Action TrackChair: Getting Disabled Hunters Back Out Into The Field

Action TrackChair-1

The Action TrackChair was on display at SHOT Show. It allows wheelchair users go off road into the fields or forests to hunt. Optional accessories include a camouflage finish and a gun rack. Its 24 volt DC 24:1 ratio high torque motor give this 390 lbs machine a max speed of 3-4 mph. The two 12 volt wheelchair batteries have a range of up to 6 miles, depending on a number of factors (weight of operator, temperature, terrain etc.). The base model, without any extra features, costs $15,300.

Action TrackChair-2

Action TrackChair-3


Steve Johnson

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  • Simon

    good on them, rather then trying to push some gimmick or the 1000000th ar-15 for a cheap buck there actually making some thing that will help people. Sure its not cheap but its not a market they would venture in to to make money.

    well done, great product

    • ArcRoyale

      Actually powered chairs are a fairly significant market. Between a growing aging populace and an equally growing group of disabled veterans, I could see a good niche for this product among both hunters and among people who want just to get out in natural places without smooth flat surfaces.

  • M.M.D.C.

    Love it! My dad could use one of these.

  • gunslinger

    suprised this hasn’t been done before.

  • Kurtz

    It’s probably loud enough to scare off every living thing within a mile of it.

    • noob

      if you put a gun on it that can shoot further than the sound of the treads can carry, you’d have a tiny, unarmored tank.

      sort of like a dalek.

      • gunslinger

        Exterminate exterminate