Devil Dog Arms – New .308 Semi-Auto DDA-10B – The Cerberus

Devil Dog Arms Cerberus 308 NiB-X coated

So perhaps the average guy may not want a rifle that is not black. He especially may not one that is a silvery metallic. But I do! If you have not seen the coating called NiB-X you should check it out. A nickel boron coating provides an exceptionally durable and smooth surface finish. It is different. It stands out from the crowd of black rifles on the rack or at a competition. It is metallic, it is silver in color. It is almost a pewter color. Imagine that coating on a 3D billet lower and upper. Throw a Geissele Super 3 Gun trigger, a Black Hole Weaponry polygonal barrel and you have a

Holding the black version of the Devil Dog Arms DDA-10B rifle in 308

Holding the black version of the Devil Dog Arms DDA-10B rifle in 308

DDA-10B .308 Cerberus Precision Rifle Package from Devil Dog Arms. Devil Dog is based out of Lake Zurich, IL and has made a screaming entrance in to the AR market the last few years. The .308 semi-auto is the most recent addition to their line.

The DDA-10B weighs about 11 pounds and can be ordered in your barrel length choice. The stock on this particular model was a Magpul PRS model. The tri-comp precision brake, NiB-X coated bolt, ambi-selector and handguard are all by Devil Dog Arms. One of the benefits of writing reviews for TheFirearmblog is the opportunity to find these great companies and their products at Shot Show. With that comes a future opportunity to actually take the product home and test it out. Seeing it on the showroom floor is one thing but actually putting rounds down range through it is another. I will have the opportunity to do so very soon. Check back for a more detailed review.

Anette Wachter –

Anette Wachter

From Seattle, WA, Anette is a Member of US National Rifle Team, 3 NRA national records 300 yards, 2014 – 3 National Team Palma Championships.
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  • NotoriousAPP

    This is not so different from what WMD has been offering on their Beast AR15 for some time now. The one thing these manufacturers are missing is the cerakoting of the stock, grip, etc. with a color to match the NiB on the metal parts. Do that and damn, you got your pimp gun.

  • nester7929

    I don’t like the way they look, but nickle boron cleans up so easily that it’s almost worth it.

  • iksnilol

    “Its chrome because that’s how I roll.”

    -Everybody at some point who purcgases this gun.

    • gunslinger

      puts spinners on it, then maybe either some flames or neon….then hydrolics.

      yo dawg i heard you like…

  • Blake

    “NiB-X” sounds a lot like a Black Sabbath reference to me…

  • mr smith

    Just curious if writer ever built a rifle with blackhole weaponry barrel. 2out of 4 had bad chambers. 1 I accept as a mistake, 2 is a problem

  • guest

    Sad to see that every 4 our of 5 “new” items unveiled is either a rehash of what the same company was making, only slightly modified but “new and better”, or some no-name company making a “stunning appearance” by producing something that is already abundant on the market, plus a few special “features” that only that company makes but which don’t mean a goddamn thing except aesthetics.
    Same with handguns too.

    How about some innovation? How about making something different? Say some a-la AEK dynamic balancing system, or a better GI system, or say a good 9mm carbine with helical mags or something. Not specifically these features it can be anything as long as it is really different and competitive. The market is flooded with AR and Glock clones as it is, I just don’t see a valid reason why a gazillion companies should copy mainly these two designs and not have the guts to make something really different. I swear every other article not just here but almost on any gun site is either about a “new” AR from company X, or yet another 1911 with MSRP not below 1000$ (oh lord…) or some random company (just chose one, you won’t even miss!) making yet another Glock ripoff.

    I guess in that sense the only company that is daring and actually making something original is Kel Tec and maybe a few others.

  • PatrickHenry1789

    The heck with rifle, the author is much better looking!

  • Joe Blow

    Which style of magazine dose the rifle use?

  • BSbuster

    The CEO of the company Joe Lucania, is a pathological liar. Claims to be a former USMC scout sniper. I know for a fact he was never even a Marine. He’s lied his way through other companies that he’s run into the ground.