Glock 41 – First Impressions

Glock 41

The new Glock 41 was on the range at Media Day.  The gun is a long-slide version of a Glock 21 pistol, and outfitted with a slide that is roughly the same width as the slide on a model 35.

Without a doubt, the gun feels much larger in the hand than the standard Glock pistols.  If the 20 or 21 fits your hand well, you will like this pistol.  If you find those guns too large, you will probably find this gun too large also.


The recoil was easy, without a lot of flip, and bringing the gun on target for a quick second shot was not a problem.  I experienced no malfunctions, and neither did any of the other shooters I observed.

The introduction of the 41 may not be a revolutionary step for the company, but I think Glock has a winner on their hands with this gun.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • noguncontrol

    why a gen 4? they should have made it a gen 3. gen 4 glocks can’t accept a shoulder stock.

    • floppyscience

      I don’t imagine support for existing Israeli aftermarket stocks is a big consideration when Glock is designing new products.

      • FourString

        Yep, and I’d imagine it’s up to the Israeli aftermarket parts makers to play catch up / conform with the OEM rather than the other way around?

  • Mark

    Think the author said it perfectly. Not a super exciting new product but one that adds value to the line and Glock shooters will be happy to have.

  • JoshZ

    Personally i’m pretty excited about this gun. No lightning cuts on top and 5 inch 45. Sounds like a winner to me.

  • JoshZ

    Personally i’m pretty excited about this gun. No lightning cuts on top and 5 inch 45. Sounds like a winner to me.

    • Guest

      There’s a slide cutout just like on the 34/35 btw

      • JoshZ

        No there isn’t.

        • FourString

          Oh dude you’re right. My bad. I just saw a photo.

  • mc5511

    Yea ha, need one…

  • William Wallace

    It’s definitely on my list of must buys for this year when it becomes available. I had all the different frames and calibers and my current favorite is the G34 due to its configuration. Previously, it was the G21 that was my daily because I like the cartridge. I like the 9mm but now that I can get the same configuration in a 45ACP, I am definitely making the jump back so I can get the best of both worlds, shooting a 45ACP in a G34 package.

    • scott will

      Just picked mine more 9 for me. I love the 41. a 36 is on the horizon.

  • Lonestarbill

    After viewing the announced release of the G41 I headed on down to my dealer to place an order. I wanted to use my annual GSSF discount, but was told by the dealer that Glock will not honor the GSSF discount on the G41 (or the G42) for a year. Way to support your loyal (and frequent) Glock buyers guys.

  • scott will

    The gun I always wanted and never thought they would make. I bet it is well balanced.

  • KB Dave

    Wish they’d make a compact 45. I love my G21, but a G19 sized 45 ACP would be awesome.

    • chyeah

      They do, It’s called the Glock 30, or 36 if you’re into single stacks.

      • RedDragon

        The 30 is my absolute favorite of my arsenal. Compact, fits in my hand well, 10 shots of 45 power. I will look into the 41, but if I’m going to carry, there is nothing better than the 30.

    • ljabarr

      G30 and G36. I have the G30. It’s a compact beast with a 10+1 capacity and will accept G21 mags.

  • JLee

    Can’t wait, pick mine up in 2 days!

  • Chris

    I’m pretty new to the whole handgun game. How does the Glock 41 differ from the Glocl 17 or 19

    • scott will

      almost got a 17 but went with my heart. I love shooting 45.If I get a 9mm again it will be the 17.Had a 19 but the 17 feels better balanced.

  • Guy

    Just wondering, any word on high capacity magazines for the 41 (21, 30, etc)? I am eager to have a 16-18 round magazine directly from Glock.