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  • st4

    +1 for nabbing a snap of R. Lee Ermy! “Maggot!”

    • gunslinger

      indeed. Loved Mail Call when it was on History.

      • Michael

        Now that is a show that need to bring back

    • vereceleritas

      I went to the NRA Convention last year in Houston and R. Lee Ermy was the star of the Glock booth. Not the beautiful ladies on the shooting team, not even the pistols themselves. The line to meet Gunny wrapped half way around their sizable section of the convention center. He didn’t just manufacture autographs and pose for photos either. He actually took the time to talk with people.

      • Phil Hsueh

        He seems to be everywhere these days, a couple of years ago I saw him at Bass Pro Shops signing for SOG and then last year I saw him at a motorcycle show signing at the Triumph booth along with Kerri Kasem. The line at the Triumph booth was pretty long and I think that the majority of the people in the line were there for The Gunny and not Kerri Kasem.

  • FourString

    Whoa. What with that narrower slide, I would much rather have the Glock 41 than the 21 now. Looks a bit more streamlined/natural for a .45 ACP pistol

  • I would like t know WHY they don’t offer one with a manual safety, they make them with a thumb safety for foreign govts that demand one, so the tooling is there to make them, why not offer it as an option?

    • Aaron E

      It’s because the original Glock design has 3-integrated safeties and was specifically designed without an external safety to meet the Austrian military specifications for a new pistol. It worked, and won them the contract. It has continued to work with great success.

      BTW, which foreign governments are you talking about with a manual safety? I just recertified through the Glock Armorer course in December, and the only Glock mentioned with an external control was the Glock 18 with the select fire option.

  • Lord Humongous

    Should have been a single stack 9mm.

    • Nicks87

      +1000 for the avatar! I love all the Mad Max movies.

  • Lt. Donn

    No wonder the Gunny is smiling…the guy to his 9’oclock is pointing a blue-gun at him!…Dude! watch that muzzle!