DESERT TECH MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle)

DESERT TECH (Formally Desert Tactical Arms) will be unveiling their new MDR (Micro Dynamic Rifle), a multi-caliber bullpup rifle that ejects forward. From the brief press release …

The MDR is a perfectly balanced compact auto loading bullpup rifle that gives LE, Military and Government agencies an unrivaled ability to adapt and maneuver. The MDR converts without tools between 5 calibers.   Using innovative technology such as the patent pending forward ejection mechanism and 100% ambidextrous controls the MDR can be used by any operator in any position;

*    Portability – The MDR has unrivaled portability because it is lightweight, com- pact, ergonomic, and balanced with an overall length of 26″ (or 20″ with 10.5″ barrel) and a weight of 7.12 – 7.5 lbs

*     Adaptable – The MDR is adaptable in both size and caliber. It can quickly convert between five calibers, and its patent pending sighting system retains barrel zeros without the need to compensate for any impact shift.

*     Ambidextrous – The MDR is fully ambidextrous with no modifications necessary. Our patent pending forward ejection mechanism and intuitive controls set a new bullpup standard for speed and precision.

Steve Johnson

Founder and Dictator-In-Chief of TFB. A passionate gun owner, a shooting enthusiast and totally tacti-uncool. Favorite first date location: any gun range. Steve can be contacted here.


  • CaptainSlaughterboard

    “Ha! Just another Tavor…wait?Forward ejection? Really? So that conventional ejection port does what?”
    I doubted. Googled. Then got answer.
    OMFG this is insane.
    I’ll get one.

    • mig1nc

      I like it!

    • gunslinger

      how does it work?

      • Callum King-Underwood

        there is a tube on the ejection port, looks like they are trying to fire the cases forwards through it. Seems to me though that they will either drop on your shooting arm for right handed users or have to be launched at such comically high velocity that the casings themselves will be effective projectiles (while partially obscuring vision for a left handed shooter henceforth defeating the purpose).

        • gunslinger

          I saw the tube.
          How does the case align with the tube and what projects the case forward through the tube? Does it not have an extractor spring that doesnt throw the case so much ad positioms to the tube and then when the bolt moves forward it pushes the spent case while picking up the next round to chamber?

          • No idea buts a good way to get a jam that will be hard to clear

          • m2

            im guessing its similar to the one the fs2000 has

          • Callum King-Underwood

            Honestly, no idea how they are doing it

    • Federalist

      If that’s their patent-pending forward eject mechanism that’s just sad. At least Kel-Tec created a unique mechanism worthy of a patent for their RFB. Shame they won’t license or produce it in significant volume….

      • José Pulido

        Lol “patent pending” means nothing in the real world. It just means “we’ll try to sue you but we’re mostly bluffing and will never get a patent.”

        • Don’t feed the Trolls

          Here you go “Joseph”

          Enjoy Troll!

          • José Pulido

            Calling me “Joseph.” Clever. Haven’t heard that one since grade school.

            Did you even read the Wikipedia(lol) article you’re trying to link me to?

            I’ll quote the article for you, since you obviously can’t be asked to actually read it: “In the United States, according to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the expression “Patent Pending” as such does not protect an invention until the actual patent is published and/or issued.”
            Anyone can apply for a patent. Anyone can stamp “patent pending” on their product, but until they actually HAVE a patent, it’s rarely much more than a bluff.

            I don’t think I’d like to try Troll. Is it like venison, only gamier?

    • They copied the Tavor type folding sights. The grip is too close to the grip

    • To Tin Fung

      Erm even the FN2000 has forward ejection..

  • wetcorps

    In French, “MDR” stands for “Mort de rire” (I’m dying of laughter), an acronym used interchangeably with “rofl” and “lol”. 😀

    By the way, it’s always exciting to see a new ambidextrous bullpup.

  • Chris Chappell

    Is it cheaper than a Tavor, tell me it is cheaper than a Tavor

    • Tim U

      Given the manufacturer, I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you. I’m expecting this to be squarely in the price range of unobtanium for the common working man.

  • Rick Bonenfant

    Does the 10.5″ barrel make it NFA?

    • Paul Epstein

      Very much so, unless they release a version without a stock… and I’m not holding my breath for that. The 10.5 would seem purpose built to be a registered SBR.

    • Absolutely—

  • avconsumer2

    Reminder… Desert Tech is that company that turned down a fairly lucrative gubment contract when they found out the weapons would be gifted to Pakistan. Will definitely keep an eye out for these.

    • José Pulido

      Or so they say… There’s always the possibility they just didn’t get the contract, and decided they might as well get some good publicity from the disappointment.

      • PTR

        Yeah I’m sure you are spot on with that ASSumption Jose.

