guess your Mother didn’t teach you when you had nothing of pertinent to add, to just keep your trap shut.

      Perhaps, if you’d have stayed in school, learned how to spell, punctuate and form complete sentences, you would have a job that paid you well enough to afford HK products and you wouldn’t be so miserable?

      • HKGuns

        ^Pertinence^ Before I take the beating I am due.

      • FourString

        That was harsh but on point lol

  • floppyscience

    I’m probably most excited for their striker-fired pistol. With SIG announcing the P320, H&K is the only big boy who’s still not in on the market.

    • P7 😉
      Just giving you a hard time! But seriously, I wish they still made it 🙁

      • floppyscience

        Me too. 🙁 Maybe they’ll surprise us.

      • st4

        I nabbed a VP70 about a year ago. Definitely an odd duck.

      • Chad Hendricks

        Why exactly did H&K stop making the P7?

        • FourString

          From what I gather, they were expensive to produce (and expensive for the customer to boot), something inherent with the somewhat exotic design, something like $700 or $800 new even in the 1980’s. That’s quite a bit more expensive than what an H&K USP or P30 costs today, after conversion from ~1980 to 2013 dollars.

        • They lost money on every gun sold towards the end.
          Some people may remember this ad:

          • Chad Hendricks

            Thanks The /K/ommando.

    • FourString

      Dude my thoughts exactly. I read that line and was like WHAT 😀

      No wae myan 2kewl

  • 2wheels

    Sign me up for a subcompact P30.

  • hami

    HK confirming the K pistol and G36 semi auto is very good news. Saying 1 to 2 years makes me think that HK is actually realistic about when the guns will hit the market. As opposed to, say, KelTec where i would double whatever they told me about ship dates on something like the new .223 bullpups.

    This isn’t HK’s first rodeo and i bet they know exactly how long it takes for a civilian weapons system to come to fruition.

    Or… and this wouldn’t be a blog comment if it didn’t include some negativity… it will take 2 to 4 years to finally get a hold of these new HKs.

    Also, a $900 target price for that XM8 furniture set and rail is hard to swallow. But i’m damn sure going to swallow it. Thank god i never replaced my SL8’s stock block with a rear fuse.

  • Jason

    Instead of a subcompact P30, how about a COMPACT P30. And whlie we are at it, how about some factory extended magazines for the P30 for folks wanting to use them for IPSC/USPSA.

    • FourString

      standard P30 is about the size of the P2000 & USP Compact, with roughly 3.8″ barrel (too lazy to Google). It’s already by definition a compact. The P30L, on the other hand is the de facto full size/length version.

      Agree on the extended magazines, would help a long way to broaden the H&K platform appeal

      • Rob

        If you’re going by slide length, then yes, the P30 is a compact. If you are going by overall pistol height, then the P30 is not a compact. The P30/P30L are almost exactly the same height as a Glock 17. I’d go by overall height, since grip length affects concealability far more than slide length.

        I’d argue that the P2000 already fits the “compact” role nicely, but I’d still rather have a compact P30 than the P2000.

        • FourString

          Fair enough. Yeah the same goes for FNX and FNS’s I think

        • FourString

          Those pistols look really nice in that lighting. Are they yours? Such awesomeness regardless.

          • Rob


  • ColaBox

    Wow that new G36 is pretty damn nice, but for $1700, may not be worth it. An MP7 in the future would be a hit on the market, but why not .17hmr? That’s what the 4.6 is based off of I believe.

    • Imagine a street price of $1500 or so. I figure SCARs and ACRs are 2k plus, so this isn’t too bad.

      • Weaver

        Maybe after the first year or so. You have to figure the gun shop and distributors will charge higher prices because it’s a newer rifle. Beside its a rifle that shooter have been wanting for a long time. Also what will this do to the conversions that people are trying to sell for $4000+

      • nester7929

        I love the G36, but honestly a 20-year-old design looks quite dated when it has the same price as the ARX, ACR, etc. I might be willing to pay $1500 for a G36C just because I love them so much, but otherwise I’d have a hard time forking over the cash.

        I’m puzzled as to why the MP5 and MP7 aren’t coming our way. There’s much more competition for the G36 than there would be for these two guns, and the demand (especially for an MP5) has always been quite high. Oh well, at least I can get excited over the Sig MPX.

        And when did you graduate from Baylor? I was born in Waco and got all three of my degrees from that school.

        • 2011. I am quite young.

          • nester7929

            Cool. I got my Master’s that year, so we were around at the same time. I was in BYX.

