The Coolest Bi-Pod Ever – EliteIron

Front view of the Elite Iron Revolution Bi-pod

Front view of the Elite Iron Revolution Bi-pod

Front view of the Elite Iron Revolution Bi-pod

I did not think I could ever spend over $700 for a bi-pod. But after I checked out the EliteIron booth and their Revolution Bi-pod I begged to have one sent to me to test out. The bi-pod has a ring that slides over the barrel to the front of the chassis and is mounted in to the chassis. The adjustable legs can be pivoted in any direction and the rifle can swivel smoothly and you do not come off target. You can literally turn this to the side or even upside down. It swivels 360 degrees. The legs can hook on to a surface above you such as a rafter.

The Revolution Bi-pod is made of

Elite Iron Revolution Bi-pod

Elite Iron Revolution Bi-pod

4140 chrome moly steel. I feel this bi-pod would be a show stopper at any precision rifle match I compete at. Its design does help in stability of your shots and allows you to stay on target better. Apparently the mount is positioned lower on the bipod so less “weight over mass” can add more stability. They even had one mounted on a Mcree Precision chassis which is the system I use. It will attache to 1913 milspec rail, spade, or rigid bipod mounts. It is strong enough for a .50 BMG. Check back with me at for an actual test review in the coming weeks. I beleive this bi-pod will give me an advantage out there on the range.

Anette Wachter –

Anette Wachter

From Seattle, WA, Anette is a Member of US National Rifle Team, 3 NRA national records 300 yards, 2014 – 3 National Team Palma Championships.
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  • nester7929

    There’s no way in hell I would pay 700 bucks for that.

  • Edward Franklin

    I’m not really certain the minimal advantages of being able to sit upside down or sideways justifies a nearly 250 dollar jump over something like the LR Accuracy SC2. Especially when the SC2 appears to be far more robust in construction and overall design. It does look interesting so I’ll give it that but the price is absurd for what it is.

  • Anon

    It’s a nice gimmick, but is it worth $700, nope. Nothing that is just a swiveling bipod should be $500+

  • Jeff Smith

    I don’t want to jump the gun (pardon the pun) and call this over-priced, but is there a reasonable explanation for why it costs $700? Can anyone explain why it costs as much as a new Remington 700?

    • BuzzKillington

      It’s built from unobtainium.

      • Jeff Smith

        Haha, it would appear so. I’m a firm believer that you pay for quality. I can understand the difference in price between a $39 Tasco scope and a $800 Leupold scope, but I simply can’t see why a metal bipod would cost $700.

        That being said, I love the design and would love to have one, but…..yikes. My non-existent wife would kill me.

      • gunslinger

        be sure to use your credit card. because if you use a check, you won’t get the points!

  • Simon

    $700 god dam, wouldn’t even cost $80 to make hell its not even worth much more then a ebay bipod.

    • BuzzKillington

      If that cost them $80 to make, then they need to find a new supplier and procurement team because there’s nowhere near $80 worth of material and labor in that thing. They’re likely going for about a 2300% profit margin. Or as Cheaper Than Dirt would say, “That’s a -2300% savings!”

  • zertndo

    Did I miss something? Is there no video showing it going through the paces of all the angles and degrees and showing a 2″ grouping at 500 yards? You would think there would be one to justify the claims instead of just looking at a pretty picture.

  • avconsumer2

    I get the idea, & kudos to the designers… but $700?! Are they manufacturing them in Beverly Hills? Jeezus.

  • Geo

    I’m sure police department will be all over these. Taxpayer will foot the bill.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    That price tag can go to hell.

  • gunslinger

    swivel? do you mean rotate? swivel makes me think side to side rotation. It sounds like this can rotate about the bore axis.

    novelty. i don’t see this for $700

  • NotMe

    They price it that way so you feel like you are getting a deal when they go on sale for $399… LOL

  • DustCovered6

    Wow, needs a bit of proofreading, Ms. Wachter. As to the product itself, it looks like it’s specifically marketed towards .gov clients. They might want to tack another zero onto the price, it’ll make it more palatable to the end consumer.

  • Luke Scholar

    I’d take an Atlas over that thing any day.

  • BuzzKillington

    “I did not think I could ever spend over $700 for a bi-pod. But after I checked out the EliteIron booth and their Revolution Bi-pod I [decided there was no f***ing way I would pay that ridiculous price, so I asked for them to send me a free one to try out].” You didn’t think you could ever spend over $700 for a bi-pod……so you didn’t……is what you’re saying. I don’t think anyone will.