Safety Harbor Firearms Kompact Entry Gun (AOW)

Safety Harbor Firearms manufacture the Kompact Entry Gun (KEG) short barrel pistol-gripped shotguns build upon Mossberg 500 and Remington 870 receivers. Their guns are classed as AOW (All Other Weapons) and so do not carry the hefty $200 stamp required to purchase Short Barreled Shotguns in the USA. An AOW stamp is $5.

KEG12 built on Remington 870

KEG12 built on Remington 870


Because they are classified as AOW, they can only be built using shotguns that originally had pistol grips. Remington only make 12 gauge shotguns with pistol grips, so if you want a Kompact Entry Gun built on a Remington 870 receiver you can only have it in 12 gauge. Mossberg manufactures .410, 20 and 12 gauge shotguns with pistol grips and so all calibers are available on Mossy receivers.

I asked the company who their primary market is, expecting them to say law enforcement, for breaching purposes, but was told that their biggest market was enthusiastic shooters who want something a little different. The shotgun pictured at the top of this post is a .410 chambered KEG with a 2+1 capacity, which must be a really fun plinker.

Steve Johnson

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  • capybara

    Steve, not to pick too many nits, but AOW stands for Any Other Weapon and is an NFA Weapon’s Category. Do these new AOWs somehow differ from the same AOWs Safety Harbor has had on the market for years? They look about the same.

    I own a locally made custom AOW based upon the Remington 870, 12″ barrel and I can vouch that AOWs are not very good HD guns, useless for competition although they are fun to shoot at some clays, just for kicks. They are really just dumb range toys, fun as heck to shoot but not very practical. I love mine.

    • Bubblewhip

      Its for room entry.

  • Zak B

    Ah… Couldn’t you just throw a rifled barrel on the .410 and call it a pistol…?

    Or…. get a Judge…

  • Cymond

    AOWs are the only NFA items available to private individuals in California. Personally, these micro breaching shotguns are the only interesting AOW designs. I’m not particularly interested in 2-gripped pistols, and most of the disguised gun designs are single-shot zip guns (like inside a Maglite).

  • jamezb

    Pardon my French in advance, but this hasn’t been said in a while, and I feel it should be periodically repeated in there forums until they decide to do something about it – not too much to ask in these days of bead-blasting and advanced spray-on firearms finishes.
    Here we go, …and again, please pardon my language – it is for direct emphasis. :
    (Oh, I hope they heard me this time…)

  • guest

    Super Shorty, is that you?

    • SP mclaughlin

      Looks like a Serbu with a weird clamp on the barrel/tube.

  • gunslinger

    does it still take the 6-12 months for AOW approval?

    • capybara

      Mine took 7 months last year but I have heard with the on-line ATF tool, it can only take three months.

  • not surprised

    So first Safety Harbor Firearms rips off Serbu’s rifle and now his Super Shorty too? Classy…