        • Austin Patkos

          i agree, its quite strange that they would bring g36 to market instead of a mp7

        • Frank

          Mp7 probably because the weird caliber. Mp5 rifle probably not because the big cost with all of the stamping machinery vs something like the injection molding equipment for the G36, which is probably a better investment for them to make for their stateside manufacturing. They’re focusing on what will make them more money now.

      • ColaBox

        You’ve got a point, but its also those kinds of prices that have left those rifles in the dust within the civilian market. Im sure HK buyers would drop a grand and a half happily, but for the average shooter with no real allegiance, it just seems a tad steep when other equally good options are available.

        • FourString

          Wha? “left those rifles in the dust within the civilian market”? I thought the SCAR 16s/17s was hella popular and selling like hotcakes mate o.o

    • Austin Patkos

      id rather just see it in 4.6, hell there already selling ammo for it when no one was the gun, im sure we would see alot of companies make the ammo if it were to come to market, but im keeping all my fingers and toes crossed for it

  • Spade

    I don’t get the no civilian mp5. If you can make a K pistol you can make a mp5 pistol.

    • Justin

      I don’t understand this either. Recently I just said screw it and bought a clone. I want to give you money, HK. Why won’t you let me?

      Though I do suppose it’s a good thing. Without question, I’ll be buying that G36 when it’s out. Been in love with that rifle ever since shooting it at Scottsdale Gun Club.

  • Chilly Wicks

    Looks like STANAG/AR-15 mags in the G36C and K pictured. Am I right? Will those be standard now?

    • Yes, It was configured for stanags, but the magwells of a g36 swap in about 30 seconds.

      • FourString

        dang it sounds like H&K is turning a new leaf or something o.o
        listening to civvy customers? say whaaaaa

      • st4

        How about a basic model with the integrated optic? I’m interested in one that mimics the German army model.

  • Mmmtacos

    If a civvy MP5 pistol/rifle is being held back solely by HK then they are dumber than I thought.

    Thank goodness we are finally getting that civvy G36, I can’t wait.

    • José Pulido

      I just hope it’s not some weird super-neutered, eats too much too late at night too often version like they pulled with 416-mr556 or SL-8.

  • st4

    Woo, XM8! That sure brings back memories to all those, “near-future,” type games that featured the XM8 in for realism. And the hilarity of never adopting them in the end. 😛

    • FourString

      Tom Clancy lineup lol.

    • Guest

      XM8: when people thought having an optic molded into your gun was a good idea.

  • Pseudodeus

    I was hoping to hear something about threaded barrels for the P30.

  • Fnh > hk

    Screw hk! I’ll continue to buy fn. you know that company that actually cares about it’s civilian customers. Hk has operations in the us and there’s no reason they can’t release those guns. Other than the 4.6 being armor piercing but fn had no problem making a sporting round. I love my ps90 and will buy a scar over a mr

    • FourString

      Screw HK? I dunno it seems like they’re trying their best to accommodate US import restrictions and getting burned in the 90’s for being so chill

      Considering that, a civilian G36 makes me want to dance and start slipping coins into my piggy bank quite merrily

      • Fnh > hk

        They have operations in the us they can release what ever they want here. They just don’t like civilian gun owners. Plus I’m still paying 80$ for a ump 45 mag that was released 15 years ago. And mp5/40 mags are even mor. Ever try to get help from hk customer service? It’s non existing. Ever call Fnh for customer service? It’s amazing how fast stuff gets done.

        • No, they can’t. Educate yourself. I recently published an article about the cluster that is involved in exporting firearms from Germany. I suggest you read it so you don’t look so ignorant.

          • Fnh > hk

            This is a 100% serious question as you would know more than me. When researching did you find if hk even tried to get the guns approved? If they can get the g36 approved after the sl8 why can’t the ump be released? It seems when they want to release a gun it gets released but when they don’t want to they blame the German gov. And by having operations in the us the import laws almost don’t apply as long as the 922 is covered. Which it can very easily. And I don’t care about there 20$ ar mag. Why am I still paying over 100$ for a mp5/40 magazine that’s over 20 years old?

          • FourString

            Don’t get me wrong, I love FNH (FNS, FNX, PS90, FS2000, SLP, SCAR 16S/17S are all really top notch weapons), but man are you a Scrooge on the subject of H&K hahhaaha >.<

            I can just feel your positivity vibes on this side of the globe :p

          • Fnh > hk

            How am I a Scrooge when I admit to paying over 100$ for a mp5/40 mag. I converted my usc to a ump because I wanted one and I don’t even want to tell you what I paid for my mp5/40. The mp5/40 and ps90 are relatively the same age and p90 mags are less than 30$. Becuase fn wants civilian to own it’s guns. And if the availability and price of guns, replacement parts, and mags isn’t convincing enough try being a regular joe shmoe and call hk and fn for customer service and you will see who is on our side very quickly. They can redesign the mp7 for simunition and make sim ammo which no one will ever buy but they can’t do the same for the largest civilian market in the world?

