Multiple Impact Bullet

The Multiple Impact Bullet is a new take on the old bolo-round concept. A bullet along with three wire connected bolos(?) are packed into the rounds. If you miss the shot with the bullet, there is a high chance of cutting your target down with the bolos. I want it to work … I just wonder if it does. Product video below …

Thanks to Gunslinger for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Little Johnny

    I think watermelons and paper people need to beware when they try to come into my home.

  • Guest

    “Bolos” or Bolas ?

  • gunslinger

    I saw this and wondered. The shotgun tests where ripping the targets in half. I’d really like to see this in ballistics gel, or better yet, go mythbuster style and get a pig.

    Will the strings cut? penetration of the outer frangible?

    what if you only catch 1 of the outer pieces? does the string break? do you have 3 projectiles going going in all kinds of directions? it is larger than a shotgun spread, but what kind of damage would it do in a home?

    i mean, i would love to see this work, but a few paper target/watermelons does not give me the warm and fuzzies just yet.

    • Little Johnny

      I think at $5 a round I’ll just use a 50 BMG round. If you miss the shock wave at 25 yards is semi lethal. But I’m sure the are plenty of people who will go out there and buy it, and of course put their faith in its magical properties.

      • iksnilol

        If the shockwave is semi-lethal at 7.6 metres (25 feet) then it would be semi-lethal to fire the gun iself, possibly lethal due to how short the gun is.

        • gunslinger

          not quite…i don’t think
          the shock wave would radiate out in a hemishperical wave from the end of the barrel. how would the shock wave “travel backwards? sure the bullet is compressing the air in the barrel, but the barrel is much stronger compared to the bullet and air in the barrel. once it exits, it would look like a mushroom cloud?

          see Doppler effect?

          i have no scientific training in this just some weird reasoning.

          • iksnilol

            Yes, but wouldn’t the shockwave go 360* around the bullet as it travels?

            I am just sick of people going “50 BMG is so lethal it can rip someones arm off if you hit 5 metres away from your target”.

          • gunslinger

            360 around the axis of the bullet yes. but it would not “radiate” behind it. the bullet is moving forward, what does it have to “push” backwards?

            as you can see below, there is a “wave” that extends to the sides of the bullet, but nothing directly behind it. draw a line at the back of the bullet to represent the end of the barrel. anything behind that line would not be impacted, thus keeping the shooter safe.

          • iksnilol

            Yes that is all true but .50 BMG simply doesn’t displace enough air to cause those pressures.

          • Little Johnny

            Depends on the distance. I’ve seen video where people have shot .50 bmgs off their tailgate with the muzzle brake too close to their tail light and it completely shatters. I have personal shot one from a covered area and had all the dust from the rafters fall on me.

          • KT

            That is a little different. In those instances, it is the redirected gas from the muzzle brake causing the damage, not the shock wave. The shock wave is what you feel when you shoot a .50 BMG (.500 S&W, .458 Lott, etc.)

          • Little Johnny

            I was being sarcastic in my response. I realize the shockwave is not semi lethal. But it would surely make the bad guy crap his pants. But that might be true of any gun.

          • gunslinger

            Sarcasm. Hard to detect on the internet

      • don’t be stupid

        It sucks that the driver of the armed Jeeps dies each time it’s used…

        • Sulaco

          A (deceased) friend served in the US Army in Korea. Liked to tell the story of his unit being hit by NORK artillery and himself being knocked out. When he came too the NORKs had overrun his position. He said he watched as the NORK soldiers turned a Jeep around with a 105mm recoiless on it and fired it at the American positions…however they also had a bunch of NORK grunts standing right behind the jeep to watch the show…fried them all. He said it kept him warm all the time he was in a POW camp. They were some hard folks back then. Alittle off subject, sorry.

    • noguncontrol

      a pig? just use stray dogs, cheaper and easier to fund.

      • gunslinger


        • noguncontrol

          oh, ok.

  • Heylighen Maxime

    “Bolos” looks like a firearm “bolas”

  • Little Johnny

    Checking out the company site, 45 ACP rounds are on sale and you can get yours for only $5.00 a round. With prices like that and ammo so awesome, I will never have to visit the range again, and nor will I be able to afford to.

  • joethefatman

    I can see the antis getting their knickers in a knot already. This will this probably wind up as another Black Talon, removed from the market days before outright banning.

  • 2wheels

    Probably the silliest ammo idea I’ve seen in a while, especially in the handgun version. Fancy website though.

