EOTech Laser Battery Cap for 512/552 Sights

EOTech released their new drop-in Laser Battery Cap for their 512 and 552 optics. It’s operated via a on/off toggle switch and also includes an accessory port for use with a remote pressure switch (which is sold separatly). Their Laser Battery Cap (LBC) simply replaces the cap on the 512/552 and is rated at between 36 and 60 hours of continuous use. It will have a starting MSRP of $285 and will be available in four different configurations.





From the press release

EOTech’s Holographic Weapon Sight technology will now be available commercially with lasers.

EOTech has designed a new drop-in replacement Laser Battery Cap (LBC) that can be used on all 512/552 Holographic Weapon Sights.

The EOTech LBC combines the lightning fast target acquisition of the Holographic Weapon Sight with the versatility of integrated aiming lasers to create an optic capable of excelling in any environment. These battery caps offer a low power red visible and IR laser making them ideal for home defense, CQB and force-on-force training.

The LBC’s operate through the use of an easy on/off toggle switch and come with an accessory port for a remote pressure switch (sold separately). They run on easy to find Lithium AA batteries for between 36 and 60 hours depending on laser type and usage. They are also waterproof to 10ft for up to one hour.
John Bailey Director of Product Development stated, “The 512 and 552 Holographic Weapon Sights have been some of our most successful products. This new Laser Battery Cap (LBC) doubles the aiming capability of the HWS without incurring the added cost of an entirely new sight.”

The new EOTech LBC’s are available in 4 configurations:
LBC: laser battery cap accessory, Visible Red Laser, compatible with all 512/552 models. MSRP: $285.00
LBC2: laser battery cap accessory, Visible & IR Laser, compatible with all 512/552 models. MSRP: $429.00
512.LBC: 512 Holographic Sight with the LBC. MSRP: $729.00
552.LBC: 552 NV compatible Holographic Sight with the LBC2. MSRP: $979.00

LBC -Laser Battery Cap Specifications
Visible Aiming Laser:Output Power: 5mW
Wavelength: 635nm (Nominal)
Class IIIR
IR Aiming Laser:Output Power: 0.7mW
Wavelength: 900nm (Nominal)
Class I
Operating Temperature:-40 to +140 F

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  • erwos

    $285 is stretching the limits of what I’d pay. If it were more like $200 MSRP, street of $150 or so, that would be an easy choice.

    512LBC might be an interesting poor man’s alternative to the Mepro MOR… just without all that pesky tritium, fiber optics, and reliability. 😛

    • gunslinger

      another 300 bucks on a $450 optic…. humm…

      • erwos

        Probably more like $250 street price. Problem is, I’ve got a lot of good options in that price range, and they won’t eat my Eotech’s battery in the bargain. I could see this being an interesting play if you’ve got zero rail space on your handguard, but otherwise kinda meh.

    • José Pulido

      It’ll still cost you less than a DBAL(with optic’s price added) or MOR, if you’re worried about actual cost, rather than value.

      • erwos

        True. Just worries me to use the same batteries as the optic, especially with the 512’s known battery compartment issues.

        • José Pulido

          I just wouldn’t trust an EOTech’s battery at all. I was hoping the Mepro M5 would come to the USA with its battery life shy of a year, while still having a huge objective lense, but they introduced that jokey plinking optic instead.

          • erwos

            The Mepro M5 is in the latest Mako catalog. I want to say it’s like $585 MSRP.

            I am not familiar with this “jokey-plinky” optic you’re referencing. What is it?

          • José Pulido

            I was mistaken, the sight(AQC-1C) is not produced by Meprolight, it is produced by MSE, and imported by Command Arms. This is good news to me, since it means there’s no reason to believe Meprolight won’t be selling the M5 in the union.

            Have you seen it available for sale anywhere? Everywhere I’ve looked it had “NOT FOR SALE IN USA” in the description.

          • erwos

            OpticsPlanet has it listed, but not in stock.

            The delay was supposedly due to further refinement by the factory. I have heard rumors, albeit unsubstantiated, that the M5 had some issues in the Israeli acceptance trials which prompted those refinements.

            Personally, I’m planning on grabbing an MOR for my Tavor when I can find one at an acceptable price point ($800 or less). Depending on how the sight plane turns out, I might go for a Mepro 21 on my Glock KPOS SBR… we’ll see once the form 4 clears. (Still looking for a reasonably-priced Falcon sight for my Galil SAR… good luck, right?)

          • José Pulido

            Well that’s good news that they’re at least going to be bringing it to market at some point. The MOR seems like a very interesting option, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Falcon in person.

  • Fred Johnson

    Hmmm. Drop the IR laser on one side and price that sucker for the guys that don’t have night vision money. I’d consider it then. 🙂

    • Fred Johnson

      . . . and tell me it will fit a 517, too.

    • 12B

      Umm that’s what the first offering is. Visible laser only for 285 MSRP which puts street right around Crimson Trace territory.

      • Fred Johnson

        Yeah, I missed it the first time. I got some new glasses on Saturday and my eyes are having a hell of a time adjusting to them.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Based on the information above, the 512.LBC is the lower-priced option for those who don’t need, or want, NV compatibility. The laser will still be in the same position, though.

      • Fred Johnson

        Thanks for pointing that out. I missed it on the first go ’round.

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          You’re welcome, Fred. It happens to everyone from time to time, especially when there are so many options being described simultaneously. Choice, and options, are a wonderful thing to have, but I sometimes wonder if we are starting to have far too many of them for our own good.

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    As good as I’m sure the EOTech sights are, the Mepro MOR and MSE AQC-2 were designed from the outset as fully-integrated laser / IR laser / reflex sight combination systems, with the advantages this implies. In addition, the remote PTT switch on the AQC-2 will cycle through all available functions of the laser and / or IR laser as well as the reflex sight element itself. Both the MOR and AQC-2 also have full NV compatibility as a standard feature.

    Having said this, I noticed that the MSRP’s of the 512.LBC ( non-NV compatible with visible laser only ) ) and 552.LBC ( NV compatible with both visible and IR lasers ) are actually very competitive, and actual retail pricing should be even better. Even if one were to buy the LBC or LBC-2 modules as separate retrofits for existing EOTech sights one already owns ( usually a more expensive option when the original price of the sight and the add-on module are put together ), the final cost is still fairly reasonable versus the competition. As long as everything works properly and reliably, as should be expected with an EOTech product, the company might have a winning combination here.

  • Kwong

    Do one have to re-zero the laser after a battery change of the holo sight?

  • Mr_Missile

    Will this laser battery cap fit on a 552 with the GG&G Accucam QD lever installed? I hope so… Even if I have to flip the lever around backwards, I’d like to add this to my weapon.

  • RetroG

    I’m confused, why would you want a laser mounted on a true holographic sight?

    • erwos

      Shooting around cover, intimidation, night vision usage, etc. Not for everyone, but there are reasonable use cases.

    • Elvis

      Night vision with the IR option. Shooting in the dark. The visible laser option is not very useful.

  • rkrobert86

    When are these hitting the market?