          • FourString

            Well, it’s a glass half empty perspective you’re looking at H&K from.

            I see these photos of some very sexy equipment and do a little dance (ugh that desert tan finished MP7… and those AR-15 mag adapted modern G36 civilian variants with the newer more ergonomic stocks… just ugh lkadsk;lafsks frothes at mouth / seizures in giddiness). You see these photos and grumble “pah! bah humbug!” xD

            Valid points but I think they’re changing direction, which is a good thing. I understand your frustration. The MP5/40 in that particular caliber seems a bit more esoteric than the widely accepted P90 though. To be fair, their more common firearms have (relatively) cheaper magazines: i.e. H&K USP magazines range from about $20 to $35 street price at the best places online (not sure about brick and mortar).

          • FourString

            I do wish that their Jet Funnel 18 round frosted/translucent polymer 9mm extended magazines were closer toward the $35 mark of Glock’s 33 round magazines, though (they’re currently closer toward $60 a pop).

          • Mike

            German law forbids the sale of military weapons to civilians, in order to get civ versions of their weapons they have to redesign them to not have interchangeable parts that can make them evil, scary military weapons.

        • FourString

          Have you heard of the $19.99 MSRP translucent AR-15 magazine made by H&K? Times are a changing man

  • willc

    Cool pics. Wish there were some captions so I knew what I was looking at.

  • FourString

    I read “civilian MP7, may be considered in the future”
    and did a little dance

    That is, like, unheard of. Crazy times we livin’ in man, crazy times

    • José Pulido

      FN watching from the sidelines: “You know H&K’s no good to you. I do so much for you; why wON’T YOU LOVE ME?!”

  • HKGuns

    Very good information and news for HK customers. They’re picking up the pace a bit in the US which is good for everyone.

  • PaulG

    So I’ll ask…wtf is with the sky blue coloured MP-7? The desert tan version I get but is this a purpose built training weapon?

    • Blue is a simmunition gun.

  • Chad Hendricks

    Wait…did I just see an M249 SAW variant???

    • FourString

      Not at all 🙂
      That there is a foine specimen called the new HK121
      Owwwwwt in teh wooooiiiiiilllld
      Aw crikey

    • No, that is an MG4. It is like an m249 except it works.

  • José Pulido

    TL;DR? H&K invests little to nothing in the American commercial market, again.

    >They may consider a civilian MP7 at some point in time, but still no.
    >”Civilian G36″ coming in 2 years.
    >MR556 complete 10″ guns/uppers maybe at some point in time possibly.
    >G28 stock now available, other parts coming soon.

    The end.

    P.S: they’re introducing new handguns or whatever maybe.

    • What would make you happy? You only ever post negative comments about every gun company.

      • José Pulido

        Any sort of investment in the commercial sect would make me happy, rather than just showing up at SHOT to remind people they exist. Most definitely not every gun company. I’ve probably posted negative things about H&K, LMT, probably Colt. I’ve made neutral/questioning comments on a few other companies like DTA or Nemo Arms, probably.

        • You mean like their entire pistol line, civvie G36, new SP89, MR556, MR762, suppressed versions of the 556/762, etc?
          Will it take them releasing the GMG to the public to make you happy?
          They opened up a new factory in Newington, New Hampshire to help with the US market. I consider that an investment.

          • José Pulido

            Speaking bluntly, they haven’t released any handgun there isn’t already a cheaper and completely functional(if not more practical) analog to, so I wouldn’t place much value on that.

            The promise of a civie G36 isn’t worth very much, considering what the SL-8 was, and what the MR556 is.

            Something that isn’t already here, is particularly useful, or competitive, is what I’m getting at. And I was admittedly unawares of the integrally suppressed uppers H&K is promising. They did look interesting; the only thing I’m aware of that’s coming in close to the same area is DD’s offering. I guess it’s yet to be shown whether they’ll make much use of the new facility, or whether it’ll just be a new place for them to piece together unlined barrels and weird bolt carriers.

          • You mean like the VP70, P7, and P9? When they were released they were all revolutionary.

          • José Pulido

            They’d be pretty fine and dandy if they kept them available over the years til now, I know if anything I’d definitely be interested in a delayed blowback handgun. Today they don’t list them on their American or international sites.

          • People want traditional browning style short recoil operated guns nowadays. However, Korth is releasing the PRS roller delayed handgun soon. Worth a look. I ran some rounds through one and it was excellent.

  • Mark

    Anyone else really like the look of that baby-poo MP7???

  • xiaoping

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  • xiaoping

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