Beretta ARX100 Expected in April

I was disappointed last year when an ARX160 or a semiauto variant wasn’t on display. Hype had been that it was coming soon. This year the rifles rested atop a folding table, with the wind blowing the tablecloth over them; ignored wile the crowd was magnetized to the company’s pistols. Assuming I got lucky and didn’t have to wait, I approached the table.

The rep. handed me a loaded magazine. The mags are deceiving, they are the same color as GI aluminum’s, but are steel and made by Beretta. These are the type used by the Italian military, I was told.

The first handling experience was grip, with my torn shoulder I’m not comfortable extending my weak arm out straight and often use a more SMG type hold. The handguard looks as though it would be uncomfortable for this, but gave me little notice. The cheeckweld is thin but petite shooters, following me in line, had more of a problem than I did. The bolt release is manipulated with the trigger finger, and is stiff like the Bushmaster ACR’s similar arrangement, but with a lot less material to push on. I imagine with practice it would be of little concern, but required noticeably more force than the the Robinson XCR-L. The small magazine release button was a similar situation, ambidextrous but small, but I can’t see it being difficult unless I was in heavily insulated winter gloves.


The recoil was felt slightly more than firing a direct impingement carbine. The trigger reset was sure and otherwise what I’d expect from an average military type rifle trigger, this isn’t national match. The target was easy to engage but the range was more suited for handguns.

I asked on the availability, and was pleasantly surprised to hear the ARX100 is currently being manufactured here in the USA with an expected ship date of April. With an MSRP just under $2000, I will reserve further closer evaluation before jumping on this purchase. Different barrel assemblies may be the deciding factor there, with many quick change systems now on the market, with few change-to barrels available for most competing systems.

Ethan M

Ethan’s firearm interests are mostly with Cold War era select-fire weapons and their semi-auto counterparts.


  • bwg81

    It is still ugly as sin sadly.

  • Dracon1201

    2K must be the new price standard. Far above what I’d pay for it. I have a hard time raising $1000. Why can’t these companies come down and let people actually buy it?

    • erwos

      There’s plenty of market for $2k guns. Tavor, AUG, SCAR, higher-end AR-10s, etc.

      That said, this is Beretta; they have serious manufacturing chops and they’re not going to have long-term shortages. Street should be somewhat less than MSRP.

      Also, this is a latest-gen rifle with substantial new features; expecting to pay $1k for it is probably unrealistic.

      • Dracon1201

        That’s what I’m saying. So many $2K guns, and so many that can’t afford it.

        And “Next Gen”? A piston driven, quick caliber changing, folding stock AR? Rock River Arms PDS fulfills the same role. The ACR was supposed to be “Next Gen” too. Yeah… That sure was a “game changer”.

        So. What about it is so “New” That it justifies my $2000?

        • erwos

          The problem is that you don’t actually know what the ARX-100 brings to the table.

          The RRA PDS:
          1) Doesn’t have an easy quick-change barrel
          2) Can’t be used with a suppressor
          3) Doesn’t come with BUIS
          4) Is not in operation with any police or military force
          5) Can’t be modified to take AK mags
          6) Only comes with tri-rail handguard in $1750 MSRP version
          7) Doesn’t have ambi safety and mag catch by default
          8) Cannot be set for left-hand ejection, never mind doing so trivially.

          The ARX-100 brings all of that to the table. You tell me the addition of those features are not worth $200 more than the $1750 version of the RRA PDS with a straight face, and I’ll call you a very good liar. 🙂

