A Reloader’s Dream from Ammo Load Worldwide

Cartridge Loading System by Ammo Load Worldwide SHot Show 2014

Cartridge Loading System by Ammo Load Worldwide SHot Show 2014

Cartridge Loading System by Ammo Load Worldwide SHot Show 2014

I compete in the following 3 different shooting disciplines long Range Bulls-eye, 3 Gun and Tactical Rifle. This requires a ton of ammunition which means I load most of it. The pistol ammo and 223 can be made with a progressive press. But even with that it can take a chunk out of your social life sitting in front of that thing. What I need, okay what I want is the automatic rifle/pistol cartridge loading system by Ammo Load Worldwide. Of course this is something you would find in a professional ammo company’s plant but this machine could fit in my garage too. 3600 rounds per hour. I am in heaven.

.308 Die Set for the Ammo Load System

.308 Die Set for the Ammo Load System

Sizing, primers, powder and bullet seating is done at once in it s assembly line. Spitting out 3600 rounds per hour is more than even I can shoot. If you want to load rifle ammunition you would be looking at the Mark L model. Available in .223/5.56, .243, .270, 30-06, .308/7.62, .300 Win Mag, 300 Blackout, .338 Lapua and .50 Beowolf calibers. Changing the die set is a bit different than on your average press. It is the size of a desk top computer but is one solid piece. You lift the entire thing on to the machine and a few sets of screws later you are loading another caliber. The adjustable powder charge is accurate to 1/10th of one grain. Very acceptable for bulk rounds. This machine actually looks like something that could have been made in the 1950s but talk about fast! Ammo Load is not able to run the machines in the booth of course but I have seen one at work at Tactical Ammunitions in Portland, OR. You can stare mesmerized for hours by the rhythm of each cartridge as it moves down the line and finally dropping in to a bucket. The price does not exactly make it attractive to your average re-loader. The rifle loading system starts at $59,000. Then other parts are a la cart after that. It is for professional use so it isn’t something I can just buy at the drop of a hat. But hey, 3600 rounds per hour! A girl can dream right? Www.ammoload.com

Anette Wachter – www.30calgal.com


Anette Wachter

From Seattle, WA, Anette is a Member of US National Rifle Team, 3 NRA national records 300 yards, 2014 – 3 National Team Palma Championships.
Visit Anette’s website at http://www.30calgal.com


  • WPZ

    This reloader (30k/rnds/yr) dreams of being able to walk into a store and buy components.

  • Simon

    if there was ever a time to bring up 3d metal printing for firearm related stuff its now.
    i wouldn’t put it past some one in the shooting community to design some thing like this and upload it

  • gunslinger

    does it make .22lr?


  • John Double

    What would be nice is a machine that makes brass cases.