First Impressions: Tac-Con 3MR “Full-auto” trigger

TFB covered Tac-Con’s 3MR “Full-auto” trigger back in December when it was just an announcement. Now, here at SHOT Show Media Day I put 40 rounds through an AR-15 with the 3MR, and my first impressions are….. not good.

Before shooting, I asked for a tip on how to shoot it well and I was told to not press too hard on the trigger. The 3MR concept is that the trigger gets pushed forward and reset with each shot, so if you are squeezing too tightly then you don’t get the reset. I saw a Tac-Con get demo it right before I went up to the line, and he made it look easy. Then, I watched the guy in front of me shoot and he wasn’t very successful, accomplishing at best one 3-round burst.

I had two magazines with 20 rounds each, and I fired two single shots just to get used to the trigger. Then, I kept firing while feeling for the positive reset. It just wasn’t happening for me and I could not get into any sort of rhythm.

As with most things, if I had more time to practice I’m sure I could get the hang of it. I really want to like this product and conceptually, I do. I’m sure that there are plenty of people who will shoot the 3MR for the first time and pick it up quickly. It just wasn’t the case for me. Perhaps I’ll have better luck next time.

Chris Cheng

Chris Cheng is History Channel’s Top Shot Season 4 champion and author of “Shoot to Win,” a book for beginning shooters. A self-taught amateur turned pro through his Top Shot win, Cheng very much still considers himself an amateur who parachuted into this new career.

He is a professional marksman for Bass Pro Shops who shares his thoughts and experiences from the perspective of a newbie to the shooting community. He resides in San Francisco, CA and works in Silicon Valley.


  • k

    i posted this to arfcom…there will be rage

  • DiverEngrSL17K

    A completely honest and open commentary on your experience with the 3MR trigger that does not immediately consign it to the scrap heap. This is a very fair assessment on your part — many thanks, and is there any chance of a follow-up review with more familiarity and trigger-time ( please forgive the pun ) that may provide a different and more detailed perspective on this device?

    Are there any other TFB readers or contributors who could comment on this based on experience with the same trigger system? Thanks in advance.

    • I was able to get the hang of it today. I was able to shoot it as designed, and I will tell you that you can do exactly the same thing with a high end, single stage trigger. Sure, with a little more time I am sure I could get very fast with it, but I wouldn’t put one in my rifle. Its a counter-intuitive pull, breaks a lot of the “rules” of shooting fundamentals and while your rate of fire is higher, it is far less accurate. Personally, I would consign it to the scrap heap and save $200 and get something better. But this is my opinion on it.

      • DiverEngrSL17K

        Thanks, Sam.

      • Shaun

        So hoping that it wasn’t so. I ordered it but nothing. My money want even taken out of my account. Was pending for over a week then returned. No response from customer service. Canceling order and buying something else.thanks

  • JS

    Hence why a lot of people held off on the $500 preorder without seeing proof.

  • Kevin1911

    Chris is this Trigger CA legal? I believe you are still in CA right?

    • Kevin1912

      No. What major firearms industry event is currently happening and where do you think Chris is right now? Hint, read the second sentence of the post.

      • wyomingsomeday

        He was asking where Chris lives, not where he is at this given moment. Don’t be an ass.

    • Greg

      The majority opinion on CalGuns is that it is a form of a “mulitburst activator” as defined my the screwed up Kalifornia law.

      • gunslinger

        “increases the rate of fire” under section b.

        what does that mean? the rate of fire with a “normal” AR trigger? what’s that at? what does this trigger group fire at (Upper limit?)

        i’m sure someone will have this and then try to get arrested and challenge the system.

        enough with the politics!

  • I shot it today as well… It’s a gimmick, and definitely not worth the price tag. Save some money and get a high end AR trigger.

  • Blake

    Loctite on an SKS firing pin will get you about the same effect (or just leaving the Cosmoline in the bolt on a new one, or a few hundred rounds of dirty ammo will also do the trick). Had an unintended 3-round burst at the range last year that definitely got some looks from the other folks there at the time…

    Of course that’s extremely dangerous (I’m not actually recommending this!). Always keep your SKS bolt clean people. A dirty firing pin will fire with the safety on just by closing the bolt!

    The point is that this trigger thingie is certainly safer than full-auto with a stuck SKS firing pin, but only mildly less gimmicky…

    • Blake

    • gunslinger

      doesn’t the BATF go crazy about stuff like that. “manufactured a full auto rifle”???

      maybe it was just internet rumors bout guys being taken in for having a stuck firing pin.

  • Bill P

    Thanks for an honest review. This solidifies my opinion ofthe site knowing it is not just glorified ads disguised as reviews.

  • Vaughan

    I would think accuracy would suffer greatly while trying to get the hang of a counter intuitive trigger device like this. Trigger training consistency is very important. I don’t think I would want to sacrifice my investment in accuracy for a range toy that spews a lot of precious ammo downrange at nothing in particular.

  • Vaughan

    Please review this trigger. It looks tempting….
    CMC Triggers Tactical AR15/AR10 Trigger Group-Straight Trigger

  • Steven P

    I wonder how this compares to the Geissele SD3G.

