H&K Grenade Machine Gun: Digital Destruction

If you have read my posts in the past, you know I am a big HK fan, and their booth at shot had me drooling big time. The icing on the cake was a GMG hooked up to a digital interface for training. This allowed us to destroy pixelated trucks with virtual 40mm grenades!

My friend Chris and I had to try it. Here he is engaging enemy jpegs:


And myself:


And of course I took a video to show how neat the interface really is. Of course I think this may be the closest I ever come to firing a fully automatic 40mm firearm:

More on the HK booth incoming!


Alex C.

Alex is a Senior Writer for The Firearm Blog and Director of TFBTV.


  • CrankyFool

    Let me guess: They won’t be selling the GMG to civilians in the US.
    HK: Because you suck, and we hate you.

    (Oh, come on. If I didn’t say it, someone else would have 🙂 )

    • JumpIf NotZero

      … If they DID sell a GMG here it would be gimped with a non-folding stock, it would be limited to a small 10 round ammo can that used only 35.24mm HK proprietary rounds, parts would be unavialable except for one or two places online that would charge $300 for a trigger or $900+ for a bolt/carrier group…

      And it would be hailed as the second coming by the good ol boys at HKPro.

    • Russell_TheRagingBULL

      Probably because they know stupid rednecks will just kill themselves with it and it is a waste of proper German engineering to let you have it.

      Hk: Because your idiots and you’ll mishandle our technology

      • Ten

        I know right? Same reason civilians can’t be trusted magazines that hold more than ten rounds, pistol grips, and barrel shrouds. Because, “the children.”

  • gunslinger

    in the next CoD/Battlefield.

    remember the Xbox game, Steel Batallion? with the huge mech control board?