New Kel-Tec Bullpups

Kel-Tec vaporware

A photo of an Kel-Tec advertisement or flyer is making its way around the internet.  It shows two new bullpup-style carbines that will be introduced this year.  One is called the RDB, while the second is called the M43.

The limited information shown suggests the guns will first be available in .223 Rem with 6.5 Grendel and 7.62×39 coming along later.  However, the guns will probably not be available for at least 6-9 months as the ad states “223Rem available by late 2014” and no dates are given for other calibers.  Cynical readers might suggest not holding one’s breath for these to arrive based on the difficulty in finding the company’s other products.

Kel-Tec currently sells another bullpup-style gun called the RFB, which is available in .308 Win/7.62 NATO.

Thanks to reader TG for the tip on this one.

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  • Andrew Tuohy

    Oh look, more firearms they can produce at a painfully slow rate in order to enrage the internet.

    • avconsumer2

      One would indeed think they are averse to making additional profits.

      • WoodyTX66

        Aha! Kel-Tec is the ultimate internet troll! They don’t produce guns, they produce outrage.

        • Ergo

          no they produce gems like the su16 that rust if you look at it.

  • Matt

    Late to the party by about 3 days bro. I posted this on reddit

    • Julio

      A quiet New Year for you was it?

  • Raoul O’Shaugnessy

    Oh goody, the made in Florida!

    • scw

      Looks like its based on RFB…which does not means it will be more reliabe….

    • ThomasD

      If they ever get around to making some of them…

  • Jake

    Can we all agree to stop getting excited? I’ll be excited when I hear the announcement that keltec will be a r&d company only.

    • Ben 10

      Maybe they should license their designs to other manufacturers

      • JT

        I would absolutely love a Ruger sub2000. And unlike 10 years ago Ruger would come up with a decent hicap for it

        • Cymond

          Personally, I’d stick with the Glock mags over a proprietary Ruger mag.

          • WoodyTX66

            The Sub2k comes in two flavors: Glock and “everybody else”. The non-Glock Sub2k can be converted to take Beretta, S&W, or Ruger magazines. The Glock is stuck with Glock (not necessarily a bad thing), because of the grip angle.

      • Zed7

        The ACR proved that even that is not fool proof.

    • JT

      As much as I (rightfully) hate on Keltec, there wouldn’t be an LCP without the p3at or an lc9 without the PF9. For that I thank them. For the POS p3at I was suckered into buying they can go **** themselves

      • saiga556

        I wouldn’t thank anyone for the lc9.

        I bet these bullpups will have a better trigger.

  • Ben 10

    Will these be tilting bolt like the RFB?

  • mikewest007

    That M43… are they for real?! It looks like some crazy Soviet prototype from the sixties, down to those orange/brown plastic grips!

    • Andrew

      That’s real wood, bruh. Wenches love real wood.

      • mikewest007

        That’s wood? Well whaddaya know, down here it’s wood too! 😀

    • Clint Notestine

      I like the prototype look of the m43…. looks like its from an alternate USSR

      • BaconLovingInfidel

        Look’s like it’s from Stalin’s USSR to me.

    • wetcorps

      While they’re at it with the retro look they could offer some bakelite furnitures. That would be cool 😀

    • John Daniels

      It needs burnt-orange bakelite furniture.

  • Andrew

    Actually produce more than 1 shipment worth of RFBs and KSGs first, maybe?

  • M.M.D.C.

    Well, they’re not pretty, but at leas there won’t be very many around to look at.

  • Garrett

    Man, Keltec makes great ads.

  • Andrew

    Ad says, “see all FOUR new models”…

    • allannon

      RDB and M43, each in 5.56 and 7.62.

      • Avery

        Except both magazines shown in the gun are STANAG-compatible magazines. While you can fit 7.62x39mm in STANAG magwells, the magazine shown on the M43 doesn’t even have the right angle to it. They both look to be .223 models.

        I mean, the M43 being 7.62mm would make sense, but at the same time, the evidence featured doesn’t look like it is.

        • allannon

          Well, yea; the 5.56 version is the first released, with the rest “later”.

    • SAR

      Does a picture made with a crayon count as seeing all Four new models?


  • Nathaniel

    You’ve just crossed over into… The Twilight Zone

  • Nicholas Mew

    Lets hope this actually works.

  • The Dude

    What’s the difference between a Kel-Tec and an H&K hater?

    H&K hater says, “They’re overrated and overpriced!”
    Kel-Tec hater says, “They’re overrated, overpriced, and they don’t work!”

    • BryanS

      All the Keltec guns I have owned worked just fine. All the ones my friends have owned worked just fine.

      Hell, for new designs, its fairly impressive that the rate of failure isnt high. Or existent, in our case.

      • James

        For every, “mine works, his works, my friend’s cousin’s dog’s works,” there is a similar group that is voicing the exact opposite. And considering how few they crank out compared to the big dogs like S&W or Glock, that’s too dis-concerning a sign to ignore IMO.

