ERGO “J” Frame Grip

Ok before anybody comments and tells me this ERGO grip is ugly I already know that. The thing is the owner of ERGO was tired of grips that made the “J” frame point down, point up but never seemed to point straight.

Clint (the owner) sat down and made a few prototypes until he found the one that would work. He did a very good job because I spent several minutes drawing from a holster and drawing fast which is a good way to end up with the barrel pointed high many times. No matter what I did when the revolver came up to eye level it was aiming straight as an arrow every time.


This is one of those products that doesn’t look good but the form sure makes it function great! The best part is the cost is only $19.95. They’ll be coming out soon and they intend to expand the line to fit Taurus and other brands of small revolvers.


Phil White

Retired police officer with 30 years of service. Firearms instructor and SRU team member. I still instruct with local agencies. My daily carry pistol is the tried and true 1911. I’m the Associate Editor and moderator at TFB. I really enjoy answering readers questions and comments. We can all learn from each other about our favorite hobby!


  • Giolli Joker

    It might somehow reduce “printing” as well…
    My only concern is that the angle between hand and trigger is designed for the standard grip, looking at these photos it looks like the trigger finger has to operate in a quite uncomfortable way, possibly with limited leverage making the trigger weight seem heavier than it is…
    Well, it should be tried to be sure.

    • I hadn’t thought about that but I can see how a uniform flat surface would conceal better.
      I actually felt no difference in how my finger interacted with the grip when manipulating the trigger. Probably for the same reason as the way it would conceal.

  • james


    • avconsumer2


      • gunslinger


  • Dave

    I just wonder if the apparent reduced volume in the tail of the grip makes the gun harder to control when actually firing. I’d be interested in the results of a live fire trial…

    • They are actually sending me a set to test out. I’ll be sure and report what the results are.

    • What they demonstrated for me was take your hand and grip it. Then look at the way the knuckles line up. It’s an eye opener because the hand is stepped down like the grip.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Very interesting, Phil, and a different approach to gun handling. It will be even more interesting when you get to test it personally. Thanks!

  • Brian Freeman

    for 20.00 I will try it all day

    • Sez Eye

      Absolutely, I’d also be interested to see how this affects the recoil impulse.

  • Fromthesidelines3

    This product has my attention. Not because it makes sense but because it is so outside the box yet so reasonably priced it’s worth a try even if it only partially does what Phil is saying it does. Especially since nearly all revolvers with fixed sights point down for me.

    IMO the firearms industry is in desperate need of more outside thinkers. Too many “Glock guys” or “1911 men” or “X brand/model people” stagnating the industry. I have zero interest in seeing yet another high end exotic caliber AR platform rifle. With over 2000 model/brand combinations out there for AR’s let’s move on to something genuinely innovative.

    (full disclosure, I own and enjoy shooting multiple Glocks, 1911’s, and AR’s)

    • The owner certainly does think outside the box. He’s an older gentlemen and makes all of these prototypes by hand until he gets it right.No machines etc just hand tools. He is one smart man. I really admire him a great deal.

  • avconsumer2

    Interesting. Would love to palm one of these for a test run.

    • I feel pretty confident people will like them if they will disregard the looks and go by the feel.

      • avconsumer2

        Functionality over looks any day! (don’t tell my wife I said that) ;P

  • Fred Johnson

    Interesting concept. I’m looking forward to hearing how the testing goes.

    At first glance it looks like trying to retain grip on essentially a reverse cone could be difficult. Especially if someone was trying to grab the gun from the shooter.

  • It is kind of like the old BearHug Grips “Coyote” model, designed by Wiley Clapp. Mind you, those were wood and had no finger-grooves, but the basic shape is there. Come to think of it, I want to say that the old Fitz Grips “Gunfighter” model played along the same line.

  • wetcorps


    • FourString

      Yaaay my generation! d(^_^)b

    • FourString

      dem 90’s doe.

    • Fred Johnson

      Meta what? Making me look up stuff again.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    I don’t think it’s ugly — just different-looking, that’s all. Besides, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and some things take a little time to grow on you. More importantly, if it works properly as intended, aesthetics will have to take a back seat to real-world practicality and functionality.

  • Andrew R

    This is probably one of the ugliest things I’ve seen. BUT! It seems like the concept is sound. If they make them for an LCR, I’ll definitely pick one up.

  • Brian Fulmer

    My wife’s Model 60 has Pachmayr’s on it, this looks like a VERY interesting alternative. I look forward to a review. As someone else mentioned, $20 is nothing to spend on a grip you may not like, I bet many of us have a “grips” drawer next to our “holsters” drawer….


    do you have a link to the manufacturer?

  • derfelcadarn

    The idea behind firearms is functionality, especially for defensive arms, so when someone first reaction is that it is ugly i dismiss their opinion right away as of little worth. I guess for some there is noyhing like dying with a pretty gun in your hand.

  • Tyson chandler

    I personally like the look of this grip and am eager to try it. If it takes off, imagine one as a Crimson Trace model.
    On another note, …Phil, thanks to you and the rest of the TFB team for all of the great coverage you guys are providing this week at SHOT. I am loving the posts this week and am thankful for the sheer volume of them. (It seems like there are new posts about every time I check my phone!) Thanks again for all the hard work, I’m loving it.

  • Cymond

    Phil, please do let us know how the test/review goes, and considering including a video because I’m having a hard time imagining how this fits in the hand. Also, it seems like it would be hard to hang on during recoil, but maybe it will just drive the cone into your hand more firmly. If it’s the same Ergo Grips that makes the Suregrip AR grips and stippled 1911 grips, then I’m sure it will be a good product.

  • Steve S.

    Ugly as a sack of a$$holes, but I’d bet it works great! I’ve always thought that revolver grips were made bass-ackwards for the human hand.

    I’d definitely buy a set for my 642!!

  • John Dalton

    Go back a few hundred years and you will see pistols with the grip at this very angle. “Everything old is new again”

    I would love to try it though.

  • Horse

    This looks interesting, I’ve been looking at grips for my J-frame. I find the stock grip very uncomfortable to hold, its just too small and I can’t get my middle finger in the groove behind the trigger guard without some pain from my middle finger(mild arthritis). I usually just rest my middle finger under the middle of the trigger guard.

  • Nathan Means

    I just wonder how it will print compared to a standard grip. I mean i usually wear my taurus when i cant carry anything else or when i just want my pistol to dissapear (heavy activity or just somewhere someone might freak out about a gun). I will probably buy one when they make the taurus jump