A squash used as a suppressor in robbery

Wyff4.com reports that a thief fired shots at a business using a squash as a suppressor. He then threw a cinder block through the window and stole lottery tickets.

… deputies say they saw someone walk up to the building and fire two shots from a gun that had a squash on the end of it.

Seems this guy has gone out of his way to break as many laws as possible, including manufacturing a suppressor illegally.

Thanks to Andrew for the tip.

Steve Johnson

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  • Giolli Joker

    “He then through cinder block through the window and store lottery tickets.”

    I guess it should be read as:

    “He then threw a cinder block through the window and stole lottery tickets.”

    Auto-composition ON?

    Funny way to commit a crime, anyway.

    • Hey guy I just proofed and edited it. It’s only been up a few minutes–geez gimme time:-)
      Guess I’m getting a little slow after ten hours–LOL!

  • floppyscience

    This is one of the most creative ways to violate the NFA I’ve ever seen. Magnificent.

  • alabubba

    1) get a gun
    2) build a silencer,
    3) commit felony IN FRONT OF COPS
    4) steal a handful of lottery tickets
    5) scratch tickets, collect millions
    6) retire
    Looks like a perfect crime, What could go wrong.

    • Giolli Joker

      -3) plant a seed
      -2) water the plant
      -1) wait, repeat -2) several times
      0) collect your NFA squash
      1) get a gun
      2) build a silencer,
      3) commit felony IN FRONT OF COPS
      4) steal a handful of lottery tickets
      5) scratch tickets, collect millions
      6) retire…

    • claymore

      1) get a gun
      2) build and use squash suppressor to reduce noise
      3) throw cinder block through window LOUD CRASH follows

      criminals are priceless

  • wetcorps

    And dit it actually work?

    If yes, I hope he copyrighted the idea. Tt might help him paying his lawyer when some compagny starts selling threaded vegetables adptors :b

    Maybe the guys who put seeds into shotgun shells could do it? After all the squash suppressor fills the same function 😀

    • Honestly I doubt it. It probably blew into a gazillion pieces before it could help at all.

    • CrankyFool

      Some time ago, in a country far far away, when I was a child, my father showed me how to use a potato as a handgun suppressor. He held a potato to the barrel of a Glock 17 and fired through it.

      Broke up the potato (and appeared to cook some of it, given the smell of baked potato in the air), but that shot definitely came out much more muffled. Not quiet per se, but definitely lower decibel. Certainly didn’t hurt my ears like the few unsuppressed shots I’ve taken under similar circumstances in other times with the Glock 17.

  • Timothy Chaffee


  • bbmg

    Demolition Ranch had tried a balloon which seemed to have some effect:

  • Vhyrus

    It could be argued he didn’t build a silencer. The silencer built itself.

    • M.M.D.C.

      “Officer, I found this gun. In my – I mean my neighbor’s – garden, and it had this thing growing on it. And I was gonna turn it in. I was on my way to turn it in and it just went off. I swear!”

  • Tyler Horne

    This is one of my local news stations…

    We North Carolinians are quite embarrassed by our neighbors to the south quite often.

    That being said, how does a squash not explode with the first shot through it? It must have been a .22

    • gunslinger

      I’m glad i got out of SC when I did.

  • avconsumer2

    *…including GROWING a suppressor illegally. ;P

  • Michael

    After you use the “suppressor” you can eat the evidence. “Suppressor, what suppressor officer”
    Does it work? would it be a felony to try it?
    What type of squash was it? What is the best fruit or vegtables to use. Maybe a cucumber?

    • Blake

      But that would mean actually having to eat squash! Can’t stand the stuff…

      Broccoli is fine with me though, despite Stewie’s opinion

  • allannon

    Oh, wonderful. So now we should expect an assault-fruit ban? Maybe I’ll need a concealed carry license to carry my oranges home, and a permit from the BATFDA for whole potatoes when I want a baked potato.

    I mentioned this here at work, and I suspect the jokes aren’t going to stop for a while.

    • gunslinger

      no wonder obama wanted to ban private citizens from having a garden…

  • MP McCrillis

    Guy must have been out of his gourd. 😉

    • Vhyrus

      The NFA stops criminals? Boy he really squashed that notion.

      • noguncontrol

        yep, we’re all better off if the atf were gone.

    • Vhyrus

      I wonder if his gun had a MELONite finish

      • MP McCrillis

        You never know what might turnip at a robbery.

        • Kemal Kautsar

          i have to admit, his effort for making a DIY suppressor is fruitful

    • Vhyrus

      This guy must have really had an axe to rind.

      Okay I’m done now.

    • Nicholas Mew


  • hami

    I think we can all agree that we need to see a video of a handgun fired through a squash and see how it affects the weapons report…

    A class 3 dealer?
    The ATF?
    Charleston PD?

  • Ken

    You can also use a water balloon as a suppressor.

    • BryanS

      Dissipating heat and sound energy….

      • phamnuwen

        As well as kinetic energy I’m sure.

  • Anders Albertsson

    Unless the squash was actually attached to the barrel, I don’t think this is actually illegal. You can create a shoot-through box that muffles the sound so long as it is not attached to the firearm,

  • Splodge

    You know, as daft as the whole squash thing is, I’m more surprised by the theft of lottery cards. Perhaps it works differently in the US, but in the UK, all those are serial numbered. They’d know which cards were stolen, and when and where any prizes were collected. They could block the prize outright if they chose, and a quick check against cctv will give you whoever tried to claim it.

  • jakashh

    well, did it work?

  • jeff

    Just great… It’s a matter of time before we need a permit to buy a squash or the ATF will monitor every transaction at the grocery store…

  • Verner

    Actually, one of the best supressors I’ve tried is a big loaf of bread. Works like a charm. Slice open one end, push hangun inside and fire. One drawback is, of course that it may or may not prevent the slide from returning to full battery, but for one shot, it’s perfect. Squash? IDK, don’t think it works that well.

  • mechamaster

    In my country, young or near-ripe papaya fruit is used as emergency suppressor too.

  • Kemal Kautsar

    does anybody who have a license want to make a video about “squash suppressor”? carnik con maybe?