Sako Tikka T3 Youth

New from Beretta/Sako is the¬†Tikka T3 Youth rifle. The rifle has a much shorter length of pull and it can be adjusted using spacers, so as the child grows, so can the rifle’s length of pull. It will be available in “suitable calibers” (which I interpret to mean .223 Rem. and .243 Win.).

The Tikka T3 rifles do not get the love they deserve stateside, but are very popular internationally.

Steve Johnson

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  • Nature Rancher

    This will be a good youth rifle, but it’s hard to see the stock due to lighting in the picture. Any other pics available?

    I’ve had a T3 in .243 for about 10 years now. Deadliest rifle I own, with a great trigger out of the box.

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      The lighting was indeed terrible and so I did not bother taking more (bad) photos. It is a nice stock. Easy to hold for small hands.

  • Rustan

    “Suitable calibres” are those up to .308 Win.