          • Dracon1201

            No. It’s not.
            1) I don’t really want to suppress my rifle. A gas block upgrade is coming anyways if I REALLY want it.
            2) The quick change barrel- Meh. You have to add the cost of the additional barrels anyways. They’re proprietary, so Beretta can charge what they want. How many times do you plan on doing this anyways?
            3) You can buy whatever BUIS you want. This way I’m not paying for factory irons, and can put whatever I feel comfortable using on.
            4) What does not being in operation with police or military force have to do with anything? There are tons of really amazing weapons that aren’t in use with the military. Besides, who said that the PDS isn’t used by the police? One of the officers in my county has to use the one he bought as both his SWAT and duty weapon.
            5) If I want to use AK mags, I’ll use my AK. I have to buy the barrel anyways. With the price of the RRA I can get it and the price of the WASR beside me.
            6) Tri rails are pretty useless in my opinion. I’d rather save weight and use an offset for a flashlight from the top rail.
            7) Meh, fair enough. I don’t need it, I just switch shoulders if I have to use my right.
            8) Why would I need it? Unless this ejects at 5/7 o’clock you won’t have a problem with this. I never have, shooting left handed with a right handed rifle.

            The trouble is that the ARX-100 brings a whole lot of stuff you don’t need. I think that the RRA PDS is overpriced too, if that is any consolation. I wouldn’t pay for it, either. 🙂

            P.S. If I bought the PDS, at the end of the day I could still use my comfy Hogue grip.

            P.P.S. And any stock I want. Not the proprietary Beretta thing.

          • erwos

            “The trouble is that the ARX-100 brings a whole lot of stuff you don’t need.”
            Let me fix that for you: “it brings a whole bunch of stuff I CLAIM I don’t need”. Believe it or not, some of us actually are lefties, some of us do care that a rifle is battle-proven, some of us do have suppressors, and sure as hell some of us like the idea of being able to swap calibers and mags easily. It sounds so pathetic when you claim your one cop buddy has an RRA PDS as his duty gun, so it’s clearly GTG… I mean, it’s not like the fucking Italian special forces are using the ARX-160. Totally the same thing. And that new gas block? Wake me up when RRA releases it… it’s never coming, buddy. You’ll see the LAR-47 first (which, incidentally, is a clever piece of engineering).

            It’s easy to make any rifle sound “not worth it” when you shit all over every feature with the weak “I don’t personally care about it”. I showed where the ARX-100’s strengths are. They justify the price Beretta is charging, should you care for those additional features and strengths. If you don’t care for them it’s not a good value proposition FOR YOU, I agree. I also don’t have the gall to claim every gun on the market must possess a good value proposition for me, a concept you may want to think about.

            Instead of manning up and maybe admitting this thing is a little more interesting than you thought, you’re doubling down on your initial ignorance. My gut feeling is, if you actually had some cash and this gun was a real option, you wouldn’t be shitting all over thing nearly as quickly.

            Will I buy an ARX-100? Maybe, maybe not. My safe is a little full. But it drives me insane when people post blathering ignorance all over the internets and then try to justify it as if their personal preference is everyone’s.

          • Dracon1201

            Hey, I do have a suppressor, I omitted that from my original post. I understand the need to be “tacticool” and suppress my AR160 clone so I can pretend to be part of the Italian Special Forces. Every country has special forces. What hardware they use means nothing. I like the idea of swapping mags and calibers, it’s just that silly little price tag of doing so.

            I am left handed, BTW. I understand your wanting a left hand rifle, however, I am past that, and learned to shoot ambidextrously, which just made me better instead of dwelling on using a RH rifle for left handed shooting.

            If I did have the money, there are far better options in my opinion. I really don’t want to chuck away the money on a single caliber (The conversion kits are sold separately if you forgot) rifle that fails to really improve on an AR in any way, except to look like a penguin humped a SCAR, and uses proprietary parts that Beretta (In their L.L. Bean-ish catalog) is going to charge a silly amount for.

            You’re right, this was interesting to me- two years ago- as the ARX 160. I don’t care after hearing the features of this. I hope you do buy it, because Beretta is going to need it with their Price per Unit approach over the large number of sales.

        • 00bk

          If you found something within your means that has already met all your needs the answer is to your question is, “nothing.”

