Innovative GunFighter Solutions M&P Shield

IGFS shield

While at the Viridian booth, I had a chance to take a look at the slide work done by Innovative GunFighter Solutions (IGFS).  IGFS added serrations to the slide of the M&P Shield that Viridian was using to demonstrate the new laser unit for that gun.

IGFS pistol

The IGFS serrations were very aggressive, but in one direction only.  If you grasped the gun to work the slide, the serrations worked very well to give the hand solid purchase on the slide.  However, the same serrations would not catch on the holster or clothes when being drawn.

IGFS does additional work such as stippling and refinishing.  They can be found at


Richard Johnson

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  • Drapetomanius

    I don’t need serrations for my shield. What I need is a damned light. Not a laser, not stippling. A light. My kingdom for a light.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Viridian does their C5L (gr laser + light) which is the universal version of this module, and they do a CTL which is just a light. So I would bet they eventually offer a light only version for the Shield. I agree, want.

    • How big’s your kingdom? Viridian will be selling the RTL instant-on white light for the S&W Shield in a few weeks. MSRP will be $119.

  • FourString

    The serrations do seem pretty innovative, and they look really well done/cool to boot. Nice.

  • gunslinger

    looks nice, and if they help with grip, the ok.

  • Dragonheart

    I guess I just don’t see the need. The Shield is a small carry gun and the OEM parts work just fine. A good green laser could be a plus though. Good article anyway.

  • petru sova

    Now that the slide is modified, all they have to do is replace the junk plasticky frame.

  • hkryan

    Seems like they’d wear out your holster…