Faxon ARAK-21

Faxon ARAK-21

Faxon Firearms is showing the new ARAK-21 uppers at the 2014 SHOT Show in Las Vegas.  The units are piston AR uppers designed to be used with any milspec lower.  The ARAK-21 has a folding charging handle (non-reciprocating) that can be user-located on the right or left side of the gun.

Faxon ARAK-21

The ARAK-21 is available in 5.56 NATO and .300 BLK.  The units are designed to swap barrels and calibers very easily.  Current barrel lengths are 12.5″, 16″ and 20″.

Due to the design of the Faxon 21, no buffer tube is needed, so you can have a very short pistol AR or a carbine-style AR with a folding buttstock.  Faxon had examples of each on hand.  My favorite of the bunch was the .300 BLK with a 20″ barrel.  That would make a sweet hog gun.

Faxon ARAK-21

The Faxon rep advised the company would be making lowers later in the year.  Make sure you check out Steve’s article for more information on these uppers.

Richard Johnson

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  • mechamaster

    Wow, It’s like Bofors AK-5 mated with SCAR upper, mixed with AR lower receiver. A good idea and I think the designer can create other upper receiver based on other popular rifle like SIG 556, or ARX-160 style upper ( but it will lose the bolt catch function ). But overall, nice alternative gas piston AR upper receiver.

  • TangledThorns

    I plan to buy one, eventually, for a SBR platform.

  • David

    I really like the long stroke piston design as well as everything else. My only qualm is the proprietary bolt. I noticed the locking lugs are rounded like the KAC SR-15 line. Perhaps it increases reliability. If that’s the case, I like it, If they went with an AK style bolt like the FNC/AK5/SIG550/Galil/XCR then that’d be cool, too.

    This, to me at least, is how Robinson Armament should have done their product line 8 years ago. Start off with this upper that can go on any AR-15 lower, then come out with their own ambi-lower like their current XCR lower some time later. Faxon is on the right track IMO. The way the barrel locks into place looks better than the XCR, too.

    • FourString

      this is what i want for my first AR build. time to save up :3

  • lol. they made an acr upper that works on ar lowers. fantastic.

  • FourString

    Mate, I really want this in .300 BLK. Good to see that they’ve updated the features and design!

    Wouldn’t mind one in the tan-red finish all the way in the corner. That is just unique.

    • 1911a145acp

      Ranier Arms had the complete sets- 5.56mm upper and swappable 300 BLK barrels in stock recently. Price seemed reasonable.

      • FourString

        It seems almost every manufacturer of relevance is doing multibarrels. I found out a few weeks ago that the ARAK-21 is offered in a package deal with the 5.56x45mm and .300BLK barrels together!

        • 1911a145acp

          FourString! Is that you old buddy? Still no gang activity in LaJolla I see…. 😉

          • FourString

            *dons Scottish brogue* Yeh must hav meh confused with a different FourString 😀

            nah just rich white milfs up in the hills and azn collegegirls down in sun god land unfortunately :/

            not much opportunity fer gunfighting 🙁 boo

  • redman

    Phase 2: make a lower that accepts the ACR folding stock

    • noob

      phase 3: profit!

      phase 4: make a bullpup lower that has a tavor style trigger linkage that pulls rather than pushes the release sear.

  • Brian Fulmer

    What would be the benefit of a 20″ tube on a 300 Blk? I’m building a 16″ upper on a carbine gas system specifically because it is done burning in 11″ of barrel. Not to dissuade you, but I am curious about the reasoning.

    • The 20″ is for hunting. At least that’s what Bob Faxon told me this afternoon

      • Brian Fulmer

        Huh. I was just planning on building an AR shorter/handier than my Mini-30 with essentially the same ballistics, specifically for hunting. The performance of Barnes bullets has sold me on lighter calibers for pigs/deer and crawling in and out of a CJ-7 gets old with a long gun. I look forward to your review!

        • 1911a145acp

          My shooting buddy is loading the Barnes TSX 110 grn .308 diameter in his 16 inch 300 BLK- gets 2350 fps w/ warm loads- kills deer and hogs in SOWEGA like lightning. He recently dropped a 250 lbs buck at a lasered 111 yards with a frontal chest shot. Deer went over like axed and bullet went 20 plus inches to offside rear ham.Another fellow loads same bullet in Mini 30 in 7.63x39mm- not too accurate but kills hogs up close like a hammer. 10 inch barrel to 16 in barrel is plenty for light weight supersonic premium Barnes, Nosler and Ballistic tip type bullets. IMO

  • Derek

    Nothing convinces me more to buy a gun, than putting chinese optics on them

    • 1911a145acp

      Hmmm…. is that a LEAPERS! optic!!!?