Another Perspective: Tac-Con 3MR

One of the popular booths at Media Day was the Tac-Con booth with their 3MR trigger. While Chris posted his review here, I thought I would throw my opinion out as well.

Now I am a seasoned machine gunner, and have all kinds of experience turning money into noise with them so I knew going into this that the 3MR trigger would have to do a lot to dazzle me.


The Tac-Con booth was very cool, and they had some really tricked out ARs on display:


The reps were very friendly and went out of there way to show me how the trigger works too:



The fact that the third selector position is used is quite neat I think.

I was given two magazines and a very nice AR with which to test them on. My goal on the first mag was to see how fast I could manipulate the trigger with my pointer finger:


All in all I would say I pulled off about 450 RPM this way while keeping all my rounds on the steel. The trigger pull is light, at maybe 2.5 pounds or so.

On the second mag I tried to manipulate the trigger with a different hand position:



This yielded much better results, and I would say my RPM was closer to 500-550!

The method of operation is unique. You can feel the trigger being pushed forward into your finger and the pull is about a 16th of an inch to fire the next shot.

As for my thoughts: my rate of fire was good, but I feel that I could have done just as well with any fancy drop in sealed match trigger. However, as Chris said, with practice and more than two magazines I believe I could really make this thing run. I also do not imagine that the learning curve would be too steep. Thus, before I either give the 3MR a big thumbs up, I would really like to get one to review and drop it in one of my own ARs.

Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • DZB

    When I see a video of someone using a reasonably sane hand grip achieving ~700RPM, I’ll spend $500 on a trigger.

    • iksnilol

      Why? 500 RPM is easier to control and won’t empty your mag as fast.

      Unrelated: Do they plan on making an AK version if the AR version becomes popular enough?

      • DZB

        Because 500RPM isn’t as cool. If I want control I go semi.

        • iksnilol

          I must be weird for wanting speed and being able to hit what I am shooting at.

          • José Pulido

            500 RPM is just a thick hair above what practice and a match trigger will get you.

            Short bursts anywhere from 650-850 rpm seems much more useful, and able to fill a spot simple semiauto can’t.

    • Asdf

      And much more than $500 on ammo.

    • Giolli Joker

      Probably Miculek could make such a video… with a rather conventional trigger assembly.

      • SenorCitizen

        Miculek could do 700 RPM with a Nagant Revolver.

  • Squirreltactical

    I can’t imagine ever spending more on a trigger than I spent on my SSA. That being said, I would LOVE to try on of these. Video review maybe?

    • Patrick Mingle

      I think you just nailed it. Cool product but when you start charging more than a proven product like the one from geissele I think you’re going to fall short. However, I do look forward to seeing more information and VIDEOS

  • Talisker

    It works but I kept getting light primer strikes with the Federal XM193 ammo I was using. I was getting 1-3 with every 30 round PMAG or Lancer and got 5-6 with two, 60 round SureFire Mags.

    We burned just over 300 rounds this past Saturday. It took me 1 mag to get the hang of the bump fire trigger. My cousin has no rhythm and never could get it to work. Another buddy figured it out in about three pulls. YMMV. My test gun is a Colt M4 upper with a BattleComp 1.5 permanently attached. It was easy to keep almost all the rounds on the paper at 50 yard on a standard police silhouette target. The BattleComp Helped a lot and in fact would actually push the muzzle down on a long burst.

    In semi the gun was and always has been 100% reliable. I think I’m going to sell the lower and stick with my Geiselle triggers. The safety is lever is huge and awkward too.

  • gunslinger

    as said before
    why drop 500 on this when you can get a slidfire for 300?

  • James

    This thing is a ripoff. It is no different than a match trigger that purposely introduces trigger slap. It is nothing like full auto and you can fire almost as fast with a milspec trigger and faster with a Timney or Giessel. The reps that are shooting are just very practiced at bump firing. Plus the trigger causes hammer follows… you really want that in a rifle you may need to use other than the range one day, no. Save your money and buy a match trigger. If you want to emulate full auto get a bump fire stock. The cycle rates between a bump fire stock and this silly trigger even with someone practiced with it are night and day. I can’t believe how naive people are and how quickly a company can make millions with a gimmick. This will be interesting once the returns start flooding in when people see what they paid $500, lol. I have seen it and you’re buying a mediocre match trigger that has toggle that turns trigger slap on and off, lol (the “third mode”, lmao).

    This is basically the pet rock for guns. You’ll be embarrassed to let people know you bought the thing for $500 in a year, trust me. If it were $100, maybe it would be a novel purchase just because the regular trigger function would be an upgrade at that price, but $500 bahahaha.