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  • LAPD: He Who Dares, Looks Bad-ass.

  • Vhyrus

    Contrast that with modern American police that can’t hit the broad side of a barn and have to fire 15 times to stop 1 person.

    • We grew up with guns todays kids don’ for the most part. We shot a heck of a lot better than officers who came along later.

      • st4

        Cops of the future? LOL.

  • Sadly, everyone once in a while a “Tacticool” shooting school will post a video with people down range in training scenarios even now. I don’t really care how “operator” someone is, standing down range and risking human life for training is silly.

    Cool video though. Was a different time then.

  • JT

    I guess the combat range was the precurson to the El Presedente?

  • Mergeri
  • Mergeri

    See the video:

  • gunslinger

    next up on the darwin awards…

  • BOB

    but, but, but…. they didn’t safety check their firearm 10x for the camera so the internet commandos wouldn’t flame them!

  • WJS

    While it is dangerous and ridiculous, the amount of trust these guys have in each other is remarkable. And that is the shooting team or instructors. I would venture that the run-of-the-mill officers, even at that time, weren’t anywhere near as good.

  • Martin Grønsdal

    sorry mate, bad trigger pull

  • Patrick Mingle

    How could a Sheriffs department endorse smoking like that! Such a bad example for the children. Times really have changed!

    • Ogre

      They looked like sticks of chalk

    • Chase Buchanan

      Actually, I think seeing Officer Deadeye mercilessly terminate cigarettes with extreme prejudice would probably do a lot to discourage smoking. We could make a pretty good anti-tobacco campaign out of this.

  • David Sharpe

    JESUS!!! That one guy almost lost his right ear lobe….

  • FN in MT

    That was certainly a bygone era! I started on the cop job in 1974 on the East Coast. I recall seeing a few such videos at the Academy…shown mostly for entertainment.

    We trained and carried 6 shot .357 mag Smith 19’s. 99% of firing was done with 148 gr wadcutters. The Course of fire started at 60 yds…run to the 50 yd post and fire 18 shots from 3 different barricade positions…then to 25, 15 and 7 yds. IIRC it was a 60 shot course.

    When I left the job 32 years later I was carrying a 13 shot capacity ,SIG 229 in .357 sig.