SIG Sauer P290 RS in .380 ACP

P290 Nitron

For the new year, SIG Sauer will introduce a new caliber to the P290 RS line: the .380 ACP.  Other than the caliber, the new .380 guns will be very similar to the existing 9mm P290 RS pistols: double-action-only, hammer fired and on a polymer frame.

The guns will come equipped with SIGLITE night sights, and a laser option will be available.  Magazine capacity will be six rounds.

Having shot a P290 RS in 9mm, I am willing to say the .380 ACP pistol will be a very light recoiling handgun.  While I would prefer the gun in 9mm, I understand there are some recoil sensitive people who prefer the less powerful round.  My only concern is that for many who need a lighter recoiling round, the gun makes no other concessions for someone with diminished upper body strength.

MSRP on the new P290 RS will be the same as the existing models: $570.

Richard Johnson

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  • Caleb Sommerville

    So the P238 is…? Does SIG really need two small-frame .380s?

    • Jon

      P238 is a SA only….this will be an option for DA only

    • hkryan

      Agreed, the P238 is already a comfortable gun to carry and shoot. And it’s lighter and has the same capacity while having an aluminum (versus polymer) frame.

      I guess SAO is enough of a detractor to warrant a .380 P290.

  • Jeremy Star

    So pretty much identical in every way to the existing P290 RS, but in .380. Huh.
    The P290 RS is great for 9mm, but there are many lighter, thinner .380 options available. If you are so recoil sensetive that you cannot stand 9mm in this gun, I wonder if you will ever be able to field strip and clean the gun. Or rack the slide, for that matter.

    • Quatto

      Kahr with their new 380 (have a P9 I love) and Sig may be on to something here. (I own a 290RS 9mm). The nuance is that these guns are locked breech as opposed to most (all?) other .380s that are recoil operated and generate a much stronger recoil pulse. The other interesting aspect is that, if I’ve read the release information correctly, I can convert my Sig 9mm to 380 with appropriate (expensive) parts. I could also be full of shit on both counts. Wouldn’t be the first time…..

    • Tammy

      Yes, I am recoil sensitive due to dual hand surgeries. The smaller calibers have to be heavy to reduce the recoil enough. Had a Tauras .380 that killed me more than my husband’s Springfield xd-m .40. It has as much to do about the weight of the pistol as it does the caliber. And I am able to rack the slide, strip and clean the pistols.

  • Duray

    That’s an awful lot of ugly to cram into one gun.

    • hkryan

      I think it looks better than the P224… which isn’t saying much!

  • MRF

    So does this mean that there’s an increased chance that Sig will sell the grip panels they had promised with the original P290?

  • gunslinger

    Awesome… more .380s

    what year is this again?

  • Karina

    This, actually, is a better idea. At least SIG introduced the 9mm variant first, and introduced the .380 option next. Glock should take notes and release a version of their 42 in 9mm… and mayhaps, ditch .380 entirely.

  • Dragonheart

    This looks like a solution searching for a need?