Tacprogear Debuts New American Made Product Line

Accessory and gear maker Tacprogear debuted their new product line at the 2014 SHOT Show. Called Tacprogear Black, their new line is all American made and “mission specific”. Their new site doesn’t go live until tomorrow, but so far it looks like their new lineup includes a few different ballistic helmets, tactical vest and plate carriers and level III and IV plates. Stay tuned for more info after the site launches.


Ray I.

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  • DieHard-Hans

    Whaaat!? Nooo, BAE Sys equipment, TW, what…they’re suppose to sell that junk stuff for AK’s not good equipment.

    • Drapetomanius

      Manufacturers that stay in business and claw their way forward in any industry do so by A. improving product and efficiency, and pleasing their fellow man or B. leveraging government. There could be some column B. in here, but I don’t think they have that kind of scratch to throw around. Apparently they are getting better.

      Archangel is a good example of this. Ten years ago I’d have not crossed the street to spit on an archangel stock. Last year they came out with the best Mosin stock in the business, and a very interesting Rem 700 stock. Companies change; sometimes for the better.

      • erwos

        Their M1A stock is also, arguably, the best < $200 target stock on the market.

        And as someone who owns the AK stock, I'll say that it does the job. It's not smooth like a Magpul, but it works.

  • Steve Truffer

    Ya know, when you have a moniker like CrapCo, perhaps going into the body armor business isn’t such a stellar idea.

  • Risky

    Might want to double check the name of the company for this article. The images show it as Tacprogear, not Tapcogear… which kind of alludes to it being related to Tapco which I don’t believe it is.

    • Will

      Lol, other than that, the article is accurate.

    • avconsumer2

      Wow. That’s a pretty serious mistake. First thought was indeed “oh, a branch of Tapco.”

  • gunslinger

    wait? is this the same Tapco that makes all the surplus rifle accessories?

  • DieHard-Hans

    Good point, I just visited the site as well. Yikes, during SS as well. Is it TacPro or Tapco dudes?

    • DieHard-Hans

      I think it might be a mistake…the address for Tapco is Atlanta, GA. The address for TacPro is Delray Beach, FL.