Magpul Releases AK Mags and 10rd .308 Mags

Magpul has released the long awaited polymer AK/AKM 30rd magazines at SHOT this year.  On hand was several AK’s on their wall sporting the new magazine.  According to their reps, the magazines have not yet been shipped to distributors, and speaking with RSR, they have yet to get anything from Magpul and still don’t even have a entry in their database for the magazines for dealers to inquire about.  Many people I overheard were asking the same question, and getting the answer they would be shipping by the end of SHOT.  For those AK lovers out there, stay patient for another day or so and you should be able to order them from all of the major dealers out there.


Also released at SHOT was the 10rd .308 Pmag.  For states with magazine capacity restrictions, they are also going to be nice for the semi-auto precision rifle crowd to keep the 20rd magazines from being too tall for prone shooting from a bipod.  The 10rd .308 magazines are now shipping to dealers.  Also mentioned, but not seen at SHOT was the 25rd .308 Pmags, still only slated for “Early 2014.” So stay tuned for more on the 25rd magazines.


  • gunslinger

    40 round ak mags?

    • FourString

      sounds like that would be a very long magazine but i’m sure other companies make em so all the more d(^_^)b!

  • FourString

    10 rounder .308 for restricted states, in addition to the recent .223 PMag10’s? I’m liking Magpul even more and more. Now that’s a smart cookie. More firearm manufacturers def should take note—huge swath of market there, no joke

    • Michel_T

      Yup, got to love Magpul!
      – They moved to a gun-friendly state
      – They make some great (and affordable) products… that people want to buy!

      Now, wonder if there’s be a market for Magpul to make some Accuracy International magazines in 308 and 223?… I could always use a few more…

      • FourString

        Unlike a lot of other companies within the firearm industry, they seem to be doing EVERYTHING right, business sense wise. It’s absolutely nuts how well they’ve nailed each business decision down. Moving to a gun-friendly state WHILE producing restricted state capacity magazines? That’s just some deft manoeuvring in my opinion!

  • Jeremy Star

    Oh, man. I am leaving NY just in time! PMags for my AK and Sig rifles! Whee!

  • schizuki

    Mini-14 owners must be grinding their teeth down to the gums.

  • Michael

    Our LGS had one delivery of 40 round mags, missed out, still waiting for the second delivery.
    Can Magpul make some Glock magazines?

    • Max

      Why would you want Magpul to make Glock mags? It is my opinion that factory Glock mags are the best modern pistol magson the market.