    • That is sort of comparing apples to oranges. You are comparing a high end AR trigger group to a trigger designed to be a very fast reset, fast pull trigger.

      • Cymond

        “a trigger designed to be a very fast reset, fast pull trigger” sounds like the Geissele S3G/SD3G.

        From the Geisselle webpage: “The S3G trigger has a very short, light pull and reset. We do not recommend it for duty use, bench rest, accuracy work or shooting small groups. It is designed for close course competition use where rapid target engagement with quick follow up shots are required.”
        In other words, the S3G/SD3G is a speed trigger.

      • Jim Copeland

        I’ve been checking those out… But I think the Geissele SSA would be fast enough for me… After watching all the videos of people shooting this TacCon trigger I watched a video of myself shooting a stock mil spec trigger. And I can shoot almost as fast with it… The SSA has a really short re set and a 4 1/2lb.pull. So I know I could shoot it faster than the mil spec and its probably better than this TacCon.. The SSA is safety tested by Crane Naval Surface Warfare Center. And is build on the same pattern as their SSF full auto version that is being used by the Special Forces now… Its the real deal, and only cost $210… I know its proven and not a gimmick. I’m gonna order one soon. Probably the first of next month…. Geissele really are a true high end trigger….

  • Geoff a well known Skeptic

    All it looks like to me is an attempt to get Semi-autos banned, “See you put in this part and it’s a MACHINE GUN!!!” Geoff Who is old gray and cynical this morning.

  • ski

    Why would you want a trigger group that requires a learning curve to fire auto. My old army issue M-16 was simple to use:
    1. Move selector from safe.
    2. Pass semi to
    3. Full auto and pull trigger back and you have full auto. The only problem is that firing full auto will burn your barrel out and was used by me for suppressive fire and pulling and releasing will give you 3 to 4 round burst.
    Why spend $500.00 for something you must have federal license for? Unless you are into full auto.

    • gunslinger

      spend 300 and get a slidfire?

    • Patrick Henry,The2nd

      Because its cheaper than getting a real full auto (thanks to our unconstitutional laws). And you don’t need a federal license for this either.

      • ski

        You beat me to it, I have seen the slide fire working and it’s impressive, Gunslinger.
        Patrick Heny, The2nd, when an accomplished shooter has a problem with the firing system that is a sign that you don’t put $500.00 into it.
        I witness the slide fire when it just came out and it reminded me of my issued M-16. That was well over thirty years ago.

        • Guest

          I never said that they should. I was only explaining why somebody would want something like this.

        • Patrick Henry,The2nd

          I never said that they should. I was only explaining why somebody would want something like this.

        • Patrick Henry,The2nd

          I never said that they should. I was only explaining why somebody would want something like this.

    • RocketScientist

      Youre missing the point entirely. This trigger group is legal, non-NFA. It is NOT a machine gun. It requires one trigger pull for each round down range. So to answer your question: “Why would you want a trigger group that requires a learning curve to fire auto”, the answer is “because its legal and cheaper than a true-full-auto AR.

      • ski

        So is the slide fire system for $200.00 less and what I saw was very impressive. Why would I choose a system that is more expensive and less reliable. When a experience of a professional found that it had some issues.

        • RocketScientist

          With slide-fire, for $300 you get an ugly un-ergonomic stock. With this trigger you get a high-quality match-grade encased 2-stage trigger (when you put the safety selector into the semi/fire position) AND the option of flipping the safety selector to the new mode (where auto is on full-auto ARs) and having the option for rapid fire. All while keeping whatever your preferred stock is. Since a decent match-grade drop in trigger can easily run $200, if you subtract that cost from the MSRP of $500, you get…. exactly the same price as a slide fire stock. So If my option is between an ugly uncomfortable slide fire stock, or a slick rapid-fire mode integrated into the safety selector for the same price, ill take the trigger every time.

          Also, THIS reviewer didn’t get the hang of it. And no disrespect to Chris AT ALL (nothin but love for you brah), he has described himself as somewhat new to the gun world. He has obviously taken to it like a fish to water, but he was the underdog on Top Shot as he wasn’t ex military or a lifelong shooter. Many other gun journalists who are reporting from SHOT show this week who also had a chance to test out this trigger had a range of experiences. Some said it took a little getting used to. Some said they were able to rip off full-auto-like bursts after just a few rounds. Most seemed to like the trigger, said the ‘rapid fire’ mode was very fun and said its normal ‘semi’ mode is very nice.

          • Dan

            So basically you need to be a seasoned expert and learn the special handshake and finesse to use this trigger.

  • gunslinger

    got a video?

  • Nathan Means

    I dont know, if Chris Cheng couldn’t pick it up quickly, that does bode well for its effectiveness and ease of use.

  • John Double

    Why hasn’t the shot show moved to a location,where people can test guns out?
    This trigger would be one good reason why.

    • gunslinger

      i don’t think having a show of this size on a range would be pratical. plus many manufacturers don’t need “life fire” to show off their products.

      can you imagine trying to set up a booth in january in the middle of the desert? plus trying to talk to people when there’s other people firing in the background.
      but shotshow does have a “media field” day i believe (or 2) to life fire with products

  • Eric Iggy Keyes

    Hey Chris , nice video bro