        I was in the market for an RFB at the largest local dealer near me after seeing one there years back, but that was the last time I saw one there because the next time I inquired about them ordering me one they told me they stopped carrying the KT line due to, “too many returns/problems.” Maybe the QC is getting better these days, time will tell.

        • José Pulido

          There’s a reason Kel-tec has customer service… and it’s to supplement the high rate of lemons they put out. They probably would get less flak if they geared themselves more towards the basement-commando market, rather than the more budget oriented market, but hey, at least they’re putting new stuff out(which is less than what can be said about a lot of big-name manufacturers.)

    • RocketScientist

      What do a Kel-Tec hater and and H&K hater have in common? Neither one of them has actually owned or used one of the guns they love to criticize on the internet. Like BryanS below, both of my Kel-Tecs have worked perfectly fine. My SU-16C had 2 or 3 FTFs in the first 3 mags, smooth as butter since then. Their customer service is excellent as well. When I was doing some amateur gunsmithing on my SU (voiding the warranty in the process) I had some issues after reassembly. Their customer service rep (even after hearing that I had modified the gun myself) rapidly diagnosed that I had neglected to replace a small magazine catch screw. He even sent me a replacement, free of charge. Any other gun company would have stopped helping as soon as they learned I had voided the warranty. So yeah… innovative designs, made in America, great customer service, reliable in my experience (and that of fellow owners on the KTOG) and very reasonably priced… I can see why they are so despised :/

      • Good point:-)

      • JT

        Personally I wouldn’t care normally except that people are trusting these guns with their lives. That’s why I don’t bash “saturday night specials.” I just don’t care. I will share my experience and my belief that they use garbage parts to save someone the disaster of needing a gun and it not working when they could have googled Kel-tec reliability (or lack thereof). That’s why I’m such an ***hole about KT’s

      • JT

        I really am of the opinion of to each there own, but it doesn’t hurt to break up the “circle jerk” from time to time. There really are a lot of legitimate reliablity issues with the product

    • Karina

      You got it wrong.
      There is no difference; both of them are inexperienced internet armchair experts who have likely never touched a firearm of either brand, or not long enough to justify “expert opinion”.

    • sturm

      I’m sure some will take this as fuel on the fire.

      • 808

        KT is like the Apple Computer of firearms – rabid fan base feeding off the heavily marketed ‘innovation’ angle.

    • TJ

      Although, KT overpricing comes from those auction gougers. $1,200 for a KSG? No thanks!

  • Drapetomanius

    I know I keep saying this, but Kel-Tec needs to be the R&D lab for a better manufacturer.

    They innovate well and think outside the box, but when it comes to production, distribution and quality control they are horrid.

    • El Duderino

      Imagine if Ruger built their guns.

      Wait, they do!

    • JT

      I’ve been saying this for a while too. The LCP is a copy of the p3at and yet you don’t see the high rate of hammer spring failures you do withthe p3at, because ruger uses high quality parts and redesigns for reliability.

      • sianmink

        How did Ruger make the trigger so much worse though?

        • JT

          IDK about the older LCP’s but my current gen one is 100% better than that staple gun trigger off my p3at. Could just be my imagination, but I didn’t think it was any worse.

          • Sulaco

            My gen 3 trigger is not bad, VERY long but I used it to qual on a police course of fire for backups no problem…

        • supergun

          The newer ones suppose to have a better trigger pull.

  • Lance

    Another Bullpup yawn stick to my AR. Hay FN is making a A4 rifle now in semi auto.

    • GMan

      For all our sakes, I hope you’re significantly more proficient in firearms safety than you are with your grammar and conversational skills. By a long shot.

    • DW

      You might as well complain about “another firearm YAWN”

      Bad trolling+ Bad Grammar-> GTFO

    • Karina

      Lance being a dickhead, episode 2779. Will you stop your shit someday? Please?

    • colin

      Lance you yawn about “another” bullpup then talk about AR’s! And you usually moan about eurotrash, and now your happy that FN Doing something new. Lance your a contradiction wrapped up in an enigma, etc

    • tj

      “Your AR?” Call of Duty guns in Xbox land don’t count, Lance.

  • JT

    Why don’t they get the guns they already make to function reliably in more than 1-2 guns out of 10? Like I’ve said before, they don’t sell firearms, they sell neat ideas that sometimes functon like guns

    • gunslinger

      best vapor ware since Duke Nukem Forever?

    • José Pulido

      Kel-tec is a modern day ArmaLite… it’s gonna be hit-and-miss for a couple of decades as they come up with some pretty fantastic stuff along the way.

  • ATman

    All I can think about is an 18.5inch barrel (for us canucks of course)

    • noob

      you’ve got the norinco T97 QBZ-95 sporter back in canada, so you have options

      • Tim U

        Even better, you have WORKING options

      • I don’t know why I want this so bad as I do.

