Magpul MIAD GEN 1.1 Grip

Magpul just announced their new MIAD (MIssion ADaptable) GEN 1.1 Grip. Available for both 5.56×45 (Type 1 kit) and 7.62×51 (Type 2 kit) rifles, it features both front ahd back interchangeable straps and is compatible with all Magpul storage grip cores. It’s made in the USA and retails for $35.95, it’s expected to be available right after SHOT Show 2014.


The MIAD (MIssion ADaptable) GEN 1.1 Grip is a drop-in replacement for the standard AR15/AR10 grip, now available in dedicated 5.56×45 and 7.62×51 configurations. It is designed to improve ergonomics with interchangeable front and rear straps for personalized hand fit, an aggressive texture for positive weapon control, and is compatible with all Magpul Grip Cores to adapt to various storage needs.

This update to the original MIAD has improved strap fit and retention, and also comes standard with the newest grip core; a lubrication bottle core.

Two sizes are available- the TYPE 1 Kit (MAG520) which fits most AR receivers and the TYPE 2 Kit (MAG521) which is required for some 7.62×51 size receivers*. All mounting hardware is included.

Made in U.S.A

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  • Clint Notestine

    I prefer the MOE+, if only they made a rubberized version of of the MIAD

  • ATman

    What fluid is in that bottle?

    • Anon

      Gun Lube, as it loosely says in the article

      • ATman

        So that is something that fits into the handle?

        • Tuulos

          The refillable bottle comes empty according to their product specs so you can put your own choice of gun oil in it.
          And yes, it’s designed to fit inside the grip.

  • JT

    I’m waiting for the MIOF Grip. I bet Travis Haley will have o have it on his “Jack” Carbine

    • JT

      Not to be outdone by a fully tricked out “Jack” MIOF B.A.D. Edition Carbine

  • gunslinger

    does the lube fit in the grip? it looks like it is just too big

    • Tuulos

      Yes, it fits there.