        • José Pulido

          I’m sure you’re a solid C writer, Johnny. “We’re in the process of selling them rifles! Oh wait, no, they’re our enemies or allies or somehow affiliated with our sort of enemies/rivals kind of, we’re not going to sell them rifles!” Hmm, seems legit.

      • avconsumer2

        Eh – doubtful. The resultant fecal storm from something like that being leaked wouldn’t likely be worth the gamble of a bit of positive publicity.

        • José Pulido

          It actually is, since as you can see, one of the most popular comments is the one that(questionably) reminds people that they didn’t go through with some contract or other.(I don’t know how accurate the claim of GIFTing to Pstan vs other claims is.)

          If it blew up in their face/fell flat, they could just shrug it off and everyone would forget about it in a few months, as long as they played their cards right like FN, IWI, H&K, Colt and others when they’ve lost/hit turbulence on contracts. Of course, those companies generally have steady track records, whereas DTA/DT doesn’t.

          • avconsumer2

            lol – ok – whatevs. (Potential) LIARS!!!! I will (maybe) never buy anything from them EVER!!! (?)

          • José Pulido

            All I’m really saying is they can’t ever prove what they’re saying is true, while so long as it isn’t completely outlandish, no one can prove them wrong, regardless of how doubtful their claims are.

            It’s like some douche getting turned down and then declaring “The bitch is a lesbian!” Or maybe they’re telling the truth, and not just catering to redneck idiots who actually believe they have enemies in the Mid-east who actually want to kill them for no reason other than having a different religion/style of flannel shirts.

          • Hannon

            Lol, I declare all out war on everybody who doesn’t wear the same kind of flannel shirts as me!

          • Fred

            So your the douche bag and no one can prove this is wrong?

            Ok got it!


          • Fred

            Seriously? Do you wear a tin foil hat too?

            I can only go by what they said till proven otherwise. “What’s that? You have no proof?” Figures, just another troll.

            Using your logic, you are a paid govt shill that is employed by FN, H&K, Colt, etc to put a bad light on small firearms companies. I don’t have proof but…


            Making such claims that they lied is something a child would do. Grow up, let your balls drop and be a man. Stop with all the high school cheerleader drama.

  • 13

    looks like it ejects the hot brass right onto your wrist, if you are right handed.

  • Hunter57dor

    isnt this just a copy of the keltec RFB? even looks like one.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      In that they are both bullpups… I guess… It’s just as much F2000 as it is RFB. Well, it doesn’t have the extra tuna shape of the F2000 but you put the FN on a diet and it looks lot like this.

    • Vitor

      Desert Tech, former DTA, is known for the extremely high end sniper rifles, while Keltec reputation is not the best one. It is like comparing BMW with some chinese car manufacturer.

  • P161911

    Forward ejection? So how long before Kel-Tec files suit?

    • JumpIf NotZero

      files suit…. Ok, how long before FN files suit with KelTec? Keltec in no way shape or form owns the idea of forward ejecting.

  • Oh I am in. I am way in.

  • mechamaster

    maybe it can be converted to normal ejection port … if user take out the ejector port adaptor…

  • Joe

    You know, I was thinking this would be a real Tavor competitor, but then I saw that picture where it reveals the “forward ejection” system is a pipe covering the ejection port. That doesn’t count in my book.

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Yea…. their entire ejection system is likely just a pipe…

      Their ejector/extractor obviously has to be designed to drop the shells (shoot is more my guess) out that tube. It counts, it’s just not the same system the F2000 or RFB have.

      • dawghowse

        I have had my RFB since they came out mine has a serial number of less than 200 and it has never failed to fire or eject and holds just under 2moa.

    • yallen

      Yeah and? That pipe is dead simple and in firearms dead simple means reliable and lightweight. The RFB’s system is unreliable the FN F2000 is heavy. This system looks like a winner.

  • Moose

    Concerned with the forward ejection system for a lefty. Wouldn’t that launch the hot brass straight into my support arm’s wrist over and over again?

    • ColaBox

      Probably, but if S&W has taught us anything, its that most of the gun industry doesn’t care about half of the shooting population.

      • Callum King-Underwood

        Half? Way off man, about 10% according to most studies.

        Yeah I get you, they can’t ignore the minority of people who are lefties, but half is way off.

        • Julio

          Half IS way off, but 10% is a universal figure that doesn’t take into account the fact that -for some unknown reason- there is a higher-than-average proportion of left-handers in the shooting community. Left-handedness is hard to research anyway, and to the best of my knowledge the shooting trades organisations have done NO research into the size of the potential L/H market, so as ColaBox says “most of the gun industry doesn’t care about [the left-handed] shooting population”. Though neglecting even 10% of your potential customer base seems like an odd business strategy to me. Trouble is, I’m a left-hander who likes bullpups. Now that IS perverse!