    How deep does it penetrate in ballistic gel? I doubt very much… What’s the point of hitting the target if you can’t penetrate enough to inflict fight stopping wounds?

    What happens if there’s something in between you and the target? Will the bullet be stopped or steered off course?

    Why do the designers think a “semi-lethal” round (in between their fully and less lethal options) is a good idea? If that’s not a bad idea I don’t know what is…

  • Justyn Black

    Increasing the lethality of a 12 gauge round? I’m sorry, if a 12g slug can’t stop your target you need to run away.

    • iksnilol

      I would say you are deep in it if you can’t stop it with a slug but what about those magnums they use in Africa? .404 Jeffery is more lethal than 12 gauge?

  • WojtekimbieR

    This is created in case you ever wanted to shoot four fragile .22lr bullets with poor penetration from your proven .45 acp pistol.

    • Sulaco

      Can’t remember the name but what was the .22 ammo that was cut so that it split on impact into four separate projectiles. I remember the huge numbers of fans that insisted it was the end of all ammo….

      • Cymond

        CCI Stinger fragments into 3 pieces.
        I’m not a hunter, but it is supposedly extremely effective on small game like squirrels.

        • Sulaco

          Now I remember, “Quik Shok” manufactured by Blount Inc in Lewiston ID in the 90’s? I still have a package and it say: “Magnum Performance Bullet”. A .22LR 32gr. designed to break into three fragments on impact, I guess with the base it would make four pieces. Some, at the time they came out, tried to say these were the be all end all of bullets, claiming stopping power in the .44 magnum range for some reason against large up to human targets for SD. Of course when fired into gel blocks showed way less energy transfer as a result of the break up then standard .22’s. Still a good round to shoot watermelons with for the camera and hunt small game, very small.

  • iksnilol

    They need to find a way to shoot a sword sideways to be sure that you “cut them down” everytime.

  • iksnilol

    “You can’t afford to miss.”

    Not with those prices you can’t

  • ld987

    Technically impressive but totally useless.

  • Adam

    Maybe it’s just me, but these days when every Tom, Dick, and Harry are posting HD high-speed videos from their backyard of stuff that just looks cool in high-speed, it’s a red flag to me when an actual business can’t bother renting a decent camera for a day to prove to me those slugs open up like that everytime. Your paper targets look like they were shot in the garage of that dude who invented that magazine fan from a couple weeks back.

  • ColaBox

    So basically, “Hey, don’t waste your time with practice and learning to compose yourself, just use our expensive James Bond ammo.” This is the kinda thing that to me promotes laziness. Its pretty damn cool though.

  • ArcRoyale

    Needs moar carbon monomolecular wire for the tethers. Now that would cut down just about anything.

  • j

    Looks alright…. but the nonlethal and “semi-lethal” versions are just stupid.

    • gunslinger

      I can see a use for non-leathal. I mean they make non/less lethal ammo for riot control. and not many people gripe about that.

      but the “semi-lethal” is pretty bad.

    • It needs to be one or the other to fit the purpose at the time of use.

  • TheSmellofNapalm

    My left ear loved the vid

  • noguncontrol


  • Blake

    The marketing material fails to explain how this is better than defensive buckshot loads…

    Seems to me like the expanding bits with wires attached to a tiny bullet would ruin the accuracy in short order unless each fragment reached the end of its line at exactly the same instant, which seems unlikely.

    Now if they made something like this that had more less-destructive small fragments & longer wires so that it could be used as a wire snare to trap small flying objects (say, surveillance drones for example), that would be really cool (& possibly more useful)…

  • jakers

    The website says they have created what is best called the “best personal defense round in history” There is a trade mark emblem after that sentence. Hhhmm…okay?

    Has anyone reputable come forward to endorse this product?

  • Ben Wong

    dunno sounds like a ponzi scheme to me to sell the investor

  • Eric Jackson

    For defensive use, missing with any pellets is 100% unacceptable. These gimmicks are a joke. If you miss with the center slug, best case you have a marginal graze with one fragment and a two fragment plus one slug package sent to whom it may concern. Manufactures that make this crap deserve to be sued for claiming it is suitable for defensive use.

  • CommonCents

    It’s great to try new ideas and many of them may not do well out of the gate, but get fine tuned over time. Would like to see some ballistics tests. Especially the handgun rounds as opposed to shotgun.

    Does the string have any stopping power?