The TKB-059: A TRIPLE Barrel Assault Rifle

I have blogged about double barrel assault rifles before but this is the first triple barrel I have ever seen. Google translate is struggling with the Russian text of this article, but I gather it was a prototype with the designation TKB-059.

Thanks to Petras for the link.

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  • Because somewhere an engineer asked “Why not?”

    • Paul Epstein

      Korobov, it’s designer, apparently asked that question a lot. Everything he made seems intended to make the Soviet military brass uncomfortable.

  • Anon

    Looks ribbed for her pleasure if you ask me

    • bbmg

      … so the front sight would be some sort of clitoral stimulator then?

      • CrankyFool

        I urge you, for the sake of any female partner you may have, to seek an anatomy lesson. Unless you meant “g-spot stimulator.”

        • bbmg

          Pretty sure I got it right, if you try and stuff the muzzles up her twat (assuming the lady in question is supine and the gun is held normally) the front sight is going to jam against her clitoris.

          In order for it to be a g-spot stimulator, you’d have to ram the whole thing inside, pretty brutal if you ask me.

  • bbmg

    Don’t mock Ivan, the US played with the same idea in the SPIW days too:

  • Nicholas Mew

    Korobov had so much talent and genius, too bad it never really got to prove itself.

    • Tim

      Too right man.
      By the way, rest in peace Herman A. Korobov.

  • Tim

    This is so absurd yet so cool.

  • PCP

    Long range shooting would certainly be… interesting. Operationally it would make sense to “turn-off” the lateral barrels, but mechanically that might be very complicated.

  • PCP

    The other bullpups seems very nift and intering designs, hope we got to see the internals one day.

  • LCON

    Looks less like something from The Russians more like something from the Klingons.

  • Frosty_The_White_Man

    “Hey guys what if our rifle resembled a Giger-esque proboscis/phallus? We could like totally make our enemies feel icky. When they’re covering their eyes we strike!”

  • Clint Notestine

    why wasnt this in COD

  • mechamaster

    Wow ! The magazine is six-stack collumn !

    • gunslinger

      why not just use that to bash the head in of your enemy?

  • dp

    Многоствольные автоматы и другие необычные образцы ручного вооружения
    (Automatic rifles with varied butt configuration and other unusual types of small arms)

    • JaxD

      Multi-barrel not varied butt. Othetwise correct.

  • Just like Duke Nukem’s!

  • Phil Hsueh

    I’d love to see a version of this sold in the US just to hear the antis scream when they see it. They’ll probably think it’s 3X as dangerous as an AR or SO.

  • Guys we have a large number of female readers who just might be offended by guys talking about their anatomy in that manner. Lets respect all of our readers no matter what the gender..

    • bbmg

      Statistical aside, I would be curious to know the actual proportion of male vs female readers

    • Mat

      I think Phil W disrespects every reader with this nannying statement.

      Do women’s websites and blogs self-censor to protect men’s feelings? Do their comment sections? Of course not. They don’t care one iota.

      And then there is the other class of women: normal American women – firearms supporters and owners – who are perfectly adult anough to accept innocuous instances of ribald humour. Strangely enough, Phil W, these women have brothers, sons and husbands whom they love very much. They are not horrified by masculinity. They are every bit as robust as they are feminine.

      Perhaps you could introduce your more easily offended female readers – who, let us face it, are probably a small minority of your female audience – to the quaint American concept of freedom of speech.

      If they read something they find offensive, they can learn to be adults about it. They can recall that *they too* have freedom of speech, and the freedom to say things that others find offensive. They can learn to forget the fantasy that a protective parent figure will always remove anything to which they object.

      • bbmg

        This, this, a thousand time this.

      • Karina

        As a long-time female reader, I wholeheartedly agree with Mat’s comment, and will kindly ask Phil W to go shove his advice (which I do find mildly offensive) where the sun doesn’t shine. If I had a problem with dick jokes, I wouldn’t be reading them or commenting on them.

        To Phil W, the real way you can give your female readers – and in fact, all of your readers, is by NOT making categories, treat us all as responsible, adult human beings, which I am certain we all are, and all will be well.

      • letsgetitrightthefirsttime

        Quit whining the comments were flagged by me. I am man but there is no place for that filth here so either behave like a REAL MAN or go somewhere else if you dont like it than leave mat. you should be respectful but I suppose you wernt taught any better. But it will not be tolerated! So go somewhere else.

        • Karina

          A “real man” would not need to affirm his “masculinity” by pretentiously acting like this. You should be more respectful by living and letting live, not being the sassy nanny. If you don’t like someone’s comments, don’t read them, but please don’t fucking speak for “real men”, because you can only speak for yourself.

          • letsgetitrightthefirsttime

            I’m glad to see mat has someone to be his mommy. If you dont like my comments dont read them. But dont call me a nanny when your being one. I was making the point that filth has no place here this is a blog about guns not body parts. The problem is some men think It’s manly to disrespect women. And I have a problem with that. So why dont you and mat leave.

          • Mr Evilwrench

            Gawd, be offended or not yourself, but give everyone else the courtesy of allowing them to be offended or not on their own. When you presume to be offended for others, you’re treating them like they don’t have the sense, thus the term “nanny”. You say you want them to be respected, but you don’t respect them yourself enough to let them speak for themselves. Whine about something yourself, but leave everyone else out of it. If it’s too much, truth will out.

          • letsgetitrightthefirsttime

            I am offended for the reasons I mentioned before. Apparently you dont like being told that displaying that filth is wrong. You shoudnt call me a nanny when your one yourself standing up for these scrupleless animals. Why dont YOU whine about something for yourself.

          • HSR47

            We don’t oppose would-be nannies on the basis of wanting to fight other peoples’ battles, we do it because we fundamentally oppose the nannying instinct.

            At it’s most basic level, that nannying instinct is fundamentally opposed to the concept of individual liberty. Worse, if we subject ourselves to the tyranny of one nanny, we are likely to be subject to the tyranny of a multitude of nannies. To put it bluntly, that’s why the government has it’s nose/hands into literally everything.

          • letsgetitrightthefirsttime

            Boohoo crybaby your wrong and you know it quit whining and go get a bottle of milk

          • HSR47

            That’s some mighty fine psychological projection you’re spewing there.

            YOU are the one who came here to complain about the content of the comments section. Now that the majority of the active readership has told you to HTFU and deal with it, you’re calling them crybabies.

            You really ought to look in the mirror: It’s YOU who is the crybaby in this thread.

  • Recoil would have approached that of a .375 H&H Magnum. Three 7.62x39mm rounds fired simultaneously results in launching nearly ~370 grains @ ~2,300 fps.

    • MrDakka

      I’m sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of 3x the dakka. 🙂

      • EnragedGonad

        needs more dakka

        • Isaac FluffyWolf Rader


  • Lance

    hat will be one heavy RIFLE.

  • chris

    looks like its built for underwater operations (?)

  • Jean Luc Picard

    This rifle is like the project salvo meroka rifle

    There is very few weapons like this, and with the same concept of enhancing hit probability, I believe after tried this, the shotgun method with some other projects or even duplex / triplex bullets, then went into hyperburst which allow that increase of hit probability and additionally keep allow the weapon to keep a normal rifle functioning which isn’t much the case of the others.

    Shotgun and Multiplex systems required a change of ammunition to have a single shot projectile.
    Multiple barrels have the inconvenients to have multiple mags or behave like such and be more close quarters weapons than long range weapons.
    The hyperburst seemed to most successful idea as it helps in keeping the ammo consumption adequate and keep the weapon light like a normal weapon from the same category.

  • Gitsmasha

    Roight propa orky.