  • LCON

    Hmmm…. There is a smell.. to this… Hmmm Where have I smelled this before…

    • JumpIf NotZero

      Totally… A new actual gun from a company that makes guns is EXACTLY the same as an empty shell of vaporware that was shown almost 6 years ago by a company that makes mostly plastic accessories.

      Vaporware bullpup == Actual firearm bullpup, right?

  • jordan Hyers

    look a lot like that keltec poster M43 you guys posted the other day

  • ColaBox

    Something about the close proximity of the mag to the grip makes me thing guys with big hands will have trouble getting a comfortable hold.

  • Lance

    Another plastic bullpup…… yawn.

    • colin

      Another worthwhile comment from Lance…. Yawn
      Steve, when do you think we will hear more about the rifle? Shot Show most likely or before?

    • 00bk

      Remember son, they’re not laughing with you. They’re laughing *at* you.

    • LCON

      Well Unobtaniam was unobtainable without irradiating the shooter and carving it out of wood or bone would have taken such a long time. When they tried gold they could only sell to third world dictators. So they saw Polymers so prevalent in just about every conventional weapon they figured hay why not it worked for Eugene Stoner.

      • Julio

        As I’ve said before on here, I really dig high-quality sarcasm, so thankyou, sir, for providing the cream for my morning cup of TFB.

  • Federalist

    Can anyone find the patent filing? My searches failed to uncover anything.

    • José Pulido

      “Patent pending” just means “we may or may not be in the process of getting a patent so don’t scoop us plz.”

      It doesn’t actually mean they have a patent filing.

    • You can file a patent application and ask for it to not be published until after the decision to grant or deny the patent has been made.

  • Avery

    It looks less like a tube and more like a rounded ejection ramp.

    Okay, it’s still a tube, but it looks like it’s more like the feed ramps for the RFB and the F2000, except Desert Tech decided not using a brass-holding tube probably because they didn’t want the potential for shells to fall back into the action. Also, it allows them to make the action a bit more simpler than those guns, so it’s probably more for added reliability.

    Wait and see I guess.

    • José Pulido

      As long as it’s lighter, It’s all good.

  • Vitor

    The real potential of this rifle is the trigger IMO. This is a company with plenty of experiencie in making great triggers for bullpups, a experience few have.

    • DiverEngrSL17K

      Speaking of which —- Do you ( or does Steve Johnson ) have any additional information about the trigger pull for this particular weapon? One of the biggest downfalls of most bullpup designs has been trigger pull and feedback. Hopefully, with the reputation this manufacturer already has, this potential issue has been successfully resolved.

      • Right now we don’t. Like most just announced guns the initial information is sketchy at best.

        • Joe Schmoe

          Phil, did you get my email on the new Micro-Tavor rifle?

          • No I sure didn’t. Which email did you use? I’ll see it Monday at the SHOT show media day at the range. I’ll be posting on it if so.

          • Joe Schmoe

            Hey Phil, I just resent it to “”

        • DiverEngrSL17K

          Thanks, Phil. I’m looking forward to when more test data becomes available.

    • Julio

      +1. I’d even go so far as to say that they’re the only bullpup manufacturer I’ve come across that has got the trigger right.

      • Dukke1ine

        Unless you have tried the trigger on the German DSR-1, which was built like a decade ago.

  • ThatNiceBlackGuy

    What barrel length is that? If that’s the full length version, ill take 5. Also, AR10 Mags?

  • Victor

    Are those the shittiest iron sights they could come up with?

  • noguncontrol

    yeah!! more bullpups!!! we need more!!

  • MIG90

    The only bad thing is that these will cost about $4,000 or more (if I were to guess). The interchangeable barrels will probably cost more than those newly announced Kel-tecs :).

  • weasle 94

    what calibers does it convert to? Seems important to leave out

  • zem

    Dta has a great reputation for well built accurate firearms Unfortunately this reputation is preceeded by a hefty price tag and I’m sure this one isn’t any different, although I pray I’m wrong I’m already set on a tavor this would have to hover around 2k max to be competitive

  • Rick Bonenfant

    Much like the FN 2000 clearing an ejection jam would be ridiculous. It seems like ejection issues were forever solved by ejecting straight down like the P90.

    • José Pulido

      Ejecting down while having a magazine that feeds from the bottom means having to make a slot for the ejection port, and even if they can make the casings stand vertically as they eject, it will make the weapon much longer, making it pointless.

      • Rick Bonenfant

        This is a good point.

  • yankz

    How. How. HOW. How on earth did they manage to shift the magazine release to just in front of the trigger guard. What black magic engineering marvel is this. How.