    • Sean Moore

      Unless you dropped out of High School and you’re making $10-$12 an hour $2,000 isn’t allot of money. Too many people constantly griping about price on the boards. Have we breed that many losers in America these days that a $2,000 expenditure is going to break your bank account???? If that’s true, you should look more in the mirror at yourself and the choices you made. $2000 is a drop in the bucket.

      • Dracon1201

        It’s a drop in the bucket to you. I’m happy for you. However, when you are trying to save for a large downpayment on a house for the woman you are planning in a year and don’t want to pay $2,000,000 in interest on bank loans, $2,000 is not a drop in the bucket. I do look in the mirror, and I realize the choice that I’m making here to secure my financial future far outweighs the utility of these “toys”.

      • Daniel Stein

        I make more than 1000 bucks a week and 2 g’s is definitely not a drop in the bucket for me. I guess some of us losers made families and have financial responsibilities other than buying guns and ammo. What a stupid statement to the way I have a bucket here that will fit 2000 clams since you have it to spare. Price will ALWAYS be a valid concern in the real world.

  • Lance

    Some are in use in Italy many units I read still use AR-70/90s. I wish they offer one of those for commercial use.

    • erwos

      You can get an AR-70 in this country. Saw one on ARFCOM EE with some mags for $2300, which was a pretty damned nice price.

  • Jeremy Star

    Why does it have so much extra material on it? It looks like a Sig 556 variant with a thyroid problem.

  • nester7929

    It looks pretty bulky. I’ll have to handle one to see. And did you have to bring up the ACR? I’m just now getting over how disappointing that was.

  • Esh325

    It seemed like you had some ergnomical issues with this rifle.

    • José Pulido

      Looks bulky enough to feel like you’re holding 2 AR-15 uppers taped together.

  • TangledThorns

    You should of asked if it was April of 2014 or April of 2064 because knowing Beretta it’s most likely the latter. Seriously, why didn’t you ask Beretta about missing the ARX’s release last year??

    • SamJam927

      It’s funny cause it’s true, they showed this last year and said it was coming 2013…….

  • ColaBox

    Having had the opportunity to fondle one of these at the recent gun show, I can say that it feels a lot like handling a SCAR-H in terms of weight proportion. The boxy edges are replaced with rounded curves, it weighs almost twice as much as the standard AR, and the stock was so damn ridged you had to nearly tear it out of itself, it was like grinding a saw toothed blade on wood. Pretty nice all the same though.

  • ColaBox

    Having had the opportunity to fondle one of these at the recent gun show, I can say that it feels a lot like handling a SCAR-H in terms of weight proportion. The boxy edges are replaced with rounded curves, it weighs almost twice as much as the standard AR, and the stock was so damn ridged you had to nearly tear it out of itself, it was like grinding a saw toothed blade on wood. Pretty nice all the same though.

  • MichaelBolton

    Not gonna lie, at the price point and with that horrific height over bore, I wouldn’t purchase this if I was a billionaire. This is an analog offering in a digital age. Welcome to 2005, Beretta.

  • Don’t Drone Me Bro

    At the NRA Convention in Houston at the beginning of May 2013, Beretta stated it would ship 6 weeks after the show. Here we are in January, and now it’s April 2014. Ridiculous.

    As was once stated on a forum, Beretta couldn’t market free sex.

  • José Pulido

    Monstrous ergos while offering only an awesome barrel swap mechanism? Try harder, pls.

  • James Shivers

    Taking the April release date with a big load of skepticism. Beretta has stated previously a release date of May, 2013 which then became Sept 2013, 4th QTR 2013, Dec 2013, etc, etc. I understand that there can be reason for a delay with testing, ATF compliance, etc but Beretta has repeatedly been horrible in meeting a stated ARX release date. I want an ARX but with the repeated delays not sure Beretta will ever come through with a actual released product.

  • gunslinger

    side note
    any idea why some of the posts don’t have comments?