Taurus New “View” Revolver

The View is a new .38 Special revolver from Taurus based on the Taurus Model 85. Its named as such because of a translucent side plate.

The View, named because of its distinctive, translucent side plate on the right side of the revolver that bares the interior mechanisms, carries with ease.  This .38 Special is based on the Taurus Model 85, but the distinct difference with this small-frame revolver is the new contoured grip and grip frame that won’t print when worn inside fitted clothing, like most traditional carry guns.  Another advantage of this new grip shape is that it sits back in the palm, reducing muzzle lift. The View also incorporates a subtle, unique curvature cant to the grip’s shape while keeping the thickness of the revolver minimal while increasing the comfort of carrying the firearm.

The titanium cylinder and snub nose barrel keep the revolver ultra light in weight (approx. 9 ounces unloaded) while increasing its strength.  The stainless steel ejector rod is shortened for easy carry. The Taurus View boasts a 10-pound trigger, making it ideal for personal defensive purposes.  The non-adjustable sight is aligned for point-of-aim/point-of-impact shooting at close quarter distances.  Choose to carry, choose the View, Carry On.

MSRP is $599. I admire Taurus for the will to try anything!

Steve Johnson

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  • Anon

    Forget to add a title? Must have missed you’re morning coffee, eh?

  • gunslinger

    reminds me of the MG trainers i’ve seen at gun shows. they have a BAR at 2x size to show how it works and all for military training or whatnot.

  • Asdf

    Replace side plate with plexiglass to improve view of internals. Add brass cover to strengthen plexiglass that blocks view of internals.

  • hami

    This is unique. A “bravo” to Taurus for trying something new.

    What were today’s other stories? A laser for a .380? A new AK74 from Arsenal? A .22 1911? And then BOOM a revolver with a bizarre grip and see-through frame. More, please.

  • Brownells used to stock a clear sideplate (Vu-Plate?) for S&W K-frame revolvers. I remember that Teddy Jacobson had one of these installed on a custom revolver that he took to the Houston-area gunshows.

  • Michael

    Did they forget to install the barrel?

    • Optimist

      Here ya go.

  • ColaBox

    No title.

  • Internet Browser

    A 9 ounce .38 is going to be painful. I bet that short barrel gives terrible performance, too.

    • Fred Johnson

      No doubt. This looks to be a candidate for 148 grain wadcutters.

    • ron

      Sure thing, but much more painful for whoever is on the business end.

  • 2wheels

    I’m not digging the see through look.

    • Optimist

      I wonder if the use of plastic cut down the weight. Probably not enough to justify its use, but could be something worth researching.

  • Pete Sheppard

    Reloading (specifically ejecting the fired cases) looks interesting…and slow.

    • Optimist

      If you need more than five shots in a self defense scenario, you are doing something very very wrong. This was designed to be a light everyday carry option.

      • Pete Sheppard

        At the very least, a relatively quick reload can have you ready “just in case”. A re-loaded gun is FAR more comforting than an empty one.

  • percynjpn

    It’s not translucent, it’s transparent – and kinda silly.

  • Fred Johnson

    Wow. A snub nose, snub nose. I’d guess the inside of that see through panel will scratch up with use from the hammer swinging back and forth.

    Still, I like the size of it. Make me one with an aluminum frame, a steel cylinder, a steel barrel. and without the see through panel. Please.

  • Laserbait

    Sweet. Lets take a weak design, and make it even weaker. Brilliant!

    In other news, Taurus reinvents the wheel, and this time makes it oval.

  • El Duderino

    Very cool. I will admit I was a little more excited when I read the first report that this would be in .380 with moon clips. Anything short of light-bullet, standard pressure .38 Special will hurt out of this gun.

  • derfelcadarn

    This level of useless ought to scare the dickens out of the criminal element. The entire gun industry is getting as bad as everyone else building answers to problems that do not exist and for no other reason than stupid. Does anyone actually care to see the firing mechanism functioning while fending off intruders ?

  • Razor23

    If you don’t like it don’t buy it. If everybody liked the same thing then life would be kind of boring. Wouldn’t it?

  • Jack

    Looks like they just put a clear plastic side plate on an Armscor 38.