GSG STG-44 Variant Finishes

GSG STG-44 Variant Finishes at ATI

GSG STG-44 Variant Finishes at ATI

Black guns became desert tan, and then tan became OD green. OD green became neon zombie green. Now it seems that metallic and/or aged-looking finishes are a growing trend. Though custom colors have long been popular with gun owners, demand for more options is leading to additional choices from manufacturers and to a wider range of aftermarket products for customizing firearms aesthetics.

At the American Tactical Imports booth, I noticed these STG-44s by German Sports Guns in non-standard colors. I asked the rep about them, and he explained that these are samples of “potential” finishes for the .22LR re-creation of the world’s first assault rifle. He also mentioned the possibility of custom color finishes for a specific company or organization. So while these variant colors are not available today, we may see them or others in the future if there is enough interest.

But, please, no pink.

Shelby Murdoc

Murdoc is a freelancer who writes at various publications and web sites including Shooting Sports Retailer and


  • zem

    I read before I looked and the part where you said aged metal looks are becoming the trend I was like huh then o saw the green one on the bottom of the rack and said yeah that is sweet

  • P161911

    Still no 7.62X 39 version.


      agree….I’m waiting for them to make one in this caliber. someone needs to send the company’s president an email…..

      • Wheellock

        If they made it in 7.62×39 it wouldn’t pass import restrictions so until they expand to the point where they can manufacture in the USA we’re out of luck.

  • ColaBox

    The lighting in the picture kinda makes them look like plastic toys. But only .22LR? Id hope for at least a 7.62×39 variant.

  • Tim U

    Middle one looks almost Steampunk-ish.

    That bottom one looks kind of interesting though. I would love to see a 7.62×39 Stg44 clone though. I’m saving my Stg purchases until it shows up, since there are plenty of .22 LR firearms I can better afford than one of these.

    • gunslinger

      needs more tubes/valves to be steampunkish.

  • schizuki

    A historic arm with an ahistorical finish? Odd.

  • 2wheels

    Come on, it’s a historical .22LR replica… Does it really need a tacticool paintjob?

    Might as well slap a bunch of rails on it while you’re at it!

    • wetcorps

      Careful, they might hear you…

    • gunslinger

      don’t forget the fake suppressor!

  • LCON

    Just in time for (the Arab) Spring… The GSG STG-44 in gold. Perfect for the Third World warlord/ Drug lord/ dictator who has his nation by the bauls

  • Edgar

    The tan sucks looks more like a Gold finish.

  • gunslinger

    why do i think of cheap green army men when i see this?