      • ATman

        I am as broke as rocks my latest firearm purchase cost all of a ruger 10/22 and when I get the monetary funds I plan to get a couple of norincos and bury them deep where the rcmp wont dig. then buying a tavor to get them coyotes.

        • ATman

          On a secondary note Keltec despite the “phantom issues” Makes some cool product and I want a KSG and an SU16

  • Man pippy

    Kel-tec can get some high end AR manufacturers to make high end models of their guns, they get a cut of the profits.

  • noob

    it has a tavor like magazine release. nice choice for the desert or urban environments.

  • wetcorps

    Is that wood? Awesome 😀

  • Nicholas Mew

    Looks like this thing now has a challenger.

    • Masoo2

      The A91 has been out for a while, but never got the attention except in games.

  • JD

    I guess these will be available after there are good stock of RFB, KSG, and PMR-30’s. I’m thinking we need to take their release dates and add 10 years for an available at less than a 100% gun broker premium.

    Yawn, announce what you want… let me know when I can actually buy it.

  • Colby

    I’m synical? The RFB is “available?”

  • gunslinger

    why does that flyer look like it’s from the 70s?

    • wysoft

      Pretty easy answer.. Because Kel-Tec are stuck in the 1970s, maybe early 80s. All of their guns look like they were intended to be Knight Rider props.

  • erwos

    A lot of hate on the KSG availability issues. The truth is, they’ve become way more available over the past few months, and the price is trending to slightly below retail. Absent another political debacle (or a switch to alternate tube feeding), I think you’ll see them at $950 by the middle of next year.

    Now, the RFB… yes, that’s still hard to find for a decent price. I’ve heard they don’t produce all that many of them.

  • JumpIf NotZero

    This is a design break through for them!!! They actually managed to make their guns uglier!! Seriously, the RFB looks about 50 years newer than these. Amazing effort keltec!

  • LRB

    Announced in 2014, shipping to dealers in 2024….

  • ozzallos .

    My enthusiasim for this right up there with the Glock 42 and my faith that I’ll ever see one or see one for a reasonable price is nil. And whatever happened to the SU16 300BLK variant and salt bath nitride barrels they announced over a year ago?

    Like a few other people mentioned on TTAG– I wish Ruger would just buy them out already.

  • Andrey Martim

    I love the Kel-Tec weaponry, the KSG and the RFB are great designed weapons, and the PMR-30 is one as well… I expect a lot of these two rifles.

  • mechamaster

    From the picture, this gun featured center-front ejection port like magpul PDR, Tavor-style STANAG magazine release, mixed with SA80 furniture.

  • Jeremy Star


  • John Daniels

    Why would they release anything new, when they can’t even deliver sufficient volumes of the products they already make? Doesn’t make sense.

  • Tinkerer

    mmh, I wonder…
    The old RFB’s name stood for “Rifle, Forward-Ejecting, Bullpup”. Does the name RDB stand for “Rifle, Downward-ejecting, Bullpup”?

  • ColaBox

    Looks like a prototype L86. No thanks.

  • DGR

    In other news, available in 2015 and then you will pay triple what they are worth for 4-5 years until they produce enough and finish with the 20 recalls. Why do they make such cool guns? I wish kel-tec only made guns I didn’t want so then it wouldn’t tick me off so much at there inability to run a firearms company. But why do I want this? Why? Why do you do this to me kel-tec!

  • anointedsword

    Quick, everyone buy this so I can snag a KSG on the cheap!:)>

  • Matt Grizz Gregg

    Great, another gun that we’ll never see in stores.

  • Dragonheart

    Hey Kel-Tec, instead of bringing out another product that you can’t satisfy the demand for how about ramping up your production for the guns you already can’t supply or supply to greedy middle men that mark up the suggested retail by 200 to 300 %?

  • Ken-o

    Good for KelTec..hey have great looking guns that you can’t get… as always..

  • Brad Ferguson

    It’s a laugh that Kel Tec is developing “New” products…….When they can’t even mfg. reasonable numbers of the PMR 30 pistol. lol…lol…lol…

  • supergun

    I will stick with the AR 15.

  • thebronze

    Can we say that Kel-Tec has now officially “jumped the shark”?

  • SAR

    I think I will pass on Kel Tec – will save my money for a Desert Tech Micro… at least they will make enough guns for supply & demand AND it will be high quality.

  • Kivaari

    I can’t warm to anything Kel-Tec. They have some clever designs. The things are just equipped with poor quality sights that scream “toy gun junk”. I’d like a Glock compatible carbine with real sights, and one that actually fired reliably.

  • Gum Boocho

    Well friends,
    To me it is frustrating that the RFB has been so hard to get. I think the few that are made are typically put on auction whenever a dealer actually gets one to sell (they have been on GunBroker — one went for like $6000, believe it or not).

    Notwithstanding, actually Kel Tec doesn’t owe us anything. If they want to make a gun in few numbers, they certainly have the right to do it. Maybe they will bring out the Cabbage Patch Pistol.