Para USA Black Ops Recon in 9mm

Para Black Ops Recon 9

Para USA is expected to introduce a 9mm version of the Black Ops Recon pistol at the 2014 SHOT Show.  The new guns will be similar to the existing Black Ops Recon pistols currently chambered in .45 ACP.

The new Black Ops Recon 9 will feature:

  • 18 round magazines
  • 4.25″ match grade barrel
  • VZ G10 grips
  • Trijicon night sights
  • black finish
  • skeletonized trigger

MSRP on the new guns will be $1,299.  Although not officially announced by Para USA, the pistols are showing up in dealer catalogs here, here and here.

Richard Johnson

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  • Dave

    Now if only they sold it with a 120mm barrel, 10 round mags, and brought them into Australia after abandoning all the dealers here and pulling out.

    • Tim U

      So basically make a whole new different gun?

      • floppyscience

        An extended barrel and limited magazines doesn’t make it a “whole new different gun”. A lot of guns are fitted with those parts for sale in places like Australia and Canada.

  • Colby

    Yes please! It is good to see more companies offering 1911s in .9mm. I love my .45s but I hate plinking at the range with them due to ammo cost. A 9mm 1911 could help budget conscious 1911 lovers get to the range more often with their preferred platform.

    SA is coming out with the 9mm Range Officer (which looks really good), now this. I just hope that Ruger plans on releasing their SR1911 Commander in 9mm this year since I could get one of those for under $600 with law enforcement pricing.

    • floppyscience

      Ruger 1911 Commander in 9mm? Hot damn.

    • FourString

      Nice that there’s a variety of these out there, both single stack and double stack. Since I’m from California, I’m grateful that manufacturers are still making single stack 9mm 1911’s :]

    • BillC

      WTF is a “.9mm”?

      • Laserbait

        It’s the diameter of flechettes that it shoots.

    • A 9mm sure is easier on the pocketbook when all your doing is practicing

    • DitchTheDictator

      I have a Dan Wesson guardian 9mm (Commander size) it is SWEEEEEEET! Highly recommend!!

  • avconsumer2


  • DieHard-Hans

    Para-USA is back and their guns just keep getting better. Can’t wait to see the threaded barrel version with a can on it!

    • I got the chance to shoot the suppressed one at Gunsite during Remingtons seminar. It was a lot of fun!

    • They really are back. QC is where it should be. Having the opportunity to shoot every Para made during the Remington seminar at Gunsite it really gives you a good feel for how these pistols are being made.

  • floppyscience

    Where do they come up with these names?

    • 277Volt

      Exactly my thought.

    • schizuki

      Call of Duty?

    • Man pippy

      Since 1911’s aren’t Glocks, they have to capitalize on the pistols war history. Although it was a long long time ago, 1911’s were used in black ops and recon roles.

    • Draw from a hat?

  • Lance

    WHy want a 9mm when you can get one in .45 AUTO.

    • Vitor

      Less recoil, more capacity, cheaper ammo. And any good hollow point 9mm can make turn someone’s insides into a mess.

      • Beju

        Agreed, and I’d throw in more fool proof feeding of various hollow point ammunition without monkeying around with magazine springs or feed ramp work.

        The full size 9mm pistols (a couple XDs, P226) I’ve had have been nigh impossible to make jam in factory configuration so long as the ammunition went bang properly. I can’t say the same of the XD45s I’ve had. Wolff magazine springs solved issues I’ve had, though I can still make them jam if I limp wrist one-handed, which could simulate shooting after an injury. My father’s found some 1911s to be picky with hollow points that worked fine in testing once they’d rattled around in a magazine for a while.

        I still carry a 45 at work, but that’s more due to auto glass and worst case scenario expansion performance than the general abilities of 9mm.

        • Overload in CO

          Para barrels are ramped, so both the .45 and 9mm should already feed better.

          • Boo0

            OK so why is my brand new RECON misfeeding every other round, yes both mags!

    • Man pippy

      Better suppression and faster follow up shots.

      • iksnilol

        Actually .45 is better for suppression since most of it is subsonic.

        • floppyscience

          I think he means once it’s actually suppressed it’s quieter. 147gr ammo from a 9mm pistol is a bit quieter than 230gr from a .45 Auto. 147gr isn’t hard to find or prohibitively expensive either so .45’s standard load being subsonic doesn’t make it better by default.

          • iksnilol

            Then it indeed is quieter, same applies to .22. 5.56 in subsonic is as quiet as .22 LR is in subsonic.

    • You buy both—–

    • wetcorps

      Some statistics tend to prove that all handgun calibers are equally ineffective in terms of stopping power. So you might as well take the gun with the higher capacity, or the one you are the most comforable with.
      Here is an nteresting read on the subject:

      • floppyscience

        Exactly. There’s been a lot of terminal ballistic research done in the last half century that most people conveniently ignore. Shot placement and penetration are what matter with handgun cartridges, not diameter. Speaking strictly of terminal effectiveness, 9x19mm and .45 Auto are equally effective.

    • Well you have both but the cost of ammo, weight etc. Followup shots are also faster

  • schizuki

    I already have a double-stack 9mm 1911. It’s called a Browning Hi-Power.

    Maybe Browning should put a rail on it and call it a Tac-Ops Recce Operator Omega Nine.

  • ColaBox

    A handgun should never go above a grand, but damn I want this..

  • keith

    this would be great if it came in a single stack version

  • Aaron E

    I like what this pistol has to offer. The offering in 9mm can be fine for defensive purposes and is much better for ammo prices. However, I can get a similar pistol in a Rock Island Match, for half the price, so why do I spend the extra money?

  • Adam

    I think I like the looks of the RIA Tac 2011 hi cap 9mm a little better. And I like the price a lot better. On a waiting list for $650.