A Game of Glocks (continued …)

Gadson and his wife Kathrin (center)

The intrigue of the Glock family rival even the most outrageous Hollywood soap operas. The latest news out of Austria is that Helga Glock has lost a case against her former husband to get back the 15% of the Glock Ges.m.b.H. (the gun making company we all know and love) that she gifted to the Private Glock Foundation back in 1998. The Private Glock Foundation is the trust (trust may not be the correct Austrian-legal term) that owns 98% of the before mentioned gun manufacturer. Helga owns the remaining 2%. She argued that the gift should be returned due to criminal misconduct and gross ingratitude.

Helga and the couples children were cut out of the company and Foundation management after he had a stroke, divorced his wife, married his much younger nurse and made her a director of the Foundation.

There are a number of court cases still pending in Austria and the USA between Gadson and his family.

Thanks to TroubleshooterBerlin for information.

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  • JT

    Is that Lederhosen? I want my own tactical lederhosen

    • P161911

      Don’t forget the pink sunglasses to go with them.

  • A.g.

    Gaston not “Gadson”.

    • In his country of Austria his name is Gadsen. Of course in our language it’s Gaston.
      Either name is correct

      • Hanaghan

        No, it is not. The first name of Mr. Glock is Gaston, no matter what language you spell it in. Gadsden or Gadsen is just absurd, get your facts straight.

        • I suggest you Google search and check various articles. You’ll see both.
          Facts are straight

          • Nick van der Heijden

            Google asks “did you mean Gaston Glock?”
            Actually, the only google hit on “Gadsen” is from TFB. 😉

            An Austrian article from 08/2013 mentions the problems GaSTON has with his ex-wife Helga. In Austria they speak German (and some Italian in Süd Tirol) but either way, the guy is named Gaston.


            Hanaghan is right !

          • Emanuel

            Actually South Tyrol is not a part of Austria. They’ve been part of Italy for over 60 years now, they still have a bilingual system.

            I’ve never heard of “Gadsen” and I live about an hour away from Deutsch Wagram. It’s Gaston.

          • Nick H

            My bad on Süd Tirol.

            I do know the guy in the Lederhosen is Andreas Gabalier 😉

          • lukas Washing.

            Phil,sorry man… i am from austria & worked for this company…i never heard Gadsen…

            its always Gaston (spoken like in french)

            please keep also in mind that the company is heavily splited. Helga Glock is still a heavy hitter in this company….

          • Yea that family really has some issues to work out.

            Anyway as far s the name. I saw the alternate spelling used in a good number of articles. I emailed a couple of guys who gave me the explanation I typed. I don’t know for sure if this is a foulup from several sources that got some traction on the Internet or what.
            I always Used Gaston until this alternate came up.

    • Actually some spell it Gadsden

  • gunslinger

    i’m surprised the glock family hasn’t been sued by the glock company for having a name that could be confused with a firearm….

  • baendu

    I don’t think Kathrin was his nurse, pretty sure she ran the Glock Horse Performance Center. Was this a joke I missed?

    • Steve (TFB Editor)

      She was his nurse. She was given the Glock Horse thing to run ’cause she likes horses.

      • Baendu

        Ahhhh, the plot thickens, thanks for clearing that up Steve. I apologize for my ignorance.

        • Steve (TFB Editor)

          It takes a lot of work to get your head about the Glock family fortunes. I have a list of trusts they own … its very confusing to work out what owns what.

  • Michael Wilson

    his rich ass needs to use that money to hire some gun smiths to develop a glock rifle!

    • Col. Bat Guano


      • Michael Wilson

        hahahaha i get it! kel tec and glock are kinda the same! hahahahahaaha

        except the part where, well you know already, why am i talking to you

  • /k/ommando

    Shades of Anna Niccole Smith.

  • RolandTgunr

    For an interesting read check out Glock: Rise of America’ s Gun. It gives some insight into the Glock family/business. They make a nice pistol, but I imagine they wouldn’t make great neighbors.

  • Bud Spencer

    Beeing an Austrian since my birth, and a gun owner (also Glock) for quite some time, I am a hundert percent sure its Gaston (french spoken).
    BTW I want to add, this “philanthropist” spent million euros for charity especially for animals (especially vienna zoo), but not a single cent for the better of gun rights in austria….

  • MJ Triola

    Just finished Paul Barrett’s “Glock: The Rise of America’s Gun” written before Glock Inc really began to diversify their calibers. He misses a few small things here and there but it’s like the gun industry version of “Being There”. A great read for anybody interested in the business of firearms.

  • Robert177

    IDC about their personal lives. They make great guns, at a very low price. If all companies were like this, the world would be a great place.