Killer Innovations Muzzle Brake and Scope Rings

Used with permission from

Used with permission from

Killer Innovations is a new company, based out of Tumwater, WA that is beginning to make their own line of products for the firearm market.  Their first two products released were a muzzle brake that they are making in both .308 and .223 and scope rings in 30mm and 34mm.  I had the opportunity to meet them and talk with them about the products they are producing.


Having been able to meet with the owners, and get hands on their products I was amazed at the workmanship and quality that went into their products.  Their muzzle brakes are made to push gasses up and out, but are also designed to completely eliminate dust printing when firing.  Having fired their 308 brake on a Savage 308 and compared it to my JP brake, I can say that the Killer Innovations brake performed just as well as the JP brake in terms of eliminating recoil, and muzzle flip.  The push from the rifle was straight back, meaning that I was still able to watch the splash, even at 100yds.  On further shots, the shooter would be able to see their own vapor trail, and be able to call their own corrections if needed.


The other product that they are currently making is matched scope rings.  Currently they are making their rings in 30mm and 34mm, and they are being marketed to the precision rifle shooters who tend to stay with the larger scope tubes. As of this writing there were no plans to produce 1” rings.  Their rings are made much like many of the high end, precision rings where both are machined from the same billet, and once cut stay together through the entire process of manufacturing.  This means that you will not have to lap the rings, and that will not end up with rings that may not precisely match up once installed.  They ring caps also contain a pin that aids in alignment with the ring base, but also is set at a length that will prevent over tightening the rings and crushing your scope tube.


Used with permission from

This is a brand new company on the market, but they do have experience in the firearms industry manufacturing products.  Having seen the two products they currently have in production definitely makes me want to see more innovation and products produced by them.  This is a company that is going about making a killer product, the right way and keeping the cost down for the consumer.

Current cost is $49.99 for muzzle brakes and $144.95 for scope rings and they are only available directly through Killer Innovations.

If you want to find out more about Killer Innovations, you can find their website and store at


  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    That is one ominous muzzle brake. It looks like something a Cenobite has in his/her living room.

    • Yeah I was pretty impressed with that picture… Having shot the brake, its a pretty amazing brake on a .308 and is definitely effective!

  • Tuesday

    I have one of the .308 brakes on one my precision rifles. The machining is incredible and I don’t know how they can afford to sell them for 50 bucks with the amount of machine time needed to produce one. It works exactly as advertised and I don’t think there is a better brake for the money. Only complaint I have is that it changed the barrel harmonics enough I needed/lost a mil of elevation to re-zero the weapon.No affect on accuracy once re-zeroed and all my DOPE remained the same but I will be dialing and holding at a grand now as opposed to just dialing prior to the brake install. Which is no big deal considering what the brake adds to the gun.

  • gunslinger

    always sort of laughed at .223 muzzle brakes.

    but i guess if it gives .0001% improvement, for some that is required.

    • I use their brake on my hunting rifle, and it actually makes a pretty big difference. It means I can make a very fast, accurate follow up shot, watch my hits and make clean kills.

      • gunslinger

        fair enough, but a single shot .270 (or larger) compared to a semi auto ar15, two different things.

        unless you live in a place where you can hunt with an ar. i dont

        • Well that goes without saying… A 270 is a different beast as far as the purpose for a brake. A brake on something like that is to take the recoil for you. A brake on an AR is designed to help keep the muzzle down and help with a rapid follow up. I can’t hunt deer with an AR but I hunt a lot of coyotes and while I don’t need a brake, it’s nice to have one and has increased my second shot effectiveness.

          • gunslinger

            ok. same page here now. I was just thinking deer and larger. but in the case of coyote where you may either take a follow up shot, or aquire another target then ok.

            where i used to live, yes you could use an AR to hunt a deer (why?) where i’m at now, not so much.


  • deltta

    I think the advantage of a .223 piloted brake is that it can be opened up for .243 .260 and .284 and not have the excessive baffle clearance you would have with a .308 based brake