BCM Magnesium KeyMod Handguard

Offered as the KMR, this is Bravo Company’s new KeyMod handguard. Made of magnesium and aluminum, this alloy is substantially lighter than a standard 6061 aluminum handguard while retaining the strength. From personal experience I can only relate the weight to basic polymer and some of the carbon fiber handguards, but without the worries of flex and fragility.

The handguards are expected very soon but will initially be offered only on uppers, with individual sales to follow.


Note the two different types (angled at top and single row above) of clip-on slot protectors shown, these improve the purchase of physical contact to the tube with a semi-agressive texture. These snap into the KeyMod slots.


Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • An Interested Person

    Very neat, it`s nice to see some deviation towards newer and better materials.

  • Squirreltakular

    Any info on mow much Magnesium is in these? I imagine it can’t be too high a percentage.

    • gunslinger

      be careful if you get too hot, poof!

  • northor

    didn’t we learn from the soviets that magnesium in weapons is a bad idea?

  • Splodge

    Just to point out to those concerned about magnesium – it’s actually an alloy, the main components being magnesium and aluminium. These alloys are very light, very strong, and have been used for years. Magnesium alloy doesn’t burn unless above a very high percentage, and even then If the gun gets hot enough to light it you’re no longer in a position care anyway!

  • J

    Aluminum alloys can and do burn as well. A magnesium alloy will glow, melt, then puddle before it begins to melt.

    BCM apparently took advice from an FAA technical paper regarding the use of magnesium in aircraft parts. Remember that many aircraft engines contain magnesium alloy parts. Only elemental, unalloyed, magnesium is easy to light and similar ignition can occur with other metals (titanium included).

    • J

      *before it begins to burn. (not melt)

  • José Pulido

    I’m still more curious about the possibility of magnesium alloy lowers, rather than handguards. I just can’t trust what I assume is extruded and very thin if it’s not at least aluminum.

  • Andy Leach

    They aren’t going to be fully releasing these?

    So they’re still going to essentially be vaporware for another year at least, by which time at least two other companies will have a comparable product on the market.

    Way to innovate and STILL shoot yourself in the dick, BCM….