Magpul: Texas, Wyoming Bound

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Making good on their earlier promise to leave Colorado, Magpul announced they are preparing to move the company.  Current plans will move the corporate headquarters to north Texas, while manufacturing and distribution will move to Cheyenne, Wyoming.

According to a Washington Times article:

  • manufacturing and distribution will start in a leased Cheyenne facillity, with the intent of moving into a custom built facility in about three years
  • site selection for the corporate HQ in “north-central” Texas is underway
  • roughly 92% of the Magpul workforce will relocate outside of Colorado in 12-16 months
  • Magpul will leave a small footprint in Colorado

Richard Johnson

An advocate of gun proliferation zones, Richard is a long time shooter, former cop and internet entrepreneur. Among the many places he calls home is


  • Nicks87

    I just want a PMag40 and those AK mags we’ve been promised. C’mon MagPul firearms not politics. LOL!

  • Ben 10

    yeah!! Go Magpul!!!

  • M.M.D.C.

    “roughly 92% of the Magpul workforce will relocate outside of Colorado in 12-16 months”

    It’s good the hear those people won’t be loosing their jobs to politics.

    What does “Magpul will leave a small footprint in Colorado” mean? Will they tear down their old facility and plant trees?

    • ATman

      Maybe they will make iPhone cases in Colorado and ship them to this otherworldly dimension otherwise known as Canada. (having to smuggle an iPhone case across the border feels criminal)

    • Ben 10

      maybe they will leave all their garbage in Colorado, while everything else that is of value will be shipped( or trucked ) somewhere else that isn’t anti-gun.

    • I don’t have the details on the specifics. However, since they are a party to a lawsuit regarding the new gun/mag laws, I expect they want to leave a small portion of the business in the state to retain standing in the case. It could be that the customer service phone number will be serviced there, or something equally small.

      • M.M.D.C.

        Thanks, I figured it was something like that.

        Sorry for the snarky comment. 🙂

        • Nothing to apologize for – I thought it was funny!

  • Ole joe

    They need to move the factory to my back yard

    • st4

      And then build a capsule pipeline that drops right into your in-box!

    • Clinton S Chason

      Just about is my back yard since I live 45 minutes north of ole Chey town.
      All of us here welcome them 🙂 !

  • gunslinger

    so they are relocating their staff? wonder how much that’s gonna cost.

  • Kerry

    Small footprint, large thumb in the eye. Heh.

  • Chris

    Welcome to the DFW area!

  • Michael

    How about Magpul making some Glock mags

  • Aaron E

    Thank you Magpul! A company true to its word with a huge statement for firearms freedom.

    The manufacturing move to Cheyenne makes complete sense. Only 90 miles from Boulder the move is short, a much friendlier atmosphere, immediate access to 2 major Interstate highways for shipping, and still a nice medium sized city. The ability to keep the majority of their workforce is undoubtedly related to the short move decision. Driving an hour to work from Boulder is completely within reason and a similar drive done by many in large metropolitan areas without the incredible Rocky Mountains in view along the way.

    Moving corporate HQ to Texas also makes complete sense. Texas is incredibly tax friendly to business, and very pro-gun. I’m sure Gov. Perry extended a very nice welcome deal.

    • Ken

      Magpul isn’t in Boulder, it’s in Erie close to I-25. Even the Boulder county line extend just west of Magpul, about a block. Either way I’m sad to see them go.

      400 Young Ct, Erie, CO ‎

      • Aaron E

        Sorry, I used the “mailing address” from their site:
        I also saw on the main page “Erie, CO” so maybe “Boulder” is just the Postal designation.

        • Ken

          The USPS is likely in Boulder county. They’re actually pretty far from the city of Boulder, but everyone wants a Boulder address since it’s a lot more known than Erie.


    They should move to California! Just kidding just kidding!!

  • big daddy

    I hope this is a message to anti-gun people, there are more of us in the US. We will take our dollars to the people who make guns and parts and they will leave your state and their money will go with them. Let those states that are anti-gun turn into some version of a future “Escape From New York” type of police state. That’s what happens when you eliminate the middle class and take away guns. I’m free and living in Texas now. I’m glad Magpul kept their word and moved. They are a growing company and will continue to grow because they make great products at a reasonable cost, that is what America is all about.

    • Ken

      The problem is that the anti-guners don’t think they need tax revenues from pro-gun businesses. They seem to think money grows on trees and don’t care about a balanced budget.

  • Dragonheart

    WAY TO GO MAGPULL! You make em’ and I will buy em’. Colorado is now inhabited with the overflow of fruits & nuts from California eager to give our Constitution away for a joint.

  • GuidoFL

    Good for Magpul on making good on their earlier statements.