Battlehook Sights – Genius Idea for Glock Sights

Battlehook Sights for Glock. Front sight enclosed fiber optic

Battlehook Sights for Glock. Front sight enclosed fiber optic

Battlehook Sights for Glock. Front sight enclosed fiber optic

Battlehook Sights are solving two issues with this genius idea. The front and rear sights each have a great function. I have fiber optic sights on my competition pistol. I break or lose my fiber optics sights often. The Battlehook Sight distributed by Henning Group will solve that problem. The front sight encloses the fiber optic tube inside its housing if you will. No more breaking or sliding out. But it is the rear sight function that is innovative in a tactical situation.

The rear sight unit is angled about

The Battlehook Sight set

The Battlehook Sight set

10 percent to allow for one-handed slide racking. Say your fingers on one hand get shot off (see Lone Survivor movie). How are you to rack the slide? Slide this sight off your pant pocket or heel of your show or any surface really and off you go. As well the Battlehook extends the blade over the back of the slide for a longer sight radius. I love this feature. The only problem for me is they only make these sights for Glocks at the moment. Which is great! But I don’t shoot a Glock. So I need to convince them to design one for my Tanfoglio and off I go. Either that or I just give in and by a Glock 35.

Anette Wachter –

Anette Wachter

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  • Guy

    So how does the fiber optic get light if it’s enclosed? Will this one be less bright than standard fiber optics

    • floppyscience

      Yeah I was waiting for an explanation of that in the article. I was expecting some sort of breakthrough that allowed an FO sight to be enclosed but still get light.

      • Guest

        My guess is that the front sight has a tritium insert that lights the fiber optic – no external light needed.

        • gunslinger

          if it was in some sort of lexane or clear plastic, sure.

          but it looks like it’s black.

        • BuzzKillington

          Me thinks you does not nose what’s U R tulkin’ aboot.

  • I’ll pass. I think 10-8 fits my bill just as well…

  • iksnilol

    Didn’t the Russians do this with theh TT-33 and the Makarov? Check out the sights on them. They are robust and made for exactly what you described (though they aren’t angled).

  • Fromthesidelines3

    I’m not understanding how this is different from a myriad of other sights that have been on the market for a decade+ such as Truglo’s Brite-Site TFO (Tritium Fiber Optic) models.

    • BuzzKillington

      You and the rest of us.

  • Anonymous

    I can and have already used the standard Trijicon GL01 and HD sights as a slide racking mechanism off of a belt…it’s not difficult at all.

  • TCWriter

    I keep hearing how fragile my Warren/Sevigny fiber optic sights are, but I’ve yet to break the fiber on one, even though it’s on my carry gun (and yes, I can rack the slide off my belt).

    These may be cool sights, but I’m not sure if “Genius” really applies.

  • KR

    Dawson Precision had their “charger” sights, designed for/marketed for the exact same function, on the market 3 years ago. I have them on several of my pistols. So while the idea may be “genius”, it’s not original. Having square edge rear sights does work very well for one handed slide racking. They came in handy when I went to the Rogers school, where one handed reloads w/ tight par times are part of the graduation test.