Bondhus Arms CL380

Bondhus Arms showed off their new CL380 fold-up pocket pistol at the 2014 SHOT Show. The CL380 has two barrels and is chambered in .380ACP and also features a built-in laser between the two barrels. Bondhus claims their CL380 is the smallest and most accurate multi-shot .380 pocket pistol, they’re expected to hit the market summer of 2014 and retail for $795. Check out for more info.



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  • Clint Notestine

    buy a real gun

  • West

    This is a joke, right?

    • floppyscience

      A brand new design made out of (what appears to be) solid steel with two barrels and a built-in laser? Yeah, I can see where the $800 came from.

      • bbmg

        This. Most people who have never attempted to design, prototype, test and manufacture something have no idea how expensive it can be, especially if you do not produce in quantity.

        • tim.m

          truth. allot of people forget that the 399.99 price tag was originally several thousand to cover the R&D costs. if you are doing stuff on a big scale thats no big deal since you spread that cost out and pretty much make it back after 2 shipments if not 1. but a small shop producing a product that may very well flop needs to try to recoup that loss

        • EmmyP

          The amount spent on R&D, design, and production may be a factor in how much a company would LIKE to charge for a product, but the market price is based on what it’s worth to the next customer who wants one. I don’t see them flying off the shelves. Higher price and less capability than almost every other manufacturer.

      • West

        This thing is probably accurate out to maybe three feet so can someone explain the need for a laser?

        • BryanS

          Perhaps it is more accurate than your assumption?

        • floppyscience

          It’s a fixed barrel design so mechanically it should be more accurate than most .380 automatics.

          Do you know what a laser is for? Close range target acquisition. If a laser was ever needed on a defensive pistol it’s on this thing.

          • Anonymoose

            Most .380 automatics are fixed barrel designs.

          • floppyscience

            Mostly older ones. Almost all modern .380 compact pistols are recoil-operated. Look at the P3AT and all its clones (Ruger LCP, Taurus TCP, S&W Bodyguard, etc), the Colt Mustang and SIG P238, the Beretta Pico, the Glock 42, etc.

        • set

          How else would you am it?

  • Vhyrus

    Still better than the doubletap.

    • Leigh Rich

      I don’t agree Vhyrus. My DT is 45ACP easy to load and DAO. AND onlu $500.

  • FourString

    why does this thing look so sinister… like assassination status ._.

    makes a normal pistol look almost cuddly o.o”

    • gunslinger

      this…or something from a chiropractor’s office

  • Stuart Ben Smith

    Something else to make the firearms laws in countries that do not allow guns, easy to conceal, hide, smuggle, walk up to an armed policeman use it get the cops gun, revolution in progress.

    • 11b


    • FourString

      mate, i’m pretty sure that armed policeman probably has kids, a wife, and a dog. for feck’s sake laddie!

      • bbmg

        … as did Bin Ladin. How does that change anything? Am I more disposable if I chose not to breed?

        • FourString

          erm … Lassie and little Timmy would be sad?

      • Anonymoose

        I think he’s speaking theoretically. This thing could be kind of like a modern Liberator or Deer Gun, or one of those old Soviet derringers (except those were silenced and supposedly made it look like the victim was shot with a 7.62×39 from fairly long range).

        • FourString

          yeh the liberator def came to mind when i read his post, but the phrasing def could hav been better heh

          • Leigh Rich

            A Liberator copy has been on the market for years. They are kind big for a single shot pistol. Copies $700 and originals well over $1000.

          • FourString

            That’s a lot of cash, for someone like me more interested in utility than collectorship! o.o

          • Leigh Rich

            Well than if you can’t buy one than. Maybee Obama will give you a grant?

          • FourString

            wait wha? am i missing something here lol?

          • FourString

            utility like getting a concealable repeater instead hah, not cash utility lol

    • wetcorps

      Well, it still counts as a gun so if you can’t own guns, you can’t own this thing. And even if you can… Do you have an idea how annoying it is to import a single scope screw from the US?

  • Andrew

    Cigarette pack = perfect holster for this

  • al

    Yes, if this is not required to be classified as AOW, I will buy one. Just because…

  • Lance

    Looks painful to shoot.

  • ColaBox

    I think ill wait on the Zip for my odd pocket guns. Curious as to how it works though.

  • Fred Johnson

    Totally a super cool techno-nerd spy gun. Apple ought to buy the rights to it and call it the iGun. Imagine the upgrades every 6 months from Apple on this.


    • CharlieKilo

      Or Microsoft can buy it and upgrade it every week! Compact Edition Gun 2014 SP1.

  • ArcRoyale

    Looks like leftovers from the cold war.

  • guest

    I thought Bondhus only made hand tools. Maybe they should stick to doing just that.

    • guest

      I happen to think its a great idea. Especially for females, it can fit easily into a purse and is not as intimidating as a regular gun.

    • wetcorps

      Guns are tools 🙂

  • Bondhus Arms

    It’s nice to see the interest in our new hand gun, good bad or indifferent. We will try to answer as many of these questions and concerns on our web site in the weeks to come with pictures, videos and information.

    • Andrew

      video of it in action please

    • Cymond

      Yes, video please, especially an explanation/walk through of it’s operation. This is one of the most unusual designs I’ve ever seen. It doesn’t even look like a pistol at first glance. Something about the machining reminds me of my old Kodak Retina IIa.

  • JT

    Will this be an AOW? It’s obviously a gun, but if I saw that thing on a table, I would think it was a…paperweight? portable electronic thing? cigarette lighter? IDK. It’s very “non-gunlike”

    • gunslinger

      i’m not sure.

      but i’m guessing they’ve had talks with the Feds to clear it.

      • Leigh Rich

        I am sure. As is the Braverman pen gun, Downsizer and even a Chicago palm guns.

    • Leigh Rich

      Not an AOW

    • Arne Boberg

      To me it looks like an AOW. I do not see a short stock that goes at an angle below the bore axis, unless you count the folding flaps in front of the fingers as a stock – but you are not grabbing on to those at all. I would double-check with the ATF before going any further with this.

  • guest

    “Preparing for launch of the most revolutionary conceal carry gun in 100 years!”
    OMG, 100 years of progress, the result, I’m gonna kill myself…

  • Nicole

    This gun is a revolutionary idea for women’s protection. I can finally say goodbye to trying to cram my Ruger SR9 into my girlie jean pocket when walking through town late at night.

  • Leigh Rich

    I’d buy the derringer for my collection. $800 kinda steep however. Interesting. We will see if it ever hits the market!!
    I own about every derringer made including a Pen gun, Semmerling, and a Downsizer, So right up my alley. Haters don’t have to approve.

  • Bondhus Arms

    Here’s a video that shows a little more of the gun. And I’ll say right now I’m not a big fan of this video, I look and sound a little punch drunk from doing the shot show. Also I’d like to add that this gun isn’t 100% done, it was a mad rush to get something ready for the show for the last four day. This is our 4th generation of the gun and as it’s 100% we’ll get some video of it being shot and show more info about accuracy and stuff.

    • Leigh Rich

      Amazingly engineered derringer. It is definitely on my bucket list as soon as it hits the market!!! Worth the cost in my eyes.
      Thanks for the video.

  • Ahr69

    Is there a list of resellers to get on for the June 2014 release to purchase this rare and collectablle fireman? If so, please email me with the detials to be among the first for the cl380.