Cobra Marine Shotgun

Cobra Marine Tactical 12ga

TriStar Arms introduced a new tactical shotgun at the SHOT Show called the Cobra Marine.  The shotgun has an 18.5″ barrel and is finished in brushed nickel.  It has a synthetic stock.  The forearm has a Picatinny rail allowing for the addition of a white light or other accessory.

The Cobra Marine is a pump gun with a return spring.  After being pulled to the rear, the shooter can let go of the forearm and it will slide forward and chamber a shell.  The gun has a 3″ chamber.  MSRP is $369.

Cobra Marine Tactical Pump Features:

  • Brushed nickel finish
  • Spring-loaded forearm for fast cycling
  • Picatinny rail on forearm
  • Blade front sight
  • 5-round magazine (shot plug included)
  • Chrome-lined chamber and barrel
  • Swivel studs
  • One Beretta® style choke tube (Cyl)

Richard Johnson

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  • John

    Why a return spring? That sounds like it causes more problems than it solves. Short stroking the gun and an inability to keep the chamber open being the main two off the top of my head

    • BenJamin

      Not only that, you have resistance when you cycle the gun

      • gunslinger

        my thoughts exactly. short stroke, or trouble cycling the gun.

        any performance reviews?

  • Mr. Fahrenheit

    I have a soft spot for marine style shotguns. But Remington’s $700+ Marine and Mossburg’s $600+ Mariner forced me to be a prudent consumer and pass on the purchase. I’ll look forward to grabbing one of these.

    • Laserbait

      Yep, better to save yourself a couple hundred bucks than support companies that employ skilled workers in the US. I mean, it’s not like Remington and Mossberg are doing anything to further the US firearms market and economy. F’ them, and everyone who works there.

      • Mr. Fahrenheit

        Oh….I get it. A biting “Buy American” response. Scathing. Ouch.. I’ll tell ya’ what. I’ll sell the two 870’s that I already own and buy three Cobra Marines just to piss off Remington and Mossberg. F’ them, and everyone who works there. And anyone else with the audacity to try and guilt me as to how I spend my money.

  • MOG

    My $189 Tex Mex Mossberg Maverick 18.5 barrel, open choke, does pretty much the same thing, I am not too lazy to work the slide. A light clamped on, an after market adjustable stock. And, yes, it works just fine. But, it is always good to have choices. (full disclosure: Tax, title, license, laundry mark, and points for being a “white non-Hispanic”, shotgun and all, about $280). Ain’t the federal government weird?

  • Bim Peebow

    Wow what a goofy idea. A return spring for a pump shotgun? You’ve got to be kidding me. Someone mentioned “that sounds like it causes more problems than it solves.” Well let me ask you this, what problems does it SOLVE in the first place!? Also I’m not sure if most people who buy this gun realize most Turkish people despise Americans. Living in central Europe for a couple years, I cannot recall a single group that I learned were more anti-American than the Turkish. AVOID THIS GUN AT ALL COSTS.