New Variants in Smith & Wesson M&P Rifle Line

S&W M&P10 Magpul

Smith & Wesson announced two new variants in the M&P line of rifles.  The first is a new M&P10 that ships with a 20-round Magpul magazine.  Prior M&P10 rifles shipped with five- or ten-round magazines.  This version of the gun will retail for $1,619.

The second new variant is in the M&P15 line.  Smith & Wesson will now offer an all black version of the .300 Whisper rifle.  Recently, this gun has only been available in Realtree APG camo.

Previously, S&W offered an all black version of the rifle with a 16″ barrel and a quad-rail.  After that model was discontinued, the company continued to offer a complete upper assembly with the quad-rail.  That was also discontinued.

Smith & Wesson M&P15 300

Smith & Wesson stated that the new black rifle will not come with rails, and instead it will have a standard, ribbed handguard instead.

The 16″ barrel has a 1:7.5″ twist.  A 30-round Magpul magazine is standard with the rifle.  Retail will be $1,119.

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  • dr1776

    Don’t like the pencil barrel on the M&P10. Makes the rifle a non-option for me.

    • Beju

      Agreed. I have to think that if I didn’t mind the extra costs of 7.62mm ammunition, a little extra money for a thicker barrel wouldn’t be a huge issue to me either.

      • Cymond

        In many cases, a thicker barrel is actually less expensive. It takes additional machining time to cut one down to that thin profile.

    • J-

      At least they put an 18 inch barrel on it. I am tired of all these .308 rifles with 16 inch barrels. 18 inches is the minimum necessary to burn up all the powder in a .308. The muzzle blast and velocity between my M1A Scout and my Brother-in-law’s SOCOM is noticeable and about 400 fps. If I’m already committing to a .308 size action, give me the two extra inches of barrel.

  • James

    Weren’t these rifles priced closer to $1000 about a year ago? It seems like they really jacked up the price, and quickly.

    • floppyscience

      I don’t think the MSRP has increased in a while, and S&W’s MSRP is always much higher than street price. If you’re looking at the M&P10’s $1619 price tag, that’s their new AR-10 in .308, it’s obviously going to be more expensive than the 5.56mm M&P15s.

    • I don’t believe they were that low. If memory serves the MSRP was closer to $1400

  • Chief

    Jesus Christ folks, read what you write before you publish it! “Smith & Wesson stated that the new black rifle will come with rails, and instead it will have a standard, ribbed handguard instead.”

    • My apologies for not proofing this. I’ve been super busy with SHOT show preparations and the Remington R51 announcement. I corrected the post.

    • Andrew

      Chill, dawg. You knew what they meant.
      I mean, there’s even a picture.

  • Christopher

    Time to imitate a certain troll. Yawn another AR.

    • FourString

      Don’t you mean “Yawn, another Glock copy.” ? >:PPP

      • Christopher

        The fool just did in a thread about bullpups as well. So it’s fair as he never does it in ones that involves AR-15’s or 1911’s. As he never bashes those like a predictable fanboy.

        • FourString

          Herp derpin all day err day—hustlin’

      • LOL–you’re killing me!

  • Tyson chandler

    I thought that 300 whisper had a tighter chamber that made it unsafe to shoot 300 blk out of. (Just like you shouldn’t shoot 5.56 in a .223) If this is the case, wouldn’t it make more sense to offer this in .300 blk? I also don’t care for the pencil barrel on the M&P10.


    I have the sport version and I love it! Paid $670.00

  • Smith

    I’d like to see them make a pistol caliber carbine: 9mm and .40 S&W. Make the magazines work with their M&P pistols with some high capacity variants and I could be in love.

  • the duellist

    derp- another $1700 AR- derp

  • wayfro

    I like ribbed too.

  • Lt Dan

    The handling between the new S&W and current DPMS (and other brands) is like night and day. The S&W is so much better balanced its unreal. With the slimmer barrel you can actually get the AR308 off the benchrest and carry it hunting. I don’t appreciate the muzzle blast of 16″ 308’s, got tired of the noise real quick years ago. Plus I see no point in downgrading 308 performance just to damage my hearing. 🙂

    • Lt Dan

      The new DPMS announced at SHOT will likely give S&W some tough competition.