New S&W M&P SIRT Training Pistol

sirt training pistol m&p

At the SHOT Show, NextLevel Training will introduce a new SIRT training pistol based on the Smith & Wesson M&P handguns.  The SIRT 107 pistol is similar to the original Glock-type training pistol the company introduced several years ago.

NextLevel Training has made a few changes to the gun from the original design.  The new SIRT 107 has:

  • a new, heavier-duty trigger housing;
  • a simplified trigger adjustment system;
  • moved the laser switch from the slide to the frame; and
  • replaced the two-position laser switch with a four position switch that allows the shooter to choose more training modes.

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Patrick Karmel Shamsuddoha

    yes shut up and take my money !!

  • Scotty

    Will these work with the LaserLyte targets? In other words does one of the modes just fire a laser for ~.1s that’ll get picked up by the LaserLyte target? I love the targets but don’t particularly love the training gun that works with it.

  • Steve

    I’ve been waiting for this for what seems like 2 years. I’ll believe it when I have one in my grasping greedy hands.

  • Hunter57dor

    or just get an airsoft GBB and be done with it. 100 bucks or so, compared to this things outragously high price.

    • JLR84

      I have a GBB M&P airsoft clone, but it’s a completely different use-case. I’ll be picking up the M&P SIRT when available.

  • gunslinger

    what about train what you shoot?

  • Mark Bigger

    y’all should work on getting your current products to the public, especially the M&P magazines…

  • Dayne Anderson

    question